Magical Girl Pretty Ruri
Episode Four: Studies: The Song of Love
By Tailkinker and Kitsy,

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   "Originally,  I  thought I was alone, walking  through  a
dream  that  no-one understood but myself.  But I  found  at
least one other, Yurika, remembers the Nadesico.  Hopefully,
there  will  be others out there, others who  know  what  is
really going on."
   "But  as  it  stands, I've got Yurika.  So  still,  I  am
alone,  walking through a dream that no-one understands  but
   Tail Kinker and Kitsy present
   *Magical Girl Pretty Ruri*
   Episode Four
   Studies:  The Song of Love
   "Ruri!  Time to get up for school."
   ~No way - it's Saturday!~
   "Megumi's  here again.  Come on, you're not going  to  be
late this morning!"
   Ruri  sat up and scowled her mother.  "Why are you waking
me up on a Saturday?"
   "Silly!  You have classes this morning."
   Ruri rubbed her forehead.  ~What's going on?~
   Omoikane  yawned, stretched, and turned  to  Ruri.   "Oh,
yeah...I  suppose  I  should have  mentioned  that  Japanese
students also go to school a half day on Saturdays."
   "Great."  Once again, she began the mad dash.  "What *is*
it?  Can I *never* be on time or something?  Is it a natural
   * * * * *
   "Good  morning, class.  After the generally good  results
on  your test, I feel confident that we can proceed  to  the
next phase of our learning experience.  We will begin with a
quick expla-"
   "GOMEN!"  Ruri burst through the classroom door,  panting
in exhaustion.  Megumi was right behind her, looking just as
   The   teacher  paused,  and  looked  over  to   the   two
latecomers.   "Ah, I see you have decided to grace  us  with
your presence this morning.  Please, take your seats."
   "What?  No bucket brigade."
   "Of  course  not.  If you are standing in the  hall,  you
cannot gain the full benefit of this learning experience."
   "Bucket brigade, PLEASE?"  Megumi looked horrified.
   "Now,  if you would be kind enough to take your  seat,  I
will  begin  again  for the benefit of  those  incapable  of
realizing  the simple fact that the sun rises in  the  east.
As I was saying..."
   "Lean...Don't  worry, Yurika.  I  swear  it's  a  law  of
nature that Ruri is always late.  Chuckle."
   Yurika  looked over at Ruri.  "This isn't like you.   You
were always so punctual aboard the Nadesico."
   "And you were always late."
   "That's beside the point."
   Megumi  leaned  over.   "She was probably  up  all  night
dreaming about Akito."
   Yurika  sniffed.  "Like Akito would be interested in  her
at all...when he can have me."
   Megumi continued, "Akito and I are going out tonight."
   Yurika's expression froze in a look of pure misery.   She
jumped up and ran out of the classroom, crying.
   "Megumi, you're mean."
   "Am I?"
   "Now,  Ruri."   The teacher again.  "How  many  celestial
bodies  are there whose gravitational fields affect movement
through this system?"
   Ruri glanced up at him.  "Eleven."
   The teacher glanced up.  "Eleven.  Would you care to name
   "Hai.  Sol, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Charon, Nemesis."
   "What exactly is Nemesis?"
   "We're not sure, exactly.  It's existence is required, to
satisfy  variances  in  Neptune's  orbit,  as  well  as  the
existence  of  the  'killer' asteroids, the extinction-level
asteroids that strike Earth on a regular basis."
   "You have been reading manga again, true?"
   Megumi piped up.  "Yep.  Nemesis is the name of the  Dark
Moon in Sailor Moon R."
   "No, that wasn't given a proper name.  It was just called
the Dark Moon Ki...never mind.  I'm an idiot."
   * * * * *
   "I can't believe I did that."
   "Hey,  I  know  about Nemesis, too.  But  most  of  these
people here apparently don't."
   "*Some*  of  them do...I really did read that in  Science
Journal 01."
   Yurika shrugged.  "Maybe he thinks he knows it all."
   "Science Journal 01?"  Megumi looked curious.  "I haven't
heard  of  that manga before.  Part of Science  Force  Ninja
   "It's a science manga.  Not a science fiction manga."
   Megumi  scratched her head.  "Then why were  you  reading
it...?  Oh, I know!  You couldn't read the title because  it
was all in kanji, right?"
   "  more  class after this,  then  we  have  the
afternoon  off.   They finished fixing  Houmei's  Ice  Cream
Parlor...wanna go there?"
   Yurika's eyes lit up.  "Sure!  I can see Akito again."
   "Oh,  he won't be there."  Megumi smiled.  "Neither  will
   "'re mean."
   "Am I?  Why?  He's exactly like my old boyfriend."
   Ruri twitched.
   * * * * *
   Ruri  found herself idly at the clock, pencil tapping  at
the  corner of her desk.  Yurika was cheerfully taking notes
for  the big math test on Monday.  For Ruri, this class  was
little better than a refresher course.  She'd done all  this
level of math when she was six.
   "Lean.   Megumi.   How does Ruri expect to  pass  if  she
doesn't even take notes?"
   "I have no idea."
   "Maybe she's given up on passing.  After all..."
   "Yeah...maybe.   She's so different from Yurika.   Yurika
seems to study all the time."
   "Yeah, I guess Yurika got all the brains."
   It  took all of Ruri's self control to keep from grabbing
her  Kasei  no Henshin, transforming, and blasting  both  of
   ~I  am  not a violent person.  I am not a violent person.
   "Ruri,  if  you want to pass this course, I suggest  that
you pay attention."
   "Hai,  sensei."  Ruri rubbed the chalk-shaped  bruise  on
her forehead.
   "And no more sleeping in my class."
   ~Just shoot me.~
   "Lean...she's almost as much a ditz as Usagi."
   "Nah.  Usagi tries harder."
   ~Please let them be talking about Mom.~
   * * * * *
   Tsukuma materialized in the castle hall.  The walls  were
hung  with red tapestries, each bearing a silhouette  of  an
insect.   Before him was a massive marble scarab, carved  to
accomodate  a person, as a throne.  On either  side  of  the
throne  was a brazier, and in front of it, a low-set crystal
   Seated  in  the throne was a tall, thin man - unnaturally
thin, as though he had been stretched on the rack.  The  man
was dressed in fine silken robes, with a high-rimmed collar,
and wore a thin coronet on his brow.
   Tsukuma bowed, dropping to one knee;  the man looked down
at  him.  "What do you have to report?"  His voice was  high
and reedy.
   "The  warrior  who attacked our golems has been  located.
She resides in the Tokyo District known as Nerima."
   "Nerima?"  The man tilted his head.  "Why is it that  all
the  insane people, fringe elements and martial artists  are
drawn to this city?  No matter.  Elimination of this warrior
is  paramount.   Your task to collect ki is suspended  until
you eliminate this...Magical Girl."
   "Yes, Prince Akara."
   "And  I...shall  report this to the Master.   Perhaps  he
will  have  information we lack."  Prince Akara  stood,  and
vanished in a spray of sparkle.
   Tsukuma  smirked.  "I shall use the most powerful Warrior
Golems at our disposal.  Magical Girl Pretty Ruri will die."
He laughed, floating upward, and vanished.
   "He will fail, My Lord."
   Prince Akara looked over at Genichiro.  "Why do you  wish
this?  Do you have designs for his position?"
   "No, My Lord.  I simply state that his will is not strong
enough.  He lacks the desire."
   "You mean, the ambition."
   "Is ambition a bad thing?"
   "Only if it crosses me."
   * * * * *
   "Kuso..."   Megumi scowled at the sign on the  Ice  Cream
Parlor's door.
   *Still  closed for renovations!  Please come back  again!
   "Now what are we gonna do?"
   "I know!"  Yukina turned to Megumi.  "Karaoke!"
   Ruri drooped.
   "What  a  great idea!"  Yurika grinned.  "I love karaoke!
Besides, Ruri has a great voice!"
   "I hate karaoke."
   "Oh, come on!  You sing really well!"
   Megumi  snorted.   "Not  unless  she  took  some  lessons
   Ruri realized with a start that she'd not thought to test
her  singing ability.  ~Probably I had more important things
to  think  about...~  But in the meantime, she had  a  great
excuse.  "Megumi's right.  I can't sing."
   Yurika looked confused.  "But at the talent contest,  you
sang so well."
   "Don't remind me."
   "Oh, I know!  Maybe it was the bathing suit...we can  get
you another one!"
   * * * * *
   But  somehow, they managed to drag her into  the  karaoke
club anyway.  It was a teen club - most karaoke clubs served
alcohol, but this one didn't, and the food you could get was
geared  more  for  the teenage group.   Pizza,  corn  chips,
chocolate bars, pocky and soft drinks.  The music was all by
such  people as Two Mix, Do Co, Sharon Apple and Sasaki Yuko
- in other words, all anime related.
   ~Yep.  This is hell.~
   "This  is great!"  Yurika was quite hyper.  "Where do  we
get the mikes?  Do you want to go first, Ruri?"
   "No.  I think I'll sit down and rest for a little while."
   "Oh, come on!  We came here so you could cheer up."
   "Forget  it,  Yurika.  This is Ruri we're talking  about.
'Rest  for a little while' means she's lazy.  And this seems
like too much work for her, ne?"
   Megumi   grabbed  a  mike  and  ran  for  the   currently
unoccupied stage.  She started browsing through the  karaoke
machine's  selection.  This machine was one  of  the  really
nice  ones - on-screen lyrics, five hundred songs per  disc,
five  hundred  yen per song.  She punched in her  selection,
waited for her cue, and started singing.
   "o/~ I just feel 'Rhythm Emotion' / kono mune no kodou wa
/ anata he to tsuduiteru so far away... o/~"
   Yurika sat down next to Ruri.
   "Why did you drag me in here?"
   "I thought you needed to unwind and relax, Ruri."
   "And this is supposed to do that?"
   "Yeah!  It's fun!"
   "Perhaps we have different definitions of 'fun'."
   "Well,  it's  more fun than those dumb  video  games  you
   "A Golem attack right now would just make my day."
   "Remember  what  they did to Howmei's?  Besides,  then  I
wouldn't have to sing."
   Ruri scowled at Yurika.
   "What have you got against singing?"
   "Remember what happened last time I sang?"
   Yurika thought back.  ~That was during the Brightest Star
Talent Contest...and they wanted to make Ruri captain...~
   "You're right.  You shouldn't sing."
   "You're right."
   "Stare...sixteen hundred yen for pocky?"   Yukina  looked
disgusted.  "That's just ludicrous."
   "How do you think these places make their money?"
   Megumi  finished her song and hopped off the stage.   She
tossed the microphone to Yurika.  "Your turn."
   "Yatta!"  Yurika ran for the stage.  Ruri sighed.
   "Lean...what's wrong?"
   "This is stupid."
   "Nope.  There's something else wrong.  What is it?"
   "It's Akito, right?"
   "I  found a song we can all do!"  Yurika ran back down to
the other girls.
   Megumi hopped up.  "What song?"
   "All right!"
   "No way."
   "Aw, c'mon, Ruri!  Live a little!"
   Ruri just looked at her.
   Yurika leaned over her.  "Ruri, you're going to sing with
us.  That's an order."
   "Besides,"  piped  up Megumi.  "If you don't,  I'll  tell
your  Mom you blew ten bucks of lunch money on that  Magical
Girl Pretty Sammy manga..."
   ~That must have been before I got here.~
   Yukina  added  her two yen worth.  "And  we'll  tell  her
about your astronomy test.  Glower.  Glower."
   "There's  no  safe way out of this."  Ruri stood  up  and
took the microphone.
   "All  right!"  Yurika grabbed Ruri's arm -  ~to  keep  me
from  making  a break for it~ - and dragged her  up  to  the
   * * * * *
   The  club  manager,  sensing that something  unusual  was
about to happen, brought the floodlight over to focus on the
girls  as  they climbed into the stage.  The music  started,
and the words started to scroll on the prompter.
   "If you stretch your back after you come out of the bath,
   You will see stars on your eyelids.
   Why is it that when we drink milk, we place a hand on our
   Who started all of this?
   "Tell me why ( Tell me why ),
   Make it happen ( make it happen ),
   Please understand this thirst for knowledge.
   "Roll up your sleeves and tuck them in,
   Fasten your bandanna and do your best.
   You can do it if you can enjoy doing it
   It's only the first time that it hurts...that's studying!
   "Getting tatami marks on your face
   'Cause  you  avoided  the  hot sun  rays  when  you  were
   When you get a nose bleed, you give the back of your neck
a knock.
   I wonder why.
   Why does everybody know all this?
   "Tell me why ( Tell me why ),
   Make it happen ( make it happen ),
   There are other things I want to ask you about.
   "Roll up your sleeves and tuck them in,
   Fasten your bandanna and do your best.
   Have a tea break when you get tired,
   Little by little it will get better...that's studying!"
   There  was  a  pause  in  the  lyrics.   The  girls  were
giggling, fighting over the microphone.  Ruri realized  what
she was doing.  ~Well, so I'm having fun.  Is it a crime?~
   "Get up close with your eyes closed,
   Fall in love while giggling inside,
   It's  a mysterious power that makes it seem like that  so
   "Roll up your sleeves and tuck them in,
   Fasten your bandanna and do your best.
   Have a tea break when you get tired,
   Little by little it will get better...that's studying!
   "Roll up your sleeves and tuck them in,
   Fasten your bandanna and do your best.
   You can do it if can enjoy doing it,
   It's only the first time that it hurts...that's studying!
   "Does the song come first?"
   The  girls burst into giggles.  Even Ruri had to admit  -
this could be fun!
   "Hey, is that a smile, Ruri?"
   "Kind of."
   The music came to a halt, and the crowd in the club burst
into applause.  Ruri suddenly realized that she was standing
on a stage in front of a whole crowd of strangers...singing.
   Then she saw Akito in the crowd.  That was just too much.
She jumped off the stage and ran for the washroom.
   * * * * *
   " okay?"  Yurika stepped into the washroom.
   Ruri was sitting under a hot-air hand dryer, knees pulled
up under her chin.  She looked paler than normal.
   "Got over-excited?"  Yurika sat opposite her friend.
   Ruri glared at her.
   "Hmmm...maybe  not.  You know, it's  not  bad  being  the
center of attention sometimes."
   Ruri blinked.
   "I didn't want to be."
   "Nobody was upset with you singing.  And it didn't  hurt.
Besides, it cheered up Yukina and Megumi, didn't it?"
   "I guess."
   "And it's fun to be an idiot, sometimes."
   Ruri  smirked.   "No wonder you always seem  like  you're
having too much fun..."
   "Ummm...Ruri...that sounds like work for us."
   Ruri  blinked.  "Maybe we just let the golem  wreck  this
   "Isn't Akito out there?"
   "Mars Guardian, Make-UP!"
   The  light seared her eyes, all blue and gold.   The  air
around  her  rippled, and she felt waves of incredible  heat
pounding  her.  Her clothes shredded and re-formed into  the
blue  skirt,  tight-fitting golden bodysuit  and  long  blue
boots  and  gloves.  The tiara formed on her brow,  and  the
Henshin lengthened to quarterstaff proportions.
   "Oh,  no,  no feelings for him whatsoever...Mars Warrior,
   * * * * *
   Tsukuma  was  perched  on the bar,  legs  crossed,  sword
across  his  lap.   He surveyed the attack  dispassionately,
keeping an eye out for Pretty Ruri.  All around him,  golems
   "Excellent  harvest.  This place has wonderful  potential
for ki."
   The  golems were giant cockroaches.  Their carapaces were
deep  brown, and looked soft, though Ruri doubted they would
prove  so.  Most had mandibles clamped onto patrons  of  the
karaoke  club, and soft tendrils of blue mist were  floating
from patrons to golems.
   "Oniichan,  what  are  you doing?"   Yukina  had  crammed
herself into a corner, on top of a speaker, in an attempt to
stay outside of a golem's reach.
   "Oniichan?   He's"   Megumi  stared   at
Yukina - from the top of the karaoke prompter.
   Yurika stepped through the doors and struck a pose.  "How
dare  you  destroy this place, where young couples can  come
together,  to  express feelings of love and caring,  and  to
have  fun with each other?  We will not have this!   In  the
name of the Martian Successors, prepare to be punished!"
   Tsukuma  smirked.   "You really get  into  this  far  too
much."   He  stood up, raising his sword.  "I only  expected
one of you, but no matter.  Golems:  Attack!"
   Ruri perked up.  "Golems:  Defend!"
   The golems kept coming.
   "Well,  I had to try.  Distortion Field!"  Ruri spun  the
staff  in  front  of her.  A glowing blue cloud  formed  all
around her, then stabilized into a light blue sphere.
   She  then  pulled out the plasma pistol and  fired  on  a
cockroach.   The  shot smacked the creature  back  into  the
wall, but it got up and kept coming.
   "For  the  love of music!  Flare Arrow!"  Yurika's  Flare
Arrow  slammed into a cockroach, searing it badly.  But  the
golem kept coming.
   "Our  shots  are  affecting it, but  they  can  take  the
punishment  and  just  keep coming.   We  need  a  different
tactic."   Ruri glanced around her, and spotted a  discarded
karaoke microphone.  She grabbed it and screamed into it.
   Almost  every golem in the room was knocked  silly;  most
flipped  over  onto their backs.  Ruri smirked.   The  smirk
faded as they started moving again.
   Tsukuma chuckled.  "Surely you don't think that a  simple
scream will defeat my best warrior golems, do you?"
   "Blazing Slash!"
   Tsukuma barely managed to dodge the massive katana as  it
lashed out, flames searing the spot he had just vacated.
   "Sugoi!  He's so cute!"
   "Not now, Yurika."
   Tuxedo  Ken stood, raising the sword and pointing  it  at
Tsukumo.   "I  cannot allow this evil to continue.   I  will
fight to protect the honour of these warriors."
   "Who writes you people's lines?"
   The golems were immobile, their last command aborted.  Of
course, this didn't make them any less tough...
   "Flame Arrow!" Yurika and Ruri a chance to clear them out.
   "Nothing like a good bug zapper..."
   "Yeah, wish we had one.  Flare Arrow!"
   "Hey, what are you two doing?"  Tsukumo noticed that most
of his golems were missing in action.
   Ruri  glanced over at him.  "Exterminating.  You seem  to
have  a major infestation here.  Don't worry, we'll have  it
cleared up in a moment."
   "You call that a speech?"
   Tsukumo  came  to  the  realization  that  dividing   his
attention was not a good idea.  In fact, it was likely to be
   "Well,  what do you expect?"  *ZORCH*  "How about  this?"
Ruri  turned and leveled the plasma pistol at Tsukumo.  "For
the  crimes you have committed, and for the wrongs you  have
done,  you will now be..."  She stopped, as Tsukumo  floated
upward and faded.  She pulled the trigger several times, but
the shots flew through the empty space where he had stood.
   "Hey,  no fair!  He was supposed to wait to hear  all  of
the speech!"
   " need help."
   "So  do  these  people."  Tuxedo Ken knelt over  a  prone
figure,  scanning  the  man with a small  hand-held  device.
"Almost all of their ki has been drained.  Much longer,  and
they would have been killed."
   "The life force that flows though us all.  It allows  for
life and health.  It is also called chi or prana."
   "So  they're draining their energy?"  Ruri sighed.   "Why
am I not surprised?"
   "They  should be all right."  He stood up.  "They  should
get  some  rest,  and eat a lot of high-protein  food."   He
turned and walked out the door.
   "Wait!"  Yurika ran after him.  "What's your name?"
   "I am Tuxedo Ken."
   "I'm Yurika!  Wanna date?"
   "Sorry...I  am promised to the Princess."  He bounded  up
to the rooftop, and was gone.
   Yurika stared at Ruri.
   * * * * *
   Ruri  flopped down in her beanbag chair.  Yurika  grabbed
the  chair from in front of the computer and sat down on  it
backward, arms leaning on the back.  Omoikane hopped up onto
the computer monitor and laid down.
   "Well, that was easier than I expected."
   "Well, Tuxedo Ken showing up helped a lot."
   "Neat idea with the microphone, though."
   Omoikane looked up.  "Microphone?"
   "Yeah,  Ruri  grabbed a microphone and used  the  karaoke
machine's speakers to stun some bugs."
   Omoikane  tilted his head, whiskers splayed.   "Oh,  just
like Sailor Moon Episode One.  Her 'Cry' attack."
   Ruri  drooped.  "I though I saw it somewhere before.   No
school tomorrow."
   "Are you sure?"
   "Pretty sure.  Omoikane, do I have school tomorrow?"
   "The cat.  He's a reflection of the ship's computer."
   "I  am  not  a reflection," grumbled the cat.   "And  no,
there's no school on Sundays."
   Ruri  flopped back into the beanbag.  "Good.  I can sleep
   "Oh.   Well,  if there's no school tomorrow...I  can  ask
Akito out on a date!"
   Ruri  scowled  at  her.  "Don't we  have  more  important
things to do?"
   "Don't be jealous!  You have Tuxedo Ken."
   * * * * *
   Author's notes:
   The  part of Ruri's astronomy teacher was played  by  Ben
Stein. :)
   "Tail  Kinker...quit drawing music groups from  my  anime
mp3 directories."
   A  large  portion  of this fanfic was drawn  from  "stock
footage" from former episodes.  This stock footage has  been
incorporated into our series bible - expect to see  more  of
it.   For  all  those who saw the Gekiganger OAV..."Remember
that explosion...we'll get back to it."
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