The Switch - Gundam and Sailors

By Lady Celestia

In Sailor Moon...


"Why don't you study?" (any need to tell who's saying this?)

"Gundam Wing is on!!!" screamed Mina.

"Alright! Finally, something GOOD to watch!" exclaimed Serena.

"Yeah, it's SO cool. Not one of those boring, wimpy shows," replied Rei.

"Well, I guess not studying for half an hour wouldn't hurt. It's nice that you have cable, Lita," said Amy, plopping onto the couch.

"Well, I get bored, and what would I ever do without Gundam Wing!" said Lita, making popcorn.

The five girls were soon gathered in front of the television on the sofa and floor, sharing two large bowls of popcorn. Most of them, Gundam Wing fanatics. Serena because she thought it was cool in outer space, Mina because she thought the pilots were totally cute, Lita because there were a lot of fighting scenes (and because the pilots all looked like her old boyfriend), Rei because it was an exciting show, and Amy claimed it was because of their high technological knowledge although she didn't know too much about it. The show started and the room hushed as the episode was named.

"Oh, I love this episode!" exclaimed Mina.

"Shhh!" came scattered voices around the television.


Darien sat on the couch and flipped through the channels on his television. He had satellite, yet with that many channels, he still couldn't find anything interesting to watch. He glanced at his watch. Gundam Wing was on!

"Yes!" exclaimed Darien. Deep inside, he knew that he was immature to watch the show. After all, he WAS in college and Gundam Wing WAS a cartoon...but he decided to ignore the adult side of him who usually took over. The half hour that Gundam Wing was on, his inner-child took over and he enjoyed the show before going back to his boring, monotonous 'adult' life. The episode was one of his favorites as well and soon, he lost track of reality.

"Shoot her already, what are you waiting for?!"

"You suck at battling!"

"I can't believe you let him BEAT you!"

"What kind of a pilot are you?!"

"You LIKE your own SISTER?!"

"And they say MY fashion sense is bad!"

Back in Lita's apartment...

"I'm telling you, Heero looks like my old boyfriend!" argued Lita, giving Mina a threatening glare.

"Well, it doesn't matter if he DOES look like your boyfriend, does it? Remember, your old boyfriend dumped you!" retorted Mina. "He is definitely MY type, don't you think?"

"If he met you, he would commit suicide, again!"

"Kill himself? If he met you, he would kill YOU!"

They were fighting over Heero, as usual. The other girls were just ignoring them considering they had to go through that every day. Occasionally, Serena would join in saying Heero was definitely for her only to be told by both of them unanimously, "You have Darien!" and then she would crash back into reality and sulk for a while. So as the daily local war continued...

"I wish I could be in Gundam Wing, but that's impossible, it's only an anime, the characters aren't real or anything," sighed Rei, after imagining for a while.

"I wish I could learn how they make those mobile suits. And all the advanced machinery and science. Then, I could bring a technological era to this world," dreamed Amy.

"I just want to go out with all the pilots, they are SO cute!"

"Serena..." both Amy and Rei sighed.

In Gundam Wing...

"Hey, Sailor Moon is on!" exclaimed Duo, lying down in front of the television.

"Yeah, it's okay," said Trowa.

"It's a really funny show. My sisters used to watch it all the time and they dragged me in front of the television," said Quatre as he sat on the couch.

"Well that explains why you're so...uh...never mind."

"I really don't know why you would actually LIKE that show. No shooting, killing, or violence. And you LIKE it?" asked Heero, who had no interest in a 'wimpy' show like Sailor Moon.

"It's so girly. I mean, they are so WEAK and I absolutely hate WEAK women! Then again, all women are weak! While we fight OZ, their biggest problem is a stupid psychotic scientist who laughs like Quatre did when he went looney!" exclaimed Wufei, who was insulted that Gundam pilots liked such a girly show.

"It ruins our reputations for being tough and cold," said Heero.

"Yeah, wait until the world finds out that the brave Gundam pilots watch Sailor Moon. Our reputations for being brave and tough are ruined, like Heero said," agreed an exasperated Wufei.

"I had a reputation for being tough and brave?" asked Quatre innocently.

"....." was the response from, well, everyone.

"But still, it isn't even dubbed well!" shouted Heero.

"Yeah, and you can tell that Sailor Whatever and Sailor Whoever are gay. The company sucks, and the show sucked in the first place!" argued Wufei, but the two pilots' efforts were useless considering that the three pilots were ignoring them. So, if you can't kill them, join them. Heero and Wufei reluctantly walked over and plopped down grumbling on the couch next to Quatre while Duo and Trowa were on the ground. They all watched intently except for Heero and Wufei who kept looking at the clock above the television to see if the torture was over. But then, after a while...

"Serena is such an idiot! Can't she see that Darien doesn't REALLY like her?" Wufei shouted at nobody in particular.

"Yeah! Why do they have to take so long to transform and use their attacks? If the bad guys were smart, they'd take advantage of the time. And I still think it would save time if they just took a gun and shot them," said Heero.

"Stupid attack! They call fog an attack? And the name...Mercury Bubbles Blast?! And the accent is starting to annoy me!" shouted Wufei to the television.

"Yeah! And the stupid bad guy didn't have any attacks at all!!! All it could do was stare at the stupid Sailor Scouts!"

"They're SENSHI!"

"Yeah, there's a difference."

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"See, SENSHI means soldiers, and Scouts are little girls that sell cookies. Now, they are not LITTLE girls and fighting evil is not selling cookies!"

"They do not fight evil! Goodness, after the wars WE have been through you think that those puny little monsters are EVIL!!!??? Have you forgotten OZ already?"

Sighs and groans and complaints were heard from all around the crowded room. All the Gundam pilots were thinking.

"I wish I could meet them..."

"Yeah, they seem pretty cool."

"Pretty cute, too!" exclaimed Duo.


"I really wish I could meet them..."

Relena walked in. AHHHHHHHH! Then the pilots calmed down and waited for whatever boring speech was to come. After all, they were Gundam pilots, they could withstand everything. Everything...except one of Relena's soporific speeches. And she began.

"Did you see today's episode of Sailor Moon? Tuxedo Mask is SO cute!" said Relena, to everyone's surprise. Heero got ticked off at the last statement. Everyone else was too much in shock from her first statement to make sense of anything said afterwards. Relena? The princess and heiress of the Sinq kingdom, the girl who had no life and could make the most perfect soldiers fall asleep (Heero: Zzzzzzz), and she...she...WATCHED SAILOR MOON?! The reactions were different from each of the Gundam pilots. Heero was in pure shock, more by her last statement than anything else, Duo and Quatre covered their mouths in an inefficient attempt to keep from bursting out laughing, Wufei had a 'I knew it all along, women, they all like these girly shows' look, and Trowa was just staring with no expression as usual (although you could see a HINT of a smile (gasp)).

At the same time...

"I wish we were in Gundam Wing..." the Senshi and Darien all said.

"I wish we were in Sailor Moon..." the Gundam pilots and Relena all said.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light came and blinded all 12 of them and when it was gone, they found themselves in a completely different surrounding. In Gundam Wing...

"WHAT?! I'm...I'm...I'M A GUY!" screeched Mina, looking at the body she was trapped inside. The others all noticed that they weren't their usual selves. Or their usual surroundings...they were in a cramped apartment and the news was on telling about how a Mobile Suit factory had been attacked by Oz. They all stared, wide-eyed, realizing what had happened. They looked at each other again...

"I'M HEERO!" screamed Serena.

"I'M DUO!" screamed Lita.

"I'M QUATRE!" screamed Mina.

"I'M TROWA!" screamed Amy.

"I'M WUFEI!" screamed Rei.

"AND I'M RELENA!!!" screeched Darien.

All eyes rested on Relena, who was actually Darien. Suppressed giggles were heard and a few phrases like, "Well, they both make boring speeches" and "He's still with Serena" were muttered. Darien took the time to mutter some incomprehensible words to himself and then calmed down. The five girls looked at each other...then themselves...and groaned.

"Now what are we gonna do?"

"Hopefully this is temporary, so let's just hide until we switch back."

"Wait, if we're in THEIR show, that means..."

In Sailor Moon...

"I...I'M A...WO...WOM...WOMAN!" gasped Wufei, his eyes wider than the others. When he looked in the mirror, he was a girl with long black hair wearing a SHORT red SKIRT!

" I that annoying one?" asked Heero. He looked in the mirror and saw a blonde girl with pigtails. Yep, he was the annoying one.

"Hey, I get the cool computer..." said Trowa, typing data into Amy's pocketsize computer.

"Quatre, you're wearing a BOW!!!"

"Oh, means I'm Mina then, right?"

"I don't care what her name is, you're wearing a BOW!" said Duo, looking at Quatre's reflection.

"Look at yourself..." said a very P.O.ed Quatre.

"Ponytail? Not too bad...outfit, a bit slutty, but otherwise, not too bad...THE ROSE EARRINGS?! They have got to go!" shouted Duo. He threw the earrings on the table. "I'm Lita right? Meaning that this is MY apartment? Not too shabby..."

The others looked around in Lita's apartment some more, surprised at how neat and tidy it was. Pretty high class compared to their place. All were staring except Quatre, who was rich and had a house much better than this one. Obviously, the pilots were taking the fact that they were turning into girls better than the girls about turning into guys. Except Wufei, who stared at the mirror in shock.

"I am a woman..." he repeated in disbelief.

"So? I'm a MAN! Do you know HOW degrading that is?" said Relena.

"Hey!" the Gundam pilots all said.

"But I'M A WOMAN!!!" screamed Wufei.

"You know, I read about this's called...gynophobia...(fear of women)...some people just have it naturally," said Relena.

"Well, what do we do?"

"Stay here and wait until everything is all right again."

"Um...okay. Hey!"


"That means they're in OUR world."

"I bet they're just as freaked out as us."

In Gundam Wing, the girls (and Darien) have calmed down...

"Uh...I see your ten and raise you twenty," said Mina, staring down at her cards.

"Let's see, I see your twenty and raise you five," said Lita. She stared at her cards intently...four of a kind. Was that enough? Mina was so confident, maybe she had a flush or a full house. Lita began to pale.

"I see all the money you put in and raise you fifty!" said Rei, confidently. Her cards were absolutely wonderful. Two, three, four, five, and six of hearts.

"Um...I see...all your money and raise you one hundred," said Amy, reading a science book. She wasn't really paying attention. She had ignored all the game and wasn't even realizing what she was doing.

"That's IT! I fold!"

"Me too! Your cards must be good, Amy!"

"Me three, if you're THAT confident..."

"Huh?" said Amy innocently, looking up from her book. "What did you say? I won?"

"Yeah, what were your cards?"

"Well, I wasn't really paying attention, I didn't even look at my's see. A two of diamonds. A three of spades. A jack of hearts. A queen of clubs. And...a seven of diamonds."


"What? I told you I wasn't paying the money's all mine anyways?"

"Yeah...go ahead...take it...take it all..." all the others said.

"Thank you."


"Hey, I wish I knew how to play, it sounds fun. You don't even have to pay attention to win," said Serena.

Amy went back to reading her book. "You know, I really don't know how he gets anything done! The hair is blocking my view!"

"I can barely support this head of gel on my neck!" shouted Rei.

"I don't like being a guy one bit..." said Mina.

"The braid is SO gets in my way no matter what I do!" complained Lita.

" least I have a cool gun..." said Serena.

"I'M IN A DRESS! A MAGENTA DRESS!" screamed Darien at the top of his lungs. All the girls burst out laughing, leaving Darien in front of the mirror, staring at the reflection of Relena. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Uh oh...should we answer it?" asked Mina.

"Why not?" said Amy, opening the door.

"TROWA! Oh, I was SO worried about you..." said a girl in a circus outfit was poofed up hair. She hugged Amy tightly. "When you didn't come to the circus, I was SO worried about you..."

"Uhhh...Miss? I think you've got the wrong person..." said a scared Amy.

"You are Trowa, aren't you?" the girl asked.

"Umm...not really, I am Trowa right now, but I'm not REALLY him..." Amy tried to explain. "What's your name?"

"Ugh, amnesia again? My name is Catherine."

"Uhhh....hi?" said Amy, looking toward the others for help but they didn't seem to offer any.

"Oh my! Quatre!'RE GAMBLING?!" Catherine screamed in shock.

"That's you," Lita said to Mina.

"Me? Of course, I was the first one to learn and I taught everyone here everything they know. I am the master of gambling!" said a proud Mina. Catherine looked around, but the other 'pilots' were just smiling friendly...smiling? She looked over at 'Trowa'. Amy also smiled. She looked at Serena who had a huge grin. Then at Rei who was smiling nervously. Then, she fainted. Frowns instantly replaced the smiles and all were asking one another, "What did we do?" Then, they all shrugged and went back to their game of poker.

In Sailor Moon...

"Girls...!" Luna screamed.

"A talking cat?!" Duo screamed.

"Transform!" Artemis screamed.

"Transform?! What the heck are you talking about?"


"Leave me alone...go away..." said Wufei, hiding behind a couch. He was afraid of talking cats. A black cat was bad luck. Very superstitious...

"What do you mean, 'transform'?" asked Duo. "We don't have wands or anything. Where are the sticks?!"

"They appear magically out of nowhere...of course..."

"Huh?" they all asked. They looked toward their hands and in each of their hands was a stick.


"Now transform!"

"Who are we again?"


In Gundam Wing...

"Again?! That's it! I'm never folding to Amy again!" Lita screamed.

"I wanna play, I wanna play. Someone teach me how! Please...PRETTY please...!" said Serena.

"Is the door locked?"

" never told me to lock it."

Knock, knock, knock. The girls (temporarily guys) were indecisive about what to do. They identified each other and then opened the door. Zechs walked in and walked up to Darien.

"Relena!" he hugged Darien. "My favorite sister! Good girl."

"GIRL?! I'm NOT A GIRL!!!"

Zechs had a confused look. Darien repeated that again and Zechs turned toward the pilots. "What have you done to her?"

"I'm a GUY! Not a GIRL! Look at me! Do I look like a girl?" Darien asked.

Everyone in the room turned their eyes to him. He had a, "So?" look on his face and stood there expecting an answer. All nodded.

"Ok, fine, so I look like a girl, doesn't mean I AM one!"

"I'll be leaving now..." Zechs backed off slowly. When he got out the door, he ran for his life. The girls (temporarily guys) stared at the door, then went back to their poker game.

"I'm not folding this time, Amy!" Mina said.

"Aces are SO pretty, Amy, so what if Amy has four aces?" Serena asked innocently.

"I fold!"

"I fold!"

"I fold!"

"I have a two of a kind...two threes. That wins?"


"Serena, we all have guns..."

"Ha! But I'm the assassin! I'm the one with the skills!" said Serena, taking out the gun. "Hey, this somehow doesn't look the same from the guns in the movies."

"Serena, you MIGHT want to turn the thing's kinda supposed to be pointing at us."

Serena looked at the pistol pointing at her. She screamed and then dropped the gun.

"They shouldn't have told her..." muttered Darien, currently Relena.

In Sailor Moon...

"Okay, so we're in the slutty outfits and the bad guy is there so what do we do again?"

"Yeah, we called out our attacks, but they wouldn't work!"

"What attacks were those? I have never heard of an attack called 'Venus Love and Beauty Shock' or 'Jupiter Oak Evolution'," said Luna.

"Uh, just what season are we in?" asked Duo.

"Season? Um...spring?"

"Ugh, I mean who's the bad guy?"

"The Deathbusters, of course," said Artemis.

"Oops...wrong season. Too many fan subs for us."

"Wufei, do your attack!"

"What was it again?" asked Wufei, stilled shocked that he was in a dress.

"Use Mars Fire Surround!"

"Mars Fire...Surround?" said Wufei. "Ack! What is this? Ouch, these stupid things are burning my hands!"

The rings of fire hit the enemy.

"Surround? They don't surround anything!"

"You said yourself the dubbing sucks!"

"Well, Venus Love Chain Encircle doesn't encircle anything either so stop complaining."

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!" Trowa/Mercury spread a fog. When the fog cleared, he was sitting under a tree playing games on the computer.

"What are you doing?!"

"Playing Tetris."


A rose came flying down. "Hehe...I've always wanted to do that! Evil monster, we should not be fighting. We should be heading towards peace. For the good of the earth sphere and the colonies, we must rule with total and complete pacifism. Wars do not achieve anything, except many people losing their lives. So stop your wars, because wars can never lead to peace!" (everyone sweatdrops)

In Gundam Wing...

The girls/guys had given up on poker...partially because they were sick of playing after 2 hours. But...losing to Amy's bad cards all the time was also getting predictable. The door was knocked again. All six of them turned their heads toward it. So far, every time they had opened the door, things didn't turn out well. But...once more was fine. They opened the door and a girl with short hair came in.

"Um...hello..." said Serena, cheerfully.

"Eh...Heero?" said Hilde.

"Oh, HI Hilde!" said Mina and Lita who knew a lot about the show.


"Oh, you're that girl! Nice to meet you, my name is R...I mean..." Rei caught herself just in time. She looked in a mirror to make sure. "My name is Wufei."

" you?" said Hilde, becoming very doubtful that these were the REAL pilots. "I just came by to tell you that your Gundams are fixed. Howard wants you to see if they're good enough."

"YAY! We get to see GUNDAMS!!!" shouted Serena.

"Wow! I've never seen a Gundam before...I am SOOOO excited!" said Mina.

Hilde just stared with wide eyes. "Eh...just...come this way."

All the girls/guys (that is the LAST time I am gonna do that, it's becoming inconvenient) went into their respectable Gundams. Darien wanted to go into one as well, but since he was RELENA, he wasn't allowed to, so he spent the entire time grumbling. The girls each got into their own respectable Gundams and were looking at them.

"Hey, look. A telephone/TV!" said Amy, fascinated by the technology of the future.

"And look! These buttons make the arms go up and down," said Rei, playing around with the controls.

"Ooh...look, there's a game in here! Super Mario Brothers..." said Lita.

"What's this?" asked Serena, pointing to the red button in her Gundam.

"You should know it well, Serena. You ARE Heero...that's the self-destruct button, of course," said Mina. Too late, Serena pressed the button and the Gundam started glowing.

"What's going on?" said Serena idiotically.

"TAKE COVER!!!" a mechanic called out. Then, Wing Zero was filled with a bright white light and exploded. Serena wasn't dead, however. She coughed and wheezed. Finally she was able to stand up and said, "Oops."

Darien ran out from under the table he was taking cover under with an anxious look on his face. "Where? Where's Serena?"

"She's right here."

"Oh," as soon as Darien laid eyes on Serena, the anxious expression on his face turned into an annoyed look. He muttered in a low voice to himself, "I thought she was dead."

In Sailor Moon...

"Finally, it's gone," said Duo after the daimon had been destroyed.

"A HEART??? My attack is a HEART???" asked Heero in disbelief.

Then they all turned their attention to the three other senshi standing there.

"Who are they?" asked Heero, who wasn't too familiar with the show. He pointed at Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

"Yeah, who's the guy who is dishonoring himself by dressing like a girl?" asked Wufei, who wasn't familiar with the show either.

"They are the Outer Senshi and that's a girl," explained Quatre. "They have powers far greater than us."

"Are you telling me that that GIRL who looks like a guy is more powerful than me?" asked Wufei.

"Yes, I am stronger and you are a weakling," said Uranus.

"NOBODY CALLS ME WEAK!!! How dare you? You, a WOMAN!" screamed Wufei. "I challenge you to a fight!"

Heero was telling Duo how a gun would've been more efficient and less embarrassing than a heart, Duo was trying to explain to Heero that guns wouldn't kill daimons, Quatre and Trowa were fighting over the Tetris game, so Wufei was the only one that actually cared. He threw a punch at Uranus, but Uranus blocked it skillfully and punched him in the stomach. Wufei collapsed to the ground.

"Hmph, don't ever try to pick a fight with ME," said Uranus (like Wufei could really beat Haruka, HA!)

"I have brought dishonor to my family and gender. a GIRL..." said Wufei.

"If it makes you feel better, it was a very BOYish girl," offered Quatre who had given up on getting the Tetris because 'he and Trowa shouldn't be fighting'. Like either of them could do any harm to the other...(did I just insult Quatre? (gasp) Bad, bad, bad...(hits herself)). That didn't comfort him very much, but it helped a BIT. So all of them detransformed and went back to Duo's new and cozy apartment.

In Gundam Wing...

Sally Po and Lucretzia Noin and Dorothy Catalonia arrived at the door of the pilots' apartment at the same time.

"Oh, hello Sally," said Dorothy. "What brings you here?"

"Hello to you too Dorothy," said Sally.

Noin who had come with Sally smiled and said, "Well, I heard from Hilde and Catherine that the boys weren't acting like their usual selves. They even blew up their Gundam. Well, then again, it WAS Heero. But, they still have problems. So we decided to check up on them. What brings YOU here, Dorothy?"

"Well, I heard from Mr. Milliardo and they weren't acting normal, too. Also, he said that Miss Relena had a problem. So I decided to come to see them as well."

"Oh?" said Sally. She knocked on the door.

Inside the room, the girls (and Darien) sighed. So far, every time they opened the door, it had ended up in an awkward situation or something bad had happened.

"Should I?" asked Darien who was standing next to the door.

"No," said Rei.


"Was that QUATRE?" all three asked each other.

"'s us, Noin, Sally, and Dorothy," said Noin.

"No. Come back later, please. We're not in the mood to see people. You see, we have been through a tremendous amount of stressful events this day and I heard that if you have too much stress, you can become unhealthy, so if you don't mind coming back later, we'd really appreciate it. I sincerely apologize, but I'm afraid we are too tired, and you might be surprised at our tell the truth, we're not really ourselves today. I'm deeply sorry, but if you could come back tomorrow or next week, we'll probably be back to normal, but right now, we all agreed that we shouldn't have any more unexpected visitors. My sincere apologies. Goodbye, and have a nice day," said Amy.

"And that was TROWA?" the three asked again. "I don't think he's ever said that much in his entire life. He's right, they AREN'T acting like themselves."

"Are you alright, Miss Relena?" asked Dorothy.

"I AM NOT A GIRL!!! WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT I AM A GIRL? I AM A MAN!!! I AM NOT A GIRL!!!" screamed Darien. All the senshi giggled at that.

"Now I see what Mr. Milliardo meant. We'd better leave them alone for awhile..." said Dorothy.

"Yes, they need some time to return to normal. I think Trowa's right. They might just be TOO stressed out," said Noin.

"Yeah right, how much do you want to bet they all went psycho again?" asked Sally. And with that, they all left the building.

In Sailor Moon...

Back in Duo's new apartment, everyone sat around a table staring at what Duo called food.

"Do we HAVE to eat this?" asked Quatre, trying his best to be polite, but not quite achieving it.

"It looks like something a kid threw up," said Trowa, looking at his food with disgust.

"If I eat this, it will dishonor me! I REFUSE, and you can't make me!" said Wufei, pushing his plate to Heero.

"If you make me eat this, Duo Maxwell, I will shoot you," said Heero.

"You don't have a gun," said Duo.

"Yeah, but I have that pink glass huge heart thing," said Heero.

"Now, now, Duo went through a lot of trouble to make this dinner for us. We should at least TASTE some," said Relena. She ate some and chewed. All the pilots watched to see her reaction. She had a look of disgust and then ran full speed to the bathroom.

"Um...hehe..." said Duo, pushing his plate aside too.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" asked Wufei.

"Eh...Italian or Chinese?"

"It's too late...I've gone without food before, so it isn't any big deal," said Heero.

"This is SO boring, what else can we do?" asked Quatre.

"Yeah, with no enemies, it IS kinda boring..." said Duo.

"Tetris?" asked Trowa, holding out the mini-computer.

"No thank you."

Luna and Artemis came in and told them to all be more like good soldiers.

"Are you saying I'm not a good soldier?" asked Heero.

"Well, yes, because, well, it's the truth," said Luna.

Heero became mad and threw both Luna and Artemis out the window of the apartment. The last thing they heard was a 'meow' before a 'bam'.

"That ought to teach them for saying I'm a bad soldier. I'm the perfect soldier."

In Gundam Wing...

"Boring...this is SO boring."

"I want to go home," wailed Serena.

"I want to be a GUY again," said Darien.

"I just want to go back to studying for my exam."

"This place isn't as fun as it seems in the television show. I feel sorry for those guys, having to live here and everything. Too much hair gel in the bathroom too," said Rei.

At the same time...

"I want to go home," said the senshi (and Darien) and the pilots (and Relena) at the same time. There was another flash of white light and they found themselves in a black void.

In an alternate dimension...

"Where are we? It's so dark!" said Serena.

"I dunno, but I hope we get out soon," said Rei.

The senshi saw five figures walking up to them. They were...THEMSELVES!!!

"It' ME!" shouted Mina.

"Huh? Is that ME?" asked Duo. Ahead of them were...THEMSELVES!

"YOU'RE ME!!!" each of them screamed.

"Do you know HOW much trouble your pathetic weakling body has caused me?" screamed Wufei at Rei.

"MY pathetic weakling body? I've been spending all my energy trying to hold up your head of gel!" retorted Rei.

"AND YOUR HAIR!!! I can't see ANYTHING!" screamed Amy.

"What about your stupid goggles? They don't do anything and I can't even see what it's writing," said Trowa.

"Maybe because you're just too dumb. I'm smart and only smart people can use it."

"HIS hair? HA! Do you know how many times I tripped over your stupid pigtails," asked Heero.

"No, but I almost shot myself with your stupid gun and your Gundam!" wailed Serena.

The others were restraining them. Quatre was yelling for them not to fight as with Darien and Relena. The others were actually getting along pretty well.

"Hi, my name is Relena Peacecraft, Queen of the Earth."

"Hi, my name is Darien Shields, Prince of the Earth."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too, but one thing...magenta???"

"Oh, yeah, and the roses, it's amazing how you get them."

"Don't tell anyone my secret."

"It's really amazing, I couldn't believe my eyes.


"Yeah...sure...whatever..." said Darien, staring at Relena. Relena stared back and Heero turned red, as did Serena.

"WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING???" they both screamed. Heero grabbed his gun back and pointed it at Darien while Serena grabbed her wand and pointed it at Relena.


The others were either conversing or still fighting when suddenly...WHOOOOSH! (all the victims were returned to normal and were teleported back into their own worlds for some unknown reason (possibly because the author got sick of this fanfic))

In Sailor Moon...

Luna and Artemis crawled into the apartment.

"Luna! I'm so glad to be home, did you miss me?" said Serena, picking up the cat and hugging it. Luna gave her an annoyed look and both she and Artemis starting clawing her. Darien didn't notice. He was too busy looking in the mirror.

"I'm a GUY again!!! Whoo-hoo!" he shouted. The other senshi just shrugged.

"Do you have any cards Lita?"

In Gundam Wing...

"Everything's perfect again," said Quatre.

"Yes! My braid back and EVERYTHING!!! YAY!" said Duo.

"I wanted to play Tetris some more," said Trowa.

"I AM A GUY!!!!" said Wufei (same as Darien).

"Well, everything's not PERFECT," said Heero.

"It's great to be home again," said Relena. Just then, there was a knock on the door and Zechs walked in.

"Milliardo!!! It's so wonderful to see you again," shouted Relena, running towards her brother. He smiled at her and then men with 'Charter' written on their shirts put her in a straight jacket and took her away with her screaming, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I AM RELENA PEACECRAFT!!!" Zechs glanced doubtfully at the pilots and then walked away after Relena.

"NOW everything's perfect..." said Heero.


Luna and Artemis never trusted Serena again. Lita found her apartment and kitchen completely trashed and Amy returned all of the senshi's money. Relena was kept in the hospital for 2 months, to the pilots' great relief. The pilots never watched Sailor Moon again and the senshi never watched Gundam Wing again.


Author's Note:

Yes, I know. I call him both Zechs and Milliardo. But that's because I call him Zechs, but DOROTHY and RELENA call him Milliardo. I really DON'T think that Darien likes Serena. The opinions in this fanfic are mine so don't get mad. I'm not saying it's true. Oh, and sorry for getting the dub mixed up with the sub. Also, yes this does suck, but I'm not good at writing elaborate or lengthy fanfics. Email me your opinions!