The Torment
Part 13: Rescue, and Destroyed Hope
By Larania

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Mr. Therapist, (tm DMP,) comes out.

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            Gohan woke up, not knowing where he was, and for a moment, not even who he was. Everything was overshadowed with a haze of pain, and it seemed like someone else’s vision fell like a curtain over his own, and all that person could see was darkness.

            He whimpered. Mindlessly, he groped outwards, trying to find the ever-present sense of Piccolo in his soul, but he couldn’t. It was like she was dead.

            Gohan let out a moan.

            He had to find her. It didn’t matter that all his senses were screaming out that she was dead, well, and truly dead. He wouldn’t believe it until he saw it for himself.

            He had to get help.

            Flying into the air, he went to find the only other person who knew about Piccolo-chan. Videl.


            Dende paled when he realized what was happening. The thought of someone kidnapping Piccolo, maybe even murdering her, was incomprehensible. To him, he couldn’t think of anyone who would want to kill the green giant, or the human female he had become.

            Who would want to kill Ma jr.?


            Gohan had flown as fast as he could to get to Videl-san’s house. She was practicing on her roof, looking for all the world like she was perfectly comfortable standing on high wire.

            If he hadn’t been freaking out at the time, he would have admired her.

            Gotta find Piccolo, gotta find Piccolo, gotta-

            Then the spikes of pain from his wife and child hit him. Falling from the sky, he expected to hit the ground, when Videl caught him.

            Then he passed out again.

            A few seconds later, he came to, sputtering, because Videl had hit him in the face with a glass of cold water. Literally. Glass and all.

            “Wah?” Gohan asked intelligently.

            “You fell out of the sky, muttering something about Piccolo. I take it something happened?” she asked, all business, even though she was blushing at holding Gohan in her arms.

            Gohan had tears of phantom pain slipping down his face.

            “Someone- something attacked Piccolo, and got her. And that person is hurting her, and the baby. I wish I knew what to do!” he screamed, nearly busting Videl’s eardrums.

            “Okay, okay, take me to where you saw her last!” Videl screamed back, trying to calm the hysterical Son. Not working, she went to get another glass. She thought better of it, and got a pail.


            “Its this way,” he told her, pointing in a general direction.

            They took off.


            Piccolo-chan was cold. She had no idea how long she had actually been there, but it seemed like a long time.

            This man who held her was terrifying. He wasn’t cruel the way she would have expected, but he was insane. How else could he do the things that he did, yet never show any sign of emotion?

            Today was no better than any other time. The man never raised his voice, never spoke with righteous anger, but he had- he had-

            NO! I won’t think about…that…

            She whimpered softly, willing the memories of….

            “Don’t worry, child, your friends will find you soon,” said that kindly, old voice. “Then justice will be served.”

            “So, no luck so far?” asked Bulma, looking at the new Great Saiyaman I and II. She had been the first person they had gone to when they’re attempts to find Piccolo-chan had failed. Bulma had tried using several interesting gadgets, but they had not worked either.

            “So what do we do?” shouted Gohan, about to pull his hair out. Then he screamed; another flash of pain along to the bond between him and his mate lashing him.

            “Gohan!” shouted Videl and Bulma at the same time. Then he looked up.

            “I know where they are!” he shrieked, and took to the skies.


            Why has the pain stopped? She asked herself, opening her eyes after what seemed like an eternity.

            She was in a regeneration tank. Her mouth was covered in a breathing mask, and slowly, although it was fast by natural standards, her numerous wounds were being repaired.

            The world outside the tank was blue and unfocused. The blurry face of Gohan, wearing a ridiculous outfit, peered at her with worry.

            Gohan was shaking with suppressed fury.

            What that monster had done… The artistic burns, slashes, and bruises were more than he was going to say. There was even evidence of…

            She had been raped. His eyes shut as he admitted it to himself. This beast had raped a pregnant woman, and he had no idea why.

            It had taken them all of eight days to find Piccolo. When they had, she had been starved, badly hurt, and unconscious. They had taken her back to Bulma’s, and she had told then it was a miracle she hadn’t miscarried.

            Piccolo-chan, Gohan moaned mentally. This is my fault. You tried to kill yourself because of the pain you thought you had caused me, but what about what I have caused you? I don’t know how this person was able to do this to you, but it’s all my fault. You took care of me, loved me, and you are carrying my child- I failed to protect you. My fault, my fault…

             Still watching her, Gohan saw her eyes open with the memories of the past week. Gohan was glad he couldn’t tell if she was crying.


            It was several hours later that Videl and Bulma helped Piccolo to the recovery room. Piccolo-chan had taken a look at Gohan, and flinched so violently that they thought it was best if only females tended to her. It was Gohan’s turn to want to cry.

            “Come on, hon,” Videl told Piccolo-chan, who was leaning heavily against her. The Namek’s pride had taken a beating over the past several months, but this worse, and Videl felt like something inside her was broken. Piccolo would never be the same after this. It was all Videl could do to keep from taking her into her arms and holding her. That would kill any shreds of dignity that Piccolo had left.

            “We’ll get you a bath, that’ll help you feel loads better,” said Bulma, and they walked her over to a furor.

            Unnoticed to all of them was the ki signature of the nameless man… Who had done his own research, and had found a magic kettle…


            Up the steps to the deep, hot water basin. Piccolo-chan wanted to cry at the thought of a wonderful, cleansing bath. Taking the final step into the water, and settling in, there was a strange tingle, and-

            Her skin turned green, and she became-

            “Piccolo?” gasped Bulma, backing away from the huge, green Namek, hot water that had been displaced sloshing over the sides and soaking her jeans.

            Piccolo’s eyes flew open, shock making him wonder briefly why her skin had turned green, when another fear made itself known.

            Kami- what happened?

            Touching his now flat abdomen, Piccolo gaped in shock, and Videl, also realizing what had happen, screamed.

The Torment
Part 14: Second Chances, and Surprises
By Larania

Disclaimer: I can cook, but I do not own the wonderful series that I am mooching off of. Those belong to really good writers, but I don’t know if they can cook. Where I got the whole cooking thing, I have no idea, but Piccolo can’t cook either.


            Bulma saw Piccolo sitting in the water that Clarinet-chan had been sitting in, and recoiled.

            She heard Videl scream, and then Vegeta ran in, wondering what all the yelling was about. He saw a very naked Namek.

            “Girl, you see a nude man, an asexual one, and you scream? Humans, you overreact to everything!” he shouted, his hands waving in the air. Then he looked around. “Where’s Kakarrot’s brat’s mate?”

            “She’s- he’s right there, Vegeta,” Bulma told her husband, dazed. Her eyes were focused like lasers on the shocked Namek, who was rubbing his middle, eyes wide, his mouth frozen in a grimace of horror.

            “Nani? What are you talking about, woman?” he demanded, face turning red.

            “I DON”T KNOW!” Bulma roared back, fists clenched, looking like she wanted to tear into something.

            Videl started babbling something about hot water and curses, making to sense to the scientist. It was then that Gohan blasted in, and looked at the still dazed, almost catatonic Piccolo. He started to cry as what had happened hit him.

            “You lost the baby? How? Why?” Gohan wailed, looking at his mate. Piccolo still didn’t respond, but his fists clenched over his middle, the icy feeling of denial still unbroken within him.

            “What is going on? What are they talking about? Namek, tell me!” Vegeta finally ordered, and his hands reached out to grab the comatose Piccolo. It was then that the ice shattered inside him.

            “DON’T TOUCH ME!” screamed Piccolo, and he powered up. His mind was a maelstrom of confusion, but the memories of being touched, and the person doing the touching hurting her… him. There wasn’t much a distinction in Piccolo’s mind of being in his original form now. He was still thinking of himself as a she, and a male had hurt her-


            “I guess we need a new roof again,” Bulma muttered.


            You married Piccolo?” bellowed Chi-Chi, her black eyes snapping with rage. Gohan, the focus of her anger was sitting at the kitchen table, eyes red and sore from crying.  He had searched for hours, but had been unable to find Piccolo. Considering what had happened last time that he had been this depressed, Gohan was terrified that Piccolo might take his own life.

            “Yes,” Gohan answered her; mind elsewhere, trying to locate his lost mate.

            Videl was sitting beside him, rubbing his back, and yelled back Chi-Chi.

            “Son-san, its my fault, I was the one responsible for getting Piccolo into the mess with being a girl permanently. They loved each other, can’t you see that? Now, they’re both hurting, because they lost a child, your grandchild!”

            Chi-Chi hissed back,” I’m grateful they weren’t able to bring that monstrosity into the world. I won’t have that freak back in my house, and any child they would have had would never have been a grandchild of mine! Is that clear?

            Gohan moaned, hearing this, and put his head on the table, and started crying again.

            “Okaasan,” he told her through his sobs,” if you did that, I would leave and never come back.”

             Unknown to them, Piccolo heard all of this, and flew away.


            “PICCOLO!” Gohan shouted, a few months later, trying to find his mate. He had tried all over the area, but if Piccolo didn’t want to be found, well, you didn’t.

            It was then that he felt it, a faint flicker that told him where Piccolo was. Reaching out to it, he homed in on it, like it was the northern star, and dived as fast as he could. Unnoticed to him, the skies went dark…


            Piccolo looked down at the Dragon Balls resting at his feet. He had stolen the dragon radar; it had been child’s play, really. For the past few months he had been thinking of what to do, and when he had come to a decision, it had been a relief, as well as a burden.

            “Arise, Eternal Shenlon,” he whispered, barely choking out the words. This was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done.

            As always, the sight of the Dragon God was awesome, as lightening heralded it’s arrival, and the sky turned inky.


            “I wish for control of my curse,” Piccolo said first. He had realized that he was still under the influence of the Springs by reading up on what had possibly caused his transformation back into his old self. He hadn’t changed back, but he couldn’t make himself wish the curse away. It had made him happier in many ways that he had never experienced before.

            “I also wish-“ here was where he paused, thinking hard about how to word it.

            “I wish that with the next dawn, all memory of myself as Clarinet, of my curse, and of how I felt for Son Gohan would be gone from everyone..” he stated.

            “Save me,” he added, not knowing why.

            “Your wish has been granted,” said Shen Lon, his voice oddly subdued.

            “I bid you farewell, Piccolo.”


            “Piccolo,” said Gohan in a hushed voice, as he found his mentor and lover, meditating in front of his usual waterfall.

            It was obvious he wanted to be found, or else Gohan would never have sensed him.

            “Piccolo, I’m so sorry,” Gohan told him, and the Namek floated down, out of his usual floating lotus.

            “It wasn’t your fault.”

            “I know, but-“ he said despairing, looking up into the green face above him. It was impassive.

            “It wasn’t your fault,” said Piccolo again, and this time his voice cracked.

            Gohan couldn’t stand it anymore. He reached out, and wrapped his arms around the large man, crying into his chest. He cried again, and felt Piccolo’s arms circle him.

            “I’m sorry, I couldn’t do anything to help you,” Gohan moaned into his chest.

            For a long time, they stood there, trying to find some kind of equilibrium. Everything about how they thought about each other, and their relationship was upside down. Both of their hearts were being torn apart.

            Gohan, Piccolo thought silently, at least I can spare you the pain of remembering… but I will, our daughter deserves that…

            Piccolo pulled away then. In the morning, he would be back to the way that he was, distant, unemotional, and prideful, treating Gohan as a son and student, but for right now…

            He leaned over, and kissed the smaller man on the mouth, trying to capture the memory forever.

            Gohan kissed back. His tongue darted in, and they gently kissed, exploring what was different now.

            A sharp, raw memory intruded itself, and Piccolo involuntarily whimpered, jerking away like he had been burned.

            “Oh,” Gohan whispered, and touched his love’s face, his mind trying to sooth the pain of the memory away.

            They spent the rest of the night like that, in each other’s arms, trying to cope.

            “Piccolo-san?” asked a voice, disturbing Piccolo from his mediations.

            “Hai,” he responded, trying to figure out why the way Gohan sounded seemed wrong.

            “What happened, did I fall asleep out here?” asked Gohan, and Piccolo opened his eyes. He remembered, then, that Gohan had fallen asleep out there with him, and that he had also dreamed.

            Gohan didn’t remember- Piccolo’s wish had been granted.

            When it took several minutes for Piccolo to answer him, Gohan became concerned.

            “Are you alright? You don’t look so well.”

            Piccolo kind of choked, trying to answer, but he felt a strange pain in his sternum.

            “I’m fine,” he finally answered, and Gohan nodded.

            “I need to get to school, now,” Gohan told him, and smiled at his teacher. He had spoken to his best friend, he had school, and all was right with the world.

            Piccolo watched as Gohan flew away, the lump in his chest not going away.


            Gohan wondered at the empty feeling in his mind all day at school. A day or so had passed since he had waked up with Piccolo, and Piccolo had been acting strangely ever since.

            Shrugging if off, he got back to his lessons. Videl had invited him over for supper, and that meant he wouldn’t be able to see his mentor this evening.

            Well, what could be wrong?


            Piccolo wondered about the strange pains he had kept feeling all last week in his chest. It was like he was being pushed and shoved apart from the inside, which made no sense to him.

            The sharp jab of pain started again, but this time, instead of subsiding, flared into white-hot agony.

            “What- the- hell?” he grunted, and fell over, twisting and moaning.

            It wasn’t long until the pain worked its way into his neck, and a large lump formed, and he could hardly breath. It was the worst pain he had ever gone through, including- He didn’t want to think about that.

            All he could do was concentrate on trying to force air through his clogged throat, and into his bruised feeling lungs. He noticed a pattern, as the pain would suddenly get worse, the slack off for a few moments, then increase again.

            The lump hit his gag reflex, and he started to cough. On his hands and knees now, head bowed, he hacked, the mass of whatever working its way back up his tongue. First, he tasted bile, and it oozed out over his lips, spilling to the ground. He didn’t really pay much attention, as the pain the pain the PAIN was his entire world could hold. Purple red blood gushed next, then dribbled out of the corners of his mouth. Coughing and gagging still, the object made him unhinge his jaw, something he didn’t realize he could do.

            And it was out. Without ceremony, the off white thing fell, and landed with a light thump on the ground.

            Shutting his eyes tightly, Piccolo gasped hard, getting his breath back into his air starved lungs.

            Realizing what had just happened, Piccolo’s eyes flew back open, and he stared in awe at the egg in front of him. It was off white, it was shiny with slimy green goop, and it was about the size of a melon. The old adage about the watermelon and the lemon came to mind.

            It was also webbed with cracks.

            Splintering down the middle, with liquid of some kind seeping out, a soft wail was heard, and Piccolo sat in front of his egg, watching in wonder as his child came into the world…


            A couple of hours later, Piccolo-chan sat, cradling a small little girl, with a tail in his arms.

            Her mind went through the possibilities of what had happened, and there was only one conclusion that she was able to settle on.

            When the man had used the kettle to try to kill the baby, he hadn’t realized that Nameks were asexual. Piccolo was still equipped, although he didn’t know it, to carry a child. The child had come to term inside the place that created the eggs, safe, because apparently there was enough Namekian in her to survive.

            “What will I name you?” she asked aloud, and the little quarter saiya-jin, however much Namek and at least half human wailed, her mouth making sucking motions.

            “Now what?” Piccolo-chan griped, annoyed. Her chest ached…

            “Oh,” her eyes went big as understanding hit. “Oh!

            Pulling her gi top down, Piccolo-chan helped the little girl to her breast, where she began enthusiastically nursing.


            The little one had a strong mouth. A smile lit her face, as Piccolo-chan thought of the fighting potential she had…

            “I guess I’ll have to call you something either to do with instruments, or food,” she mumbled. Uh-

            “Pan- no, Pan Pipe,” she answered herself, and smiled down at the newly named Pan Pipe. “Although, if you always nurse like this, I’ll have to call you Imp,” she added, wincing again.

            Her only answer was Imp grunting happily while she continued her meal.

The Torment
Part 15: Adjustments
By Larania

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A/N: Yes, Piccolo and just about everyone else has been OOC. This is a fanfic, get over it, and I will try to correct my mistakes. Please review, I don’t ask usually, but I want to see if this will affect the number I get, so, ONEGAI review!

            Piccolo was a Namek, with a very interesting life.

            For one, he was trying to get used to the fact that he was a mother. Long story short, he got married to Son Goku because of a curse that turned him into a girl with cold water, the curse got stuck, Gohan reacted to her pheromones, and they seemed to think that they were rabbits for a while. A madman, who could still be out there, had kidnapped Piccolo, tried to kill the baby that resulted from their enthusiastic rabbit performance, and turned Piccolo back into a girl. Serious angst ensued, and Piccolo wished that they would forget the whole thing. Literally. Although he did want to remember, himself, and he later coughed up the previously thought lost baby, whom he named Pan Pipe, nicknamed Imp.


            Looking down at the fragile looking infant in her arms, Piccolo-chan gave one of her rare, true smiles, as the little girl burped at her, and grinned hugely, like she was proud of herself. Considering whom she was related to, that wouldn’t have surprised her.

            To anyone else, Imp was a small, red, wrinkled mite with a skullcap of hunter green hair, and a tiny flailing tail. Of course, anyone else wasn’t Piccolo, and if Piccolo had heard anyone else say that, that anyone else would have been sent straight to Hell.

            Do not pass go; do not collect two hundred dollars.

            Said baby had just burped, and was being set down to sleep in her little nest that Piccolo had rigged, on her belly. With a last rub on her back, Piccolo-chan transformed back into his usual self, and stretched.

            He decided on a slow kata, because the gentle movements would let him think. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Not strategic, nothing to do with fighting, but the kind of introspection that comes with a major event in life, and being a mother certainly qualified.

            He shuddered.

            These motions flowed lightly, barely touching the ground. The past year had been an emotional roller coaster, and he hadn’t handled it well.

            Be truthful with yourself, green man; badly was an understatement. Of course, it took me a while to admit that some of those feelings had been there all along-

            Humans, male and female, he realized constantly had to deal with pressures that he had never before understood. Add hormones to his mix of confused feelings for Gohan, and the recipe made for a wonderful nervous breakdown. Then he got pregnant. More fun, and then he was-

            Rage shook along his nerves, making him loose focus.

            Admit it to yourself, you were raped.

            The proud Namek had taken quite a beating to that very pride during this whole mess, but pride had nothing to do with this.

            It was one of the numerous reasons that he had for having Gohan and the others forget who he had become. Pity was not something he could have stood, and another reason- He couldn’t have ever really been comfortable with Gohan touching him again. The night he had said goodbye to Gohan for the last time, it had been a huge act of will to kiss him, and even now, looking at him was painful. The touch of a man, even fighting, made him flinch.

            The nightmares weren’t as bad as they had been immediately afterwards, but they still haunted him. The idea of even being male made him gag. While he had hated his helplessness, hated being hurt the way he had been, being female had not shamed him. Rather, he was really, really pissed at guys who hurt girls.

            Imp gurgled a little in her sleep. Hearing her made irrational fears that Piccolo would never voice bubble up in his mind. After she had been hatched, he had decided not to tell Gohan, at least until there was no other choice. That madman was still out there, and if he managed to get Imp…it wasn’t going to happen.

            Not while he lived.

            His kata continued.

            Over the next several days, it seemed that Imp-chan was filling out rather nicely. Of course, true to her saiya-jin blood, she eating like there was no tomorrow.

            Piccolo-chan sighed deeply as she put the now sleeping baby back in her nest. Eating and sleeping were all that chibi-Piper had done, but of course, she was the best at it, Piccolo thought. He hoped that no one would ask, but if you asked him about which baby could drool the best, well, you know the answer.

            Well, most people don’t know, or don’t think about, the fact that lactating is actually a lot of work. Lactating is producing milk, and it can wear on a woman more than you realize, which was another of those lovely things Piccolo didn’t know. He had been very, very tired recently.

            She smiled again at the infant, who had curled up, and was holding her little tail in a very kawaii way. She herself had been doing only the minimum of training, due to the fact that she was worn out most of the time, and that Imp-chan needed feeding so often. Instead, she had taken to talking to the baby, and holding her when she was awake. Vague memories of never being touched as a child stirred within her own mind, and thus, she decided to do the opposite.

            Again, she thought, this was not something she would have usually done. Back in the day, she would have left the child alone to survive. Well, since she was barely a week old right now, she would have about a few years grace. The child would have to be trained, there was no question about, and her parents’ blood would demand no less. In fact, Piccolo thought with pride, this week old could take down a full grown human already.

            Or her mother, just by nursing, her mind added sardonically.

            “I don’t know all that much about human children, much less Saiya-jin ones,” she said aloud, and looked over at the little girl. Some of her irrational fears became suddenly rational ones. What if she got sick? Hurt? How long did it take for human children to learn to walk?

            Turning back into his old self, Piccolo pondered what to do about it.

            He couldn’t do what his reflex was, which was to ask Gohan. That went without question. He couldn’t ask Dende either, because he and just about everyone else had forgotten about the baby. A problem he had not considered before.

            Okay, what he needed was a ready information source; one that would not ask questions back, about the green person with a human looking baby with a tail.

            Uh- he cast his mind out, trying to think of something…

            The library.

            Wondering about that idea, he shrugged, and split formed into three, one to watch chibi-Piper while the other two trained.

            Me, in a library. Then he looked over at the baby. Stranger things have happened.

            Gohan laughed as Videl made a great joke. Why hadn’t he realized how great she was earlier?

            Videl had been keeping Gohan company the past couple of days, since Piccolo had become so hard to find. It had been a good thing, in his opinion, because if she hadn’t, he would have been going out his mind with worry.

            What is it with him recently? Nothing has happened-

            Or had it? Piccolo could have been murdered, and he wouldn’t know if until he found the body, or could go on a killing spree of his own. There was absolutely nothing he really could be sure about with the Namek…

            His heart gave lurch, like it had several times recently. It felt like something had reached inside him, and pulled out something vitally important.

            Maybe that was the reason he had spent so much time with Videl; she helped with the hurt.

            “Hey, what was the homework for this evening?” asked Videl, looking over at his notebook. It had the homework neatly written at the top, and Videl’s worst fears were confirmed.

            It was a research paper. One that could not have been drier if it had been sent to the desert. Videl groaned.

            “Do we have to do this?” she whined, and pouted when Gohan solemnly nodded.

            “Kuso, I guess we have to go the library.”

            Soft coos came from the white wrapped bundle that Piccolo had strapped to his chest. Apparently Imp was enjoying this little trip. Her huge black eyes took in everything, and occasionally a gurgling laugh would emerge.

            Although what made a fire hydrant so funny was beyond Piccolo.

            It had been three weeks since Imp had hatched, and she was already sitting up on her own. Like any child with Saiya-jin blood, she would develop fast, to try to take care of herself. Still, it seemed that she enjoyed nursing, and Piccolo winced at the thought of how he would wean the child.

            There was a swift shift in size, and Piccolo-chan changed her clothing into a plain jeans, t-shirt and flannel over-shirt combo. Imp was still in her sling. Moments later, she landed on the roof of the library. Then she climbed down the fire escape.

            “Hmm. Encyclopedia? Card catalog? Computer? Where to begin…”

            Deciding that getting a lot of books first would be the best idea, then started raiding the shelves. While she was holding the baby closely, she got in the way of all the volumes and volumes that Piccolo-chan was hauling. Sitting, and deciding on going back for more later, she put Imp in a chair next to her. This was fine with Imp, because she promptly fell asleep.

            “Kami always did say something about attempting the impossible,” Piccolo-chan muttered, and got to work.

            “I hate research,” Videl said venomously, and started swearing as she went through the card catalog. This wasn’t just a homework assignment, she realized. It was the special brand of torture only history professors would inflict. At times like this, she wondered if she would go to jail or be given a medal for killing the yarou.

            “You get used to it,” answered the ever-patient voice of Gohan. She gave him the Glare of Death.

            It didn’t make him burst into flames, whither like a dried leaf, or any other unpleasant things it should have done. Darn it.

            They started to playfully argue over which route they should take for their projects, like Khan, or should it be Mr. Satan?

            Videl turned around, and stepped out, when Gohan pushed her over.

            Falling on her rump, Videl tried her Glare again, but it didn’t work, because he was looking at something else.

            “What did you do that for?” she yelled, only to be hushed by several not-seen patrons.

            Gohan pointed.

            Piccolo-chan sighed as she went back for the fifth time for books. Grinning to herself, she was pleased with the knowledge she had managed to acquire. Most of it was repetitive, so she could skim quickly, and get to the new stuff.

            It was a relief that Imp hadn’t making all that much noise-


            Choking down alarm, Piccolo-chan looked at where the little girl had been sleeping-

            “Where’s my baby?”

            Imp had decided that she was wide-awake, full, and in an interesting place. This meant that she had to move, and get to the interesting stuff. Of course, she really had no idea of how she would do that. So, seeing what her mommy did, which was walk, she got the notion moving involved your arms and legs. Squirming out of her warm cocoon of white, the little girl tried what she had seen her mommy do.

            It didn’t really work. She fell forward, and went boom.

            Taking a deep breath, she was about to bawl when she found that she could get her weight on her little hands and knees.

            GOODY! Even better, her tail wiggled out behind her, keeping her balance. Now she could find interesting and shiny and other really, really neat stuff, like what she had seen mommy do!

            Videl choked, when she realized what she had nearly done.

            Sitting, and looking at her with curiosity filled black eyes, was a baby girl. One that she had nearly stepped on.

            “Oh, I am so sorry, little one,” she whispered, and looked over at Gohan in apology.

            “Hey, what are you doing here?” Gohan asked, running his hand over the fine, dark green curls that had jutted up from the baby’s head, trying to smooth them, with nil success.

            The baby didn’t answer, just giggled mischievously, in that ‘I’m giving my parent a heart-attack, but don’t really care’, kind of way that all kids have. Trust me, they do.

            “We need to find her mom,” Gohan said, and then Videl picked the speed crawler up.

            Gohan very nearly had a stroke.

            The kid had a tail.

The Torment
Part 16: Who's Kid Is That?
By Larania

Disclaimer: AHHH! They tried to pay me, but I escaped, MWHAHAHAHA! Never, never shall I be paid for this work, which belongs to the great ones, Who Must Not Be Named!


            Gohan stared in awe at the baby that was in front of him. The idea that there might be more Saiya-jin half-breeds was shocking.

            Videl grinned down at the cooing baby, babbling baby talk, not yet seeing the appendage that was giving Gohan a fit.

            “That can’t be-“ Gohan kept repeating to himself, until he saw it start to twitch with happiness at the attention Videl was giving her.

             It was a real tail, all right. That meant that she had to be the daughter of Vegeta or Goku, because they were the only two left. The baby didn’t look like she was more than a year old-

             That meant she had to be Vegeta’s. Yet there was no way. Bulma would know if her man was cheating.

             Which left it being an unknown Saiya-jin. This could be bad.

             He had to find this kid’s parents.

             “Imp-chan?” whispered a feminine voice, fiercely.

             There was a rustle, and Gohan turned around to see a beautiful young woman, his age, snatching the little girl from Videl’s grip.

              “IMP!” she yelled, and held her up, and started babbling about how worried she was.

             “Don’t you ever, ever do that to me again!” she finished, while Imp giggled.

            Gohan wondered if he could get a cavity from the cuteness.

            Then he remembered what had gotten him so upset, and reached out his hand to put on the woman’s shoulder.


            “DON’T TOUCH ME!” she screamed, spinning around to face him.

            And promptly choked. The world spun for a moment, as she tried to regain her balance.

            “Miss, I’m sorry, but I need to ask-“

            It was then that Gohan realized this woman knew what he was. She knew that he was a Saiya-jin. Then she ran. Ran out of the building, and into the street.

            “Oh, kuso,” Gohan grunted, seeing that he couldn’t find her. He had tried to catch her, but she had run like the hounds of hell were chasing her.

            “Who was she?” Gohan asked, wanting to swear.

            Piccolo-chan gasped as she landed again, in her safe bit of forest.

            “Well, Imp. That was your daddy,” she told the baby. Imp, who was not all that happy about being taken from all the interesting stuff, and the nice people, and now she was hungry! So she did what all babies do: she started to cry.

            “Oh, no,” Piccolo-chan mumbled, and checked her diaper. Yup, it was wet.

            “I don’t know how humans do it and stay sane,” she groused.

            “Gohan, will you stop with the whole, ‘Who was that girl?’ bit? Its getting kinda old.”

            Videl was getting really annoyed with how Gohan had been acting ever since he had seen that girl and the baby with the tail. It was like he was obsessed, and be damned if there was anything she could do about it.

            “I know what I can do!” he said, nearly shouting. “I can ask Piccolo-san!”

            Thankfully, Imp was done nursing by the time Gohan got there.

            “Mr. Piccolo!” Gohan yelled, seeing his mentor.

            “Oh, shimatta,” Piccolo groaned, seeing his lover.

            He was his old self, but there was nothing he could do about Imp. She had been giggling while he had dangled a pretty gem that caught the light in front of her. She had tried desperately to snatch at it, while Piccolo made faces. He was profoundly grateful he hadn’t degenerated to cooing yet.

            Gohan blinked at the sight in front of him. Piccolo was tenderly holding a baby that- Oh, crap.

            It was her baby.

            The little tail made it obvious, but if Piccolo had it-

            There was dead end.

            “Uh, Piccolo-sensei? Where did the kid come from?”

            Piccolo drew a blank after his first urge to curse.

            “She’s my new student.”

            “Your student? Do you know who her parents are?”

            Maybe the mysterious teacher bit will work-

            “They asked me not to tell.”

            Gohan looked like he wanted to rip his own hair out. Then he shook his head.

            “Have you been okay recently? You’ve been acting funny.”

            Piccolo had to resist the urge to laugh hysterically.

            “Maybe I’ll tell you someday, but not today Gohan. Not today.”

            Time passed. The Z fighters defeated Majin Buu, and Goku was returned to the land of the living.

            All this time, Piccolo was training Imp, and in general, being a parent.


            “Hey, Piccolo, how ya doin’? asked Goku, who had decided to visit.

            Imp was grinning as she came over to see who this strange person was. He looked like her friend Gohan!

 She was an adorable toddler now, but with this awful talent for getting into trouble. Piccolo constantly had to fish her out of streams, holes in the ground, and out of trees. Yet, she came out all the tougher for it.

            “Goku,” Piccolo acknowledged, not opening his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

            “I came to visit my granddaughter!”