The Torment
Part 17: Grandpa
By Larania

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            Piccolo fell over.

            He had just heard the words that Goku had uttered, one of which was ‘granddaughter’.

            Mental overload!

            “Peek!” Imp-chan yelled, seeing her parent fall over. She was still too young to understand that Piccolo ‘wasn’t like her’. He was her parent!

            “Piccolo?” Goku asked in confusion, acting the way he usually does, completely clueless, but I say it in a good way. If only we could all be so oblivious.

            Imp-chan was sitting on his chest, her tail thrashing madly, while she patted Piccolo on the face.

            “I know!” she lisped, and kissed his nose.

            “I don’t know if that will work on him, sweetheart,” he told the little girl, who looked up at him with big, trusting eyes.

            It shocked Goku that anyone raised by Piccolo could be so innocent. Although, from what he had seen when he was dead, there was nothing that would ever convince him that Piccolo would hurt his granddaughter.

            “It didn’t-“ Imp was about to cry, when Piccolo groaned, a rolled over, his arms automatically pulling her to his chest.

            “PEEK!” she crowed, and hugged him.

            Goku grinned his usual happy smile.

            “I guess kissing him worked after all, Imp-chan!” Son said, and Imp looked at him, now realizing that this was not her friend Gohan, but someone else. Since she had been taught that people she didn’t know could be bad, she squeaked, and hid behind Piccolo.

            “What did you say?” Piccolo asked, sounding shocked.

            “I came to see my grandkid. Since I only have one, then I guess Imp is who I came to visit!”

            “What are you talking about?” Piccolo demanded, confusion written in every line of him.

            “My granddaughter. You know, Pan Pipe. Why shouldn’t I see her?” he asked, getting the impression that something was wrong.

            “You- what- how did you-“

            Looking at the sputtering Piccolo, Goku actually managed some logic.

            “Oh! See, since I was dead at the time you made the wish for everyone to forget. I don’t know why you did that, but I’m sorry I couldn’t help you,” the large Saiya-jin said sorrowfully, his big black eyes, so much like Gohan’s, shiny with tears.

            “After what that guy did,” Goku started, when Imp interrupted.

            “NO one can hurt Peek!” she pouted, and put her arms around Piccolo to emphasize her point. Piccolo rested his cheek against her now obviously Son hair, and sighed.

            “Imp, yes, people can hurt me. They even killed me once. I was hurt very badly before- before I got you.”

            Imp’s eyes widened in horror; yet she didn’t seem to believe it. Then, her eyes narrowed.

            “I will hurt them!” she declared, then ‘eep’d when she heard an owl.

            “She’s so cute!” Goku said, and before Piccolo could react, picked her up and started to babble baby talk to her. Imp looked at him like he’s lost his mind.

            Still, the guy holding her was awfully nice, she decided. Almost as nice as Peekro.

            She gently tugged his hair, and he laughed like crazy.

            “Goku, will you stop doing that with my child?”

            “Doing what?” and both of them gave him puppy eyes, and Piccolo melted.

            “Nothing,” Piccolo mumbled, watching the two children play.

            “Peek, I’m hungry,” Imp said plaintively, and Piccolo sighed.

            (Keep in mind, she isn’t much more than a year old.)

            “Okay,” Piccolo answered, and started to shift to his girl form.

            “You have food, Piccolo?” Goku asked, and Piccolo-chan shook her head.

            “No. I am not going to feed you,” Piccolo-chan growled, while Goku pouted.

            “Why not?”

            “Because,” she told him, as she opened up her gi top, “You have been weaned. You are an adult, I don’t think you feel like nursing.”

            (Fact: Some people breast-feed their children up to four years. No, I will not do this to Piccolo, but with Imp’s biology, she is capable of talking and developing much faster than human children, but hey, free lunch.)

            Goku’s face turned an interesting shade of purple, as he fell over, while Imp began to nurse.

            It was a few hours later when Goku woke up. Piccolo had since reverted to his normal self, and was cradling the little girl in his lap, a not quite adoring look on his face.

            “She’s so much cuter than a little boy,” Goku told Piccolo, and grinned. “She smells better too!”

            Goku then heard his stomach rumble like an earthquake.

            “Uh, I’m going to go get something to eat, Piccolo, and come back.”

            In a matter of a few moments, he had returned with several small animals, and one or two really big ones. He arranged Piccolo’s fire into one he could cook over, and started roasting the meat. This woke Imp up.

            “Its smells really good,” she told Goku, and looked at it strangely. “What is it?”

            For her young age, she spoke like an adult, probably because that was how Piccolo had always spoken to her.

            “It’s meat, Imp-chan,” he answered, and gave her a piece.

            “HOT!” she yelped, and juggled it for a moment.

            Then she tried chewing it. This took her a long time, because she didn’t have all her teeth yet.

            Her face was scrunched in concentration, and she did as best she could, and finally swallowed.

            Goku had been watching this, entranced. He had only had boys, and a girl was something he had never raised, and was finding being around a little girl to be a lot of fun.

            “That tasted- okay,” she offered, still lisping.

            Goku laughed, and hugged her.

            Imp-chan giggled.

            “Call me ojisan, okay?” he asked her, and she nodded solemnly, her father’s eyes making her look so serious.

            Piccolo had watched the exchange with amusement and bewilderment. Imp was too young to remember his conversation with Goku, but he didn’t want Imp-chan to know who he was to her. It would save her the pain. Pain of being called a freak, and the pain of his past enemies, if that madman was to ever find him again.

            “Hey, Piccolo, did you hear me?” Goku asked, breaking him out of his reverie.


            “I asked if Imp-chan could come visit tonight. I know that Chi-Chi would like having someone to baby, and a girl at that. Is that okay? I promise not to tell that we’re related.”

            Piccolo paused to think.

            True, Imp would need to get to know her other family, even if she didn’t know they were her family. And Chi-Chi did not know who her parents were, so she wouldn’t freak out.

            “Okay, but if anything happens to her, Goku, or you tell anyone that I’m her mother, then you will die a horrible, painful death, worse than the other ones.”

            This did in no way deter Goku.

            “SUGOI! Arigato, Piccolo!”

The Torment
Part 18: The Visit
By Larania

Disclaimer: I wish I owned it, then I wouldn’t be sitting here writing fanfiction, right?


A/N: People keep yelling at me to get Piccolo to see the light. It’ll happen, it’ll happen, but I have to have a little more fun with him first.

            Goku cuddled the wiggling form of Imp to his chest, as he flew back to his house in the Black Forest.

            The little girl was still a delight to him, as she took in everything she saw, and would give him her observations in a grave voice.

            It bothered him, though, that Piccolo didn’t want his son to know that he was a father. There was no real reason, in his mind.

            He would have to ask again, and try to get Piccolo to understand. So what if Piccolo was a Namek? He knew they loved each other.

            Imp pointed suddenly, at the house below them, and Goku stopped. He was glad no one saw him shoot by, because he had been thinking so hard.

            He needed to talk to Piccolo again, alone, without Imp there. Maybe he could help the Namek.

            Settling down to the ground, he walked in the house.

            “I’m back!” he shouted, and there was a stomping of feet as Goten greeted them, followed by Gohan.

            “Hey, wow, is that Piccolo’s kid?” he asked, not having made the distinction between ‘kid’ and ‘student’.

            “It sure is!” Goku answered, and then saw Gohan.

            “Not that they are related or anything- I mean, she doesn’t look a thing like Piccolo- right?”

            Imp, Goten, and Gohan looked at Goku like he was crazy.

            Well, maybe they were right.

            “Can I hold her dad?” Goten asked, and Goku nodded. Imp was having the time of her life, as Goten picked her up, and tossed her in the air.

            Gohan watched their antics, grinning. “I’m surprised that Piccolo let you take her. He’s very protective of his children.”

            Gohan meant this in that any child he had trained, i.e. himself and now Imp. Goku didn’t know that.

            He freaked out.

            “No, she is not his kid! Did I say she was his kid? No, uh-uh, no way. They are not related,” he said emphatically, and everyone sweat dropped, even Imp. It was her very first.

            “Um… I’m going to go spar with Piccolo now,” Goku said, when he realized he had said something wrong.

            “But, I thought you wanted to play with Imp-chan,” Gohan said, taking the little girl in his arms. She cooed, and wrapped her arms and tail around him, snuggling close.

            As Goku practically ran out of the house, he overheard Gohan say, “I hope that when I have kids, they are just like you.”

            Goku grinned, thinking about what he heard.

            “Maybe if I tell Piccolo about Gohan saying he wished Imp was his, he will stop feeling so worried about it,” Goku mused to himself, as he flew over.

            What he had expected to find was Piccolo mediating by a waterfall. What he saw was Clair sitting on a large rock, carefully combing out her hair.

            “Weird,” he said aloud, and Piccolo-chan looked up at him.

            “Why are you in girl form?” he asked, and Piccolo-chan blushed slightly.

            “Sometimes it helps me meditate better if I comb my hair,” she shrugged. “I really can’t do that as myself, now, can I?’

            “Oh, I guess that makes sense,” Goku replied, putting his hand behind his head.

            “I heard Gohan say he wished Imp was his kid,” Goku told her, and she looked at him, eyes blank.

            “I do think it would be a good idea if you tell him,” he said softly, and Piccolo-chan’s face turned pale.

            “I want to,” she answered. “I want to so bad, it hurts, but every time I think about it, I keep seeing that bastard- and what he might do to Imp.”

            She paused for several moments, and sighed. “There are other things, as well. I love Gohan, but does he love me, or Clair? Is am I Goku?”

            “You’re Piccolo, aren’t you?” he asked in confusion.

            She grunted. “I don’t know. My father was Piccolo. I was created with all his memories, but he would never have fallen in love with anyone, let alone your son. Then I fused with Neru, and that gave me another set of memories to deal with, and bits and pieces of another personality to deal with. Then, again, when I fused with Kami… Technically, I became the same Namek I had been when I arrived on this planet, but not. Not really. Add in being Clair, and dealing with suddenly being human, I am very confused.”

            “If you are all of those people, what’s the big deal?” Goku asked.

            “How can I be all those people?”

            “You are you,” Goku told her, like she was a child. “You are a mixture of all of those people, but you aren’t them. You can’t be them, because they are dead and gone. You have to live your life, no matter what else is hanging over your head. You and Gohan are part of Imp, but she isn’t you. Right?” She nodded slightly.

            “Well, all we have to do is get you back together with Gohan!”

            “I don’t know if I can do that,” she whispered, and shivered.

            “Why NOT?” he nearly screamed.

            “Because- because-“ she started to quake.

            Goku did what he would do for any of his children. He picked her up, and gave her a bear hug.

            She started to cry, and buried her face in his chest like a little girl.

            Goku instinctively knew this was what she needed. She had always been alone, both as Clair, and as Piccolo. Gohan had helped, but she had never had someone like a parent; she had always felt she must take care of Gohan.

            Goku sighed, and hugged her tighter. He had had his grandfather at first, then Master Roshi, and Kami himself when he had needed adult comfort and guidance. Piccolo had never had that, and despite being a Namek, he had needed it. From what he had seen on Namek, they lived in communities, they needed people, not living alone like Piccolo did.

            He had lived alone like Piccolo for so long, and it didn’t bother him, but being alone for the aftermath of his torture, it had been like a festering wound.

            Goku remembered what it had been like to see Gohan born. He remembered the pain that Chi-Chi had gone through. It must have been awful for Piccolo, alone.

            He let her sob, for as long as she needed it.

            “Imp!” Goten shouted, as the baby Saiya-jin went running across the kitchen table. It was at that moment she learned how to fly, it seemed, and took off to the counter.

            “Gohan, catch her!” Trunks yelled. He had come over to visit his friend, and was regretting it.

            Gohan tried to get a grip on the girl as she ran into the flour canister, breaking it, and white went everywhere. Squeals of delight rang from the thick cloud.

            “Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?” roared Goten, and he dived into the powdery white.

            They didn’t see her go into the living room.

            They didn’t see her get into the crayons, and they didn’t see her display her artistic talent on the walls.

            Wait a minute, Trunks did find it…

            “KAMI-SAMA! What the hell?”

            Brilliant smears of green, red and blue were liberally coloring the once plain walls and doors.

            “HOLY KU-“ screamed Goten, before Gohan slapped his hand over his little brother’s mouth.

            “Not in front of the baby!”


            “Oh, Kami, Mom is going to kill us,” whispered Gohan, as they heard the good dishes being broken.

            “Feeling better?” Goku asked his friend and daughter in law.

            Sniffing loudly, she nodded, and Goku found a hanky for her to blow her nose on.

            “See? Now we can go get things right between you and Gohan,” Goku said soothingly, and smiled encouragement.

            “Yeah, mm, yes, you’re right, much as I hate to admit it,” she told his chest, and pulled away.

            “If you ever tell anyone about this, I will have to kill you,” she threatened, and Goku laughed.

The Torment
Part 19: Mommy, Save Me!
By Larania

Disclaimer: The money made from this fic goes to the Animorphs home for Recovering Fanfiction Writers, an institution that does not exist except in the strange, devious place that is my mind, and all the money only exists in my mind, which is why it is so poor. I do not own the series mentioned.

            Imp was bawling her eyes out as the mean man kept squeezing her tail. Where was Peekro? Ojisan? Nice Gohan!

            Every time she had yelled like this before, Peekro had come to save her, whether Peekro was a green or pink. Where was her Peekro?

            Screwing her face up again, she let out another wail, and then stopped, as a fist connected with her head.

            “I will kill you for that,” Gohan vowed, not knowing why those cries shredded his heart so. All he knew now was that man would die. Die as painfully as he could make it. NO one made Imp-chan cry like that. She should be giggling and making trouble.

            Not squalling in pain or unconscious, like she was now.

            “You will kill me? I doubt that,” said the nameless man. His eyes were so bleak.

            Then he disappeared.

            “DAMN!” Gohan yelled, and tried to lock on to the man’s ki. “Goten, Trunks, I’m going to try and follow that guy. You tell Dad and Piccolo-san when he comes back.”

            The boys nodded, and Gohan took off, and for some reason the direction seemed very familiar…

            Piccolo-chan felt like someone had gripped the inside of her head, and was pulling her heart out through it.

            She screamed in pain, and fell from the skies, with Goku barely being able to catch her.

            “What’s wrong, Piccolo?” he asked, alarmed.

            Tears in her eyes, she rasped,” Something is happening to Imp, and Gohan is mad. He’s in a killing rage!”

            Goku was confused. “What do you mean? How can you tell?”

            “I was bonded with Gohan, the first time we-“ she blushed, despite herself.

            “The first time you what?” Goku asked, always clueless.

            “The first time we made love, you dork!” she yelled, and sped away.

            “I was just asking a question,” Goku whined, and followed her.

            Goku was hard pressed as he was to keep up with her. Mother’s instinct was a powerful thing, and it was driving Piccolo-chan crazy. She had to know what was going on!

            “Do you sense anything?” Goten asked his best friend. Both of them had been scanning the skies in search of Goku and Piccolo, but neither had picked up anything yet.


            “Where is she?” bellowed a lady that neither Trunks nor Goten had seen before.

            “Uh…” Trunks hedged closer to Goten. “Where is who?’

            “Imp! Where is my daughter!” she yelled, rage keeping her from thinking. Before she had realized what she was doing, she had grabbed Trunks by the shirt and was shaking him so hard his teeth and bones rattled.

            “Piccolo, stop!” said a voice, and everyone but the lady looked up to see Goku drop from the air.

            He spoke soothingly to the lady, whom he kept calling Piccolo.

            “You don’t have to hurt Trunk-kun to find out where Imp is,” he repeated over and over, and finally she put him down.

            “I want my baby,” she said tearfully, and Goku nodded.

            “Trunks, you had better tell me what happened before she goes off again,” he said quickly, and Trunks nodded hard.

            His eyes were like plates as he glanced at the berserk woman behind Goku.

            “Uh, Impwasbadandweputherdownforanap- and thensomeguywehadneverseenbefore-“

            “Slow down!” shouted Piccolo-chan, snarling at him.

            “Okay, Imp was wrecking the house, and finally we got her to take a nap, when she started crying, and we found that someone had grabbed her, and was squeezing her tail, and told us that we had to tell the demon if he wanted his kid back, to go to a place he would remember. Then Gohan told him he would die, and went after him after he disappeared, just-“ here he took a deep breath. “Like that.”

            “So Gohan went after them?” Goku repeated, his face intense.

            “Yeah,” Goten said softly. The way that lady was glaring was scaring him.

            “Then lets go,” hissed the lady, and both boys took a step backwards. Goku didn’t waste any time, and put his hand on her arm, and they disappeared.

            “Did your dad call that lady Piccolo?” Trunks asked Goten. He nodded, the Son confused look marring his face.

            “I thought so,” Trunks muttered, doing his best to imitate the confused Son look.

            “You are a charming child,” the man without a name said softly, as he took in the sleeping toddler. It was amazing that he remembered her existence at all. He knew something had interfered with his plan for revenge when strange holes started showing up in his memory.

            In the course of his planning for revenge, he had done vile things, but justice could not be denied. He had consorted with things that were almost as bad, and using the Dark Arts, he had been able to figure out that his memory had been tampered with.

            It had taken even longer for him to reverse its effects. He shuddered when he thought about what he had done to fix his memory.

            Then the sweet memories of his vengeance returned, and he had savored what he had done to the demon, laughing at the pain he had caused. Then, when he had located him once again, he had been stunned.

            The abomination that had been spawned from its unholy union with a human was alive and thriving, and while the demon’s consort was not there, he had known he had to destroy the child.

            The nameless man gritted his teeth.


            He would make the demon suffer the way he had suffered, watching his own child killed before his eyes. He would make sure he would always shun the touch of other living things, and then he would make him live in the same hell that he had lived through, for the past twenty and more years.

            “Truly, you are an adorable baby,” he smiled gently, brushing the baby fine hair from her face. “Too bad I have to kill you.”

            “Where are you?” Gohan roared, rage turning his hair from black to SSJ gold. The place that he was at, an abandoned warehouse, seemed eerily familiar, and his mind shied away from the feeling. Whatever it was, it was something he did not want to remember.

            “Right here,” said the too soft, too calm voice. He was sitting, oddly enough, in a corner, with Imp-chan wrapped in his arms, and she was sucking her thumb with one hand, holding her tail with the other. It would have been a cute scene, had it been someone else. As it was, it just seemed macabre.

            He could see the tear streaks on her face, and the fear. That was wrong. A kid of one should not be afraid, not yet.

            Then he noticed the rest of the building. It was something out of a sadist’s fondest dream, with torture devices that made him want to vomit. Old bloodstains were dribbled around the floor, and he could see it crusting some of the…tools.

            “I changed my mind,” Gohan told him, revulsion thick in his voice. “I will torture you on some of this first, because of what you have done. Its no less than you deserve.”

            “Really?” said that calm, grandfatherly voice. “And what of your crimes? You, the consort of the demon?”

            This caught Gohan off guard. “What?”

            The old man laughed, a bitter sound.

            “Don’t you recognize your own child?” he whispered in a silky voice, calm, without infliction.

            Gohan wanted to shake the man for answers. “Imp can’t be my daughter; I haven’t even been with anyone yet!”

            “Really?” he asked again, this time with humor. Then he shrugged. “I see your memories have been altered as well. Now we wait for them to get here,” he said softly, and seemed to withdraw into the shadows, taking Imp-chan with him.

            Gohan didn’t know what he was talking about, until there was the sudden appearance of his father and- and-

            It was that girl!

            Gohan gaped, and that weird feeling he had when he had first seen her appeared again. Funny, a part of him noted, he had felt like that around Piccolo, too…

            “What are you doing with my daughter?” the girl yelled, and charged up to him, arms open.

            She flew backwards and hit the opposite wall of the building.

            “Piccolo!” Gohan heard himself yell, without realizing it.

            What did I just say?

            There was faint laughter coming from the shadows close to them.

            “He seems to remember a little of it, demon. Change into your real form, or I kill the child now.”

            The girl growled back at the man, murder in her eyes.

            “Change, or I-“ he put his hands around the little girl’s delicate throat.

            The girl stood back up, and frowned hard. Pink skin turned to a jade green, the hair melted away, the form got taller.

            “Piccolo-san?” Gohan whispered, disbelieving. Tears trailed down the Namek’s face, but the rage was still there.

            Piccolo didn’t look at his student, husband and friend. It would have been too much if he had. So he focused all his anger on the bastard that had raped him, tortured him, and tried to kill his baby girl.

            No one, no one, was ever going to hurt his baby girl.

            “You are an evil man,” Goku said suddenly, and turned to Piccolo, then back.

            “First you hurt my friend, then you try to kill my granddaughter,” said the powerful Saiya-jin. Gohan jumped, because he had confirmed what the other man had said.


            “You cannot be forgiven,” Goku finished, and did a silly pose. Both Gohan and Piccolo sweat dropped.

            “What? They did it on Sailor Moon!”

            Gohan didn’t really hear the last part of it, as a horrific pain shot through his head, as he stared at Piccolo.

            The feelings that had been vague, that he hadn’t known how to act on, for the past year came into sharp focus, as he recalled exactly what had happened. The pain of it was like someone was driving a stake through his head. He cried out, and fell to the ground.

            “Gohan!” Piccolo shouted, sensing his pain, and turning to the old man.


            Gohan himself was vaguely aware of what was going on, too confused by the bombardment of memories to care.

            It all makes sense, now, he thought, and that was followed by, oh, Piccolo, I love you so much, why didn’t you tell me?

            Then the last memory he had before they had been wiped was of Piccolo shaking at his touch.

            Gohan started to cry, even as he got back to his feet.

            The old man had Piccolo slammed against the wall again, his eyes full of an odd joy.

            “First,” he said deliberately. “I will kill your child. Then I will kill you consort, the way that my child and wife were taken from me, first by you, then by despair. Then I will make sure that you will never be able to touch another person again. On this night of the full moon, you will know justice, Ma!”

            “No, he’s not Ma, I killed him!” Goku shouted, trying for an attack of his own. Powering up to SSJ, he started blowing the building apart.

            In the background, a counterpoint to the adults’ activity, Imp was crying her eyes out, seeing her beloved Peekro getting hurt. She remembered what she had said, that she would hurt anyone who had hurt her Peekro.

            The little girl kept on sobbing, and looked up, hoping to find anything, anything at all.

            As Nice Gohan was being hurt, she saw the full moon for the first time.

            Gohan had failed in his own attack against the man with no name, and wanted to scream. Piccolo was being lifted in the air, and the screams gave testament to the agony he was going through.

            He was bruised, battered, and all over beaten by the anger and pure evil that had come off this man.

            The man had heard Goku’s plead, that Ma was dead, and had responded with, “The sins of the fathers shall be visited on the sons! And they shall pay ten fold!”

            Then he noticed that the little girl he was holding wasn’t screaming any more. Her eyes were fixed upwards, and she seemed to be- pulsing.

            Her eyes turned red.

            She expanded in size.

            The old man was suddenly stepped on and killed by the very thing he was trying to destroy.

            “OH MY KAMI!” Gohan yelled, as he looked up to see the oozaru form of his newly found daughter. She roared in anger, and stomped her feet, making sure that the person who had hurt her Peekro and Nice Gohan were dead, dead, dead, and dead!

            The building collapsed around them, Gohan’s head made acquaintance with industrial grade building materials.

            “IMP!” shouted Piccolo, and the oozaru stopped, and turned to look at him. It seemed to coo, and landed on her rear, grabbing the floating green man, and licking him on the face.

            “I guess she knows her mommy, huh, Piccolo?” Goku grinned, and created a razor dan to slice off her tail.

            There was a roar of pain, and the giant ape shrank, returning to her original shape.

            “Oh my gosh, she killed Gohan!” Goku suddenly yelled, and started digging through the rubble. Grabbing Imp under his arm, Piccolo joined him, and they dug the half-breed out.

            “Is he-?” Piccolo asked, fear evident.

            Goku sighed with relief. “He’s fine, just unconscious. We’ll get him home with an icepack, and I’ll baby-sit Imp-chan so you to can get reacquainted.”

            Piccolo did a double take at Goku, then smiled faintly, blushing.


To be concluded!

Coming next, gratuitous getting back together lemon and epilogue!

The Torment
Part 20: Getting Back Together
By Larania

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama, and Ranma ½ belongs to someone other than me, and I make no profit save amusement from this story.

            Chi-Chi had been grocery shopping and visiting Bulma that afternoon, and was late coming home. She was humming a tune, hoping that the boys wouldn’t be too angry with her for being so late, and was happy with all she had managed to get.

            Boy, was she surprised when she got home.

            The lights were off. That was her first clue that something was wrong. With two boys and a husband who didn’t act his age, the noise level tended to reach near chaotic proportions.

            Then she walked in.

            The scream rocked the entire area for miles around.

            “Piccolo, is there something wrong?” Goku asked, seeing the green Namek wince, his sensitive hearing picking up Chi-Chi’s scream.

            “I think Chi-Chi made I home.”


            “Hey, Chi-Chi, we’re back!” shouted Goku as they entered the trashed house, with Gohan unconscious over his shoulder.

            Piccolo was holding Imp in an almost-death grip. He was so relieved to have his daughter safe!

            The expression on Chi-Chi’s face was priceless, as they walked in on her. There was a sheet of paper clutched in her hand, and Goku gave a sigh of relief. He had hoped that the boys would leave a note, and apparently they did.

            Imp giggled, seeing her handiwork from earlier.

            The note that Chi-Chi had read said something about Gohan, Piccolo and Goku going to fight someone who had kidnapped Imp. Since she adored the baby, Chi-Chi had started worrying.

            “Oh, baby, are you okay?” she wailed, seeing Imp wrapped protectively in Piccolo’s arms. She rushed over and started examining her, and looked up at Piccolo questioning.

            He gently handed the girl to him, and Chi-Chi hugged her hard. Then she started to babble baby talk.

            Goku smiled. “I knew you liked your granddaughter,” he said softly, and Chi-Chi looked up at him, confused.


            “I’ll tell you in a bit. Right now, lets let Piccolo take care of Gohan. He got a bump to the head, and then we’ll head over to CC for the night.”

            Chi-Chi looked like she was about to protest, when Goku shook his head. Without asking her, he scooped her up, while she still held Imp-chan, and they flew off.

            This left Piccolo with Gohan, and he cradled him gently in his arms.

            Piccolo ministered to his head wound, which was really a large goose egg, nothing serious.

            This left him with nothing to do for the rest of the night but watch Gohan. This drove him nuts.

            So, he started to clean. Since Imp was at fault, so he had been told, it was his responsibility. Considering what was coming out again, he needed to stay on Chi-Chi’s good side…

            The morning came slowly. The dawn inched across the bed, highlighting Gohan’s legs, while leaving the rest in shadow.

            Piccolo had stopped cleaning around midnight, and had fallen asleep at Gohan’s feet.

            Gohan had been trained well, and the internal clock he had developed told him it was time to rise and shine. Said internal clock had no respect for knocked noggins.

            “Uuugh-“ he uttered, and rolled over. This woke Piccolo immediately, and he went to peer into Gohan’s face.

            “Are you alright?” he asked softly, his face inches from Gohan’s. Gohan’s eyes widened to their widest, and his breathing shortened.

            “I had the strangest dream…” Gohan whispered, and then his eyes narrowed. Before Piccolo could respond, he had grabbed Piccolo by the neck of his gi and was kissing him passionately.

            “Mmmph,” Piccolo said eloquently, expressing what he could with his lips being crushed my Gohan’s

            “Piccolo,” Gohan told him when he came up for air, going SSJ and pulling him even tighter to his chest. “If you ever do something this stupid again, like making me forget with the Dragon Balls, and yes, I could guess how you did it, I will take Imp away from you, and then kill you by bedding you to death. Do you understand?” He looked directly into the black depths of his eyes, hammering home what he felt mentally, along their link.

            “I- Gohan, I am so sorry…”

            “Its over with, and I could never be angry with you for long,” Gohan said fiercely, into his ear.

            The scene would have looked absurd to anyone who walked in, the giant green Namek sitting in the lap of the human appearing youth. Yet you couldn’t doubt it, the way that Piccolo seemed to curl up on the bed next to him. Gohan held Piccolo, and gently sifted through the memories, agonizing over the decision to wipe the memories, and rejoicing when he found out that their child was alive, and being born.

            When he came back to himself, tears were streaming down his cheeks, and he kept holding onto Piccolo, rocking him gently.

            Then the heavy weight on his lap lightened suddenly, and Gohan found himself being pinned backwards across his own bed, with Piccolo-chan forcing her tongue into his mouth, exploring what had been almost forgotten.

            “I missed you Gohan,” she whispered, then nipped her way down his throat, sucking at the base of his neck, her hands sliding up and down his thighs.

            Gohan was a little flabbergasted.

            Then he started kissing back, and was really happy about it.

            He pulled at her gi top, jerking it roughly from her body, and started to rub her breasts everywhere but her nipples. She gave him a look of loving annoyance, and started the same sort of torture between his legs, dipping down, removing his boxer shorts and kissing his inner thighs. Licking her way up, she avoided his now rock hard member, and kissed right above it, causing his to jump.

            Purring deep in throat despite this, he grabbed her by the shoulders, and flipped her beneath him, tugging her pants down, and started to kiss, lick and suck on her nipples. Laughing huskily, she traced his muscles, followed by her mouth, and then she went back to his neck, sucking hard.

            Then with a sudden jerk, she flipped him on back again, and straddled his waist, rubbing her wet nether lips against his cock. Then she lowered herself, just barely getting the head in, and pulled back up.

            Gohan groaned as she did this.

            “You’re teasing me,” he panted, and she smiled.

            “You- bet-“ she gasped, barely able to keep from falling on him. Her strong hands locked on his shoulders, keeping him pinned, even at SSJ, and she slowly pushed him a little farther in with each thrust of her hips. Gohan did his best to meet her, but he couldn’t move. Then he blasted to SSJ2, grabbed her and pulled down hard.

            Piccolo-chan screamed out her pleasure, back arching and digging her deep furrows in Gohan’s shoulders, which turned bloody.

             To Gohan, the pain mixed with the pleasure, increasing it, and he started to thrust faster, knowing only what he felt.

            “Umm- gah, harder,” Piccolo-chan cried out, eyes clenched shut as she rode him. He filled her up, and they both screamed as they came, Gohan’s seed spurting into her, and the warm juices of Piccolo-chan running down over him.

            “I missed this, as well,” Piccolo-chan whispered in his ear, after falling forward, gasping for air. Sweat dripped off her nose, and Gohan teasingly licked it off.

            They both giggled like children.

            “Thank you, Piccolo,” Gohan murmured, rubbing her back, and gently pulling out of her.

            “For what?”

            “For loving me, and a beautiful, if crazy daughter.”

            He didn’t have to look down to see Piccolo-chan smiling shyly with pride.

            “She is the best daughter in the world.”

            Gohan grinned to himself, as the bright sunlight of morning shone over them.

            “So, a happy ending?” he asked her.

            “No,” Piccolo-chan answered. “A new beginning.”


The end!


Sound I write a sequel story, about Imp? I was thinking about doing that. Anyone interested?