A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Parts 10-12
By Larania

Disclaimer: The copyrighted series characters used in this story do not belong to me, and I make no money from it whatsoever.

            Sailor Moon was in that strange place, where all she could do was hear. Her shoulder burned with fire and ice, but it was healing quickly, thanks to her power and Sailor healing abilities.

            The pure bull of what Vegeta was saying finally got her so ticked off, that she could get out of that limbo- and it clicked.

            “You’re the one that hit me!” she snarled, getting to her feet again, and glaring daggers at Vegeta. She didn’t notice that she had been held…

            Goku was slung over Yamcha’s shoulder as they flew away, and Sailor Moon turned to watch the fight between Vegeta and 19.

            Her teeth clenched as she watched, getting mad at what Vegeta had done, although a part of her cheered with triumph over 19 when he was defeated.

            20 looked terrified, then he left.

            Vegeta told them to stay behind, saying they were too weak to be of any help.

            “You have got to be kidding me!” Usa groused, as she watched the walking ego fly away.

            “Usa-chan, don’t do anything rash!” Piccolo protested. She stopped from flying away, and looked at the others.

            “Ooh, Usa-chan, huh?” asked Tien, wanting to laugh. “And who was telling me to keep my eyes to myself?”

            Sailor Moon and Piccolo ignored them, although Krillin and Gohan looked interested.

            “Piccolo, we have to follow him, be may need backup!”

            “I agree; but we also need to think first. Rushing in like that could get us all killed.”

            Sailor Moon nodded, but still looked mad. Then she sighed.

            “Let’s go, then!”

            “Oh, come on, how hard can an Android be to find?” she asked herself rhetorically, floating over the huge boulder yard they were searching through.

            The sense of darkness that she had felt was still present, but since it was such a generalized feeling, there was damn little she could do about it.

            Sailor Moon had learned quite a few things over the past few years, and one was the fine art of swearing. This she did, colorfully, and without repeating herself.

            “AH- mmph!” she tried to scream, as a hand was placed over her mouth.

            Energy drain was something that Sailor Moon was quite familiar with. It had happened countless times with her Senshi, while fighting various villains from the Negaverse. So she knew how long she could fight this guy.

            Then she had another reason to be mad. This old pervert was groping her!

            -Piccolo, Gohan, help! The Android has me!-

            Reaching into her reserves, she tried to cut off the energy supply he was taking, but even as she struggled to throw him off, she knew she had made a serious blunder…


            Lightening seemed to strike from the heavens, and she was aware of being held by strong arms, and she was no longer being drained.

            “Great Horned Moon,” she garbled, rage filling her as she looked at the old man.

            “Krillin, Usagi needs a senzu!” said Piccolo, as she floated away from him, shaking her head to clear it.

            Her head snapped up, and she caught the tiny bean. Chewing, her strength returned. So had Vegeta, and he was about to start fighting the pervert…

            “Like hell! Vegeta, I owe the bastard, he groped me, as well as took my energy! 20, get ready to die, because if you think Vegeta is tough, you have never, ever seen a woman get mad!”

            As she said this, she dismissed her Sailor Form, and floated there as Usagi, and grinned nastily.

            She could almost see the thoughts going through the old man’s head. She had seemingly ‘weakened’ herself, and since she wasn’t a Saiya-jin, he thought he could beat her easily.

            He smiled calmly back at her.

            “Bring it-“ he was interrupted by a knee to his gut.

            The only thing that the Android could see at that moment was a shining crescent moon, and he was being beaten, again and again.

            Piccolo grinned at his pupil. Her form and speed were excellent, and her strength was immense.

            “Gods,” whispered Krillin. “She must nearly be as strong as a SSJ.”

            Vegeta humphed.

            The Android tried a roundhouse to her head, but she wasn’t there.

            Then she was behind him, her fingers threaded together into a double fist, and he was slammed into the ground.

            “No one ever touches me without me saying so,” she growled, and followed him down. Girls don’t play ‘fair’, especially when they are pissed.

            Before she could get there, he had disappeared, and Usagi saw a fist coming towards her chest-

            It slapped against her palm as she caught it, and she kicked him where the sun don’t shine.

            The look of agony on his face was hilarious, but all the males winced.

            He fell again, and this time didn’t get back up.

            Then a power source, a huge one, came from nowhere.

            “Trunks is back!” exclaimed a voice, and Usagi turned to see who had yelled. What would Bulma be doing here with her kid?

            What greeted her eyes was- The guy was one of the most gorgeous that she had ever seen. Lavender hair, pale blue eyes, a warrior- Oh, by the Moon, he was hot!

            “What do you mean, those aren’t the Androids you told us about?” roared Vegeta. The boy, Trunks, was taken aback by his tone, but answered.

            “They look different then the ones I fought, but they are androids. Look at the eyes…”

            Then there was the sound of an air car, and then the Android, who had gotten up and was sweating bullets, laughed hysterically, and fired a blast right at it.

            Screams could be heard, as the car was destroyed…

            The elder Trunks held his baby self, and Bulma, while Vegeta ranted about finding the Android. Usagi snapped, and did her favored move on him. She kicked him in the balls as well.

            Trunks, who was about to come over and ream his father as well, stood still. No mere male wanted to face Usa’s wrath at that moment.


            Vegeta couldn’t answer her at the moment, because he was still on the ground, writhing in pain.

            Trunks sweat dropped. He was about to say something, but apparently Usa wasn’t finished.

            “I didn’t exactly like my future daughter, but I would have saved her from being blown up! Great Moon! What kind of a man are you?”

            Trunks had to come up from behind her to restrain her from kicking him again.

            She turned to slap him, but stopped, when she saw the cutie that he was.

            Trunks had a similar reaction.

            “I’m uh, mad at him too, but you don’t have to keep, uh, kicking…”

            Trunks did not have much experience with girls.

            “Tell us, boy,” choked his father,” about those other androids!”

            He did, and before he could get out the warnings about those androids, Vegeta had flown off.

            “NO! I won’t let my father die!” Trunks had yelled, before he could think about what he had said, and was SSJ, flying after him.

            “That was…Trunks,” Bulma said, as several things clicked together in her mind. Usagi gave a short laugh.

            “I know how you feel, Bulma, I know how you feel.”

            Piccolo nodded, and they turned to the direction that they thought the Android, which Bulma had identified as Dr. Gero, was headed.

            “We have to stop them before he awakens his other Androids,” Piccolo ordered, and everyone agreed, and took off, searching.

            Bulma and Gohan watched them go.

            “I hope they have good luck,” she whispered, and bounced her baby absently.

            Gohan nodded, biting his lip. He was worried about his dad.

            Usagi got there just as Trunks panicked, and sent a blast at the Androids.

            “What the hell?”

            The fighting was begun.

            “Who is that red haired guy?” she asked, looking at the large 16, who seemed oblivious to everything they were doing.

            “Juurokogou,” said Piccolo, tersely.

            Vegeta and Juuhachigou disappeared, and Usagi hoped he wouldn’t get killed. She would hate to see Bulma heartbroken like that.

            He got thrashed, and as Piccolo tried to fight Juunanagou, he was casually backhanded.

            “This can’t be happening!” she yelled, as she tried to help her friends. Juunanagou was about to land the finishing blow, when her crystal glowed, and formed a sword. The clang reverbrated throughout the area.

            “Who are you?” he asked, shocked that he was being denied his fun.

            Usa didn’t answer, just stood protectively over Piccolo, and the rest of the Z Senshi, of which only Krillin was standing.

            “Well, then, don’t answer,” he said, and shrugged. Usa moved into a spin kick, and yelled, “Moon Twilight flash!”

            The ghostly silver struck the male, but the girl punched Usa in the back, and she made a crater in the cliff she hit.

            Juunanagou was knocked on his butt.

            “Wow,” he said appreciatively. “She’s got some potential, and she’s pretty too.”

            “Males, even androids,” Juuhachigou muttered, and then looked over at Krillin. He was kind of cute as well…

            “Did we loose?” asked a voice, and Usagi found herself being pulled free of her stone bed.

            “I was just getting comfortable,” she mumbled.

            A hand gently shook her. Looking up, she was happy to see it was Piccolo.

            “Yes,” Piccolo rumbled back to the person who had spoken. “we lost, and now there are three Androids out there.”

            He looked deep in thought, and he took off.

            “Piccolo, wait!” Usa yelled, and put out her hand to stop him. He gave her a strange smile, and left.

            “What could he be doing?” she asked despairingly, even as Vegeta left, bemoaning that even as a Super Saiya-jin, he had been unable to defeat those tin cans.

            Then Krillin grinned hugely.

            “He’s going to Kami’s!”

            At the looks the others gave him, he explained about how Kami and Piccolo once being one, and that if they rejoined, they would be the strongest warrior in the universe, even stronger than a SSJ!

            Usa’s eyes became huge as she listened to this.

            Everyone seemed to be going off to find a way to get stronger, or check on Goku, or something, and she just sat there.

            “Hey, you coming Usa?” asked Tien, looking at her when she hadn’t moved.

            “No, I need to think for a while.”

            Shrugging, the triclops left, and Usa put her chin in her hands, hoping for some inspiration.

            She hadn’t been all that much more powerful as Sailor Moon, she thought.

            I went through three stages of power already. First prism, then crystal, and now cosmic power; okay, now, what’s next?

            “I’m more powerful as myself, right now,” she said aloud. It was true. She oculd do more, fight harder, and still use the crystal just as plain Usagi, without the dumb costume.

            “Under normal circumstances, you would have become Super Sailor Moon, using the Sacred Chalice, then progressed to Eternal,” said a familiar, beautiful voice.

            Usagi sprang to her feet, and then fell to her knees.

            “You majesty,” she whispered softly, and cool fingers cupped her chin.

            “My daughter, you know that you no longer have to rely on formalities with me. I am your mother.”

            Usagi raised her eyes, and looked into the silvery blue of her mother’s. She smiled tremulously.

            “I know. What do I have to do, to become stronger?”

            The Queen of the Moon smiled gently at her daughter. “The power of the Moon flows through you, my child. All you need to do is ask for it. The crystal, the most powerful object in the universe, is at your call. You are powerful enough to handle the strongest of your forms now. You have truly become the Senshi of the Cosmos, yet that is not what is needed here.”

            The Queen paused, and she frowned gently. “You are not ready for that, though. That is the power of all your warriors combined. Until they have left this plane, you will not have their powers. No,” she mused to herself. “You are ready for the other powers of the moon…”

            “What other powers?” Usagi asked, alarmed.

            “The moon is a symbol of many things. The Dark Moon family came from the side that never saw light. The White Moon was for the side that was full, and shone with holy light, and brought healing. Yet the full moon could also be seen as a symbol of death and destruction. It was not the new moon, however. This was something seen much more rarely. It was…

            “The moon eclipsed,” Usagi whispered, seeing were this was going. “The Blood Moon.”

            “The last Princess of the Moon to use that force destroyed herself, because she was unable to control it. It was only when there was no choice, and even I, when the only option was to use the crystal, even though it would mean my death, would not take it. Would you?”

            Usagi closed her eyes. Terror at the thought of what she would bring out flooded her…

            Then she thought about Gohan, who had died in the future against these creatures, and who could die still. The young man whose life was just beginning, yet had seen hell. Piccolo, who was possibly going to loose his personality to become strong enough to destroy those monsters…

            She bowed her head, her decision made.

            Raising her eyes to the heavens, she smiled at her mother, and gave her a kiss before she faded away.


A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Part 11
By Larania

Disclaimer: The characters used in this story do not belong to me, they belong to their respective creators, and I make no money from this.

            This just in, today, strange disappearances from all over Ginger Town…No one has been heard from the area in at least two day… If in the area, and meet said assailant, you might try to distract that person with-



            The huge, armored green tail extracted itself from the television…


            It was the sharp, brilliant affirmation that you are alive. It was all that filled the world, and what it was made of. It colored the landscape a pulsing red.

            Rage; use it. Let it fill your bones, changing you into what you must be-

            Death; it was the fate of those who would destroy you.

            It is what you bring; it is what you are called for.

            Surround them, banish them.

            Eclipse them.

            Bulma, Trunks and Gohan had just left the strange site they had found. The giant, revolting exoskeleton was still wet, so it meant that whatever had been birthed from it had to be nearby.

            As Bulma flew off, she heard the report from Ginger Town, about how no one had heard from there for about two days…

            Calling to see if Trunks and Gohan had gotten to Master Roshi’s, she hoped that they would be up to this new threat…

            Kami shuddered with terror, as he looked down at his beautiful earth.

            “What is it old man?” asked Piccolo, finally rousing from his ‘peaceful’ meditations.

            “This is it,” he whispered; sweat beading on his wrinkled forehead. “This is the evil that I sensed, and asked for help against. This was what Usagi was called for… That which I did not think even Goku could fight…”

            “Will you tell me already?” demanded Piccolo, his fists coming up, ready to batter the old god to find out what was going on.

            Kami turned to him.


            “NO?” Piccolo roared, and he lunged when Kami stepped back.

            “It would be useless to tell you, because when we merge, you will know everything, and it will save you the time of explaining.”

            Piccolo nodded, and he placed his hand on Kami’s chest.

            “No, Kami!” said Popo, trying to stop them. He didn’t want to loose his old friend!

            “Its okay, Mr. Pop. I won’t be dying, just changing addresses.”

            Piccolo hesitated for a moment, thinking about how he wasn’t the only one who would be loosing part of himself. Kami would almost be completely submerged.

            “Let’s get this over with.”

            Pressing himself forward, Kami screamed in agony, as he was lost to himself, and merged with the son of his other half.

            Brilliant white light was everywhere- Popo could not make out the form of either Namek. The yells seemed to meld into one voice, and then all was silent.

            There was a spot of ash on the tiles of the Lookout, and the light faded away, leaving a Piccolo that was looking at everything bemusedly, his eyes alight with a strange awe… Then they firmed with purpose, without loosing their look of newness, he walked over to the ledge.

            “No longer am I Kami, or Piccolo,” he heard the tall alien say softly. “I am a Namek who has long since forgotten his name.”

            Mr. Popo felt like tears were about to blind him. “Goodbye, Kami.”

            Then the nameless warrior turned, and gave him a gesture of farewell.

            Smiling gently, he said,” I…must go.”

            The nameless warrior once called Piccolo, (the thought crossed his mind that it would make a great name for a human musician, then thought he had been around Usagi too long) dived from the Sanctuary, and he skimmed the ground, flying to the source of the evil.

            Ginger Town.

            The place was dead. There was nothing left. He could almost here children playing, cars running by, smell food from a nearby restaurant. Yet they were all ghosts. The only things that remained of what must have been a bustling city were the clothing of its citizens, lying there like discarded skins. It was eerie.

            “Who are you?” Piccolo asked, on the ground, clutching at the withered husk of his left arm.

            The creature in front of him was terrifying, even to him. It was radiating ki similar to Goku’s, and it would spiral through just about everyone else’s that he knew. The frightening part was that some of it was like someone that he had once known… Piccolo.

            “Why do you keep calling me Piccolo?” the Namek growled, still holding his arm.

            The creature looked confused, then shrugged. “Since you are defeated anyway, I will tell you who I am,” he said, gloating. “I am Cell…”

            Piccolo listened, trying to garner any information that would be valuable to the Z fighters. The other piece of this mind was desperately reconstructing his arm.

            Then, Cell struck!

            Dodging just barely, Piccolo rolled on the ground, tearing his own arm off in the process.


            Cell’s scorpion tail was deflected, before it could reach its mark.

            “Who the hell are you?” the giant, disgusting insectoid creature asked, pulling back from this newcomer.

            Red eyes glowed at him, underneath wild black and silver hair. Her face was frighteningly familiar to Piccolo, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know who she was.

            The smirk on her face was of absolute confidence, as she shook back her long braid. On her forehead was a red round gem, held there by a fine gold chain. On both sides of that were symbols of the waxing and waning moon forged of silver. She was clad in red armor, over a black bodysuit, with a black cape flowing from the shoulders. Her crystal sword glinted in the light, seeming to promise death.

            “I am the Eclipse,” she said in a sinister, coldly quiet tone.

            “And that means what?”

            “You are going to die.”


            Cell had no idea who this newcomer was. There was nothing on her in the files, but he wanted to get her out of the way before Piccolo ran.

            Striking casually with this tail, he tried to drain her, but he-


            How could he miss?

            Then her sword was parrying every strike he made, denying him even a single blow.

            A roar answered the clearing ringing of his tail on the crystal. Turning, Cell was greeted with the sight of Piccolo’s arm regenerating, and Krillin and Trunks descending from the clouds.

            He jerked away from his fight, retreating as fast as his wings would let him.

            He floated above them, and Eclipse looked up at him, murder in her eyes.

            Giving a little speech about how he knew all their techniques, Cell escaped using the ‘Solar Flare.’

            “Kuso,” hissed Eclipse, as she turned her red eyes back to the sky were Cell had been. “Dammit, were did he go?”

            “We’ll find him, but who are you?” asked Trunks, confused. He hadn’t been told about her yet.

            Eclipse smiled faintly, as she swung her sword up. “The child of the Blood Moon. I am-“ and she screamed, clutching her head.


            Falling to her knees, Eclipse gave a wail, and writhed, as her clothing became a black gi, her hair turned short and blond, and her eyes back to their normal sapphire blue.

            “Usa-chan?” Piccolo asked, trying to get to her side, but Trunks beat him to it.

            “Are you okay?”

            “I’ve been better,” she hissed, and struggled to her feet.

            Trunks slung her arm over his shoulder as she her knees trembled. Piccolo didn’t know what to think about that.

            “What happened, Usa?” Piccolo asked, looking concerned.

            “I needed to get a huge burst of power, quickly. My mother came to me, and she told me that I could possibly use some of the other powers of the Moon. Told me that in the normal course of things, would have become Super Sailor Moon, then become Eternal, before I go Neo Queen. After that is Cosmos. Said that none of them would be helpful now, and that there was a form I could use, because of my training here. I could become the Moon Eclipsed, and use the powers of the blood Moon.”

            Trunks was completely lost, and Krillin was close to it. Piccolo nodded, though, like it made perfect sense to him.

            “I understood why the last Princess to use it destroyed herself. It was better than this headache,” she groaned, and Trunks picked her up.

            “We need to tell the others, and search for Cell,” said Piccolo, and then noticed that Tien was about to arrive.

            “You fused with Kami, right?” asked Usa, barely awake.

            Piccolo nodded. Krillin’s eyes bugged out.

            “You’re stronger than a SSJ now!”

            Piccolo nodded, and they turned to Tien as he arrived, and they flew away on their respective missions.

            Usagi shivered, as she remembered what she had become. The Eclipse was more powerful than even the Queen had realized. It was pure rage, madness, and power.

            It wasn’t evil. It was too insane to be completely evil. Yet it was so seductive…

            It must be akin to what a Super Saiya-jin is like, she thought, remembering how Goku had described the power. I need to learn how to control it.

            Not completely aware of who was carrying her, she struggled a bit.

            “Hey, Piccolo, where are we?” she asked, and realized it wasn’t Piccolo holding her.

            Trunks blushed as he looked at her. She was the most beautiful girl that he had ever met, and was having a case of terminal shyness.

            Blue eyes met, and Usagi sighed. She knew that look.

            “Uh, if you could let me go?”


            He let her float away, as she sighed.

            “Thank you. I need to go now.”


            “To train.”

            Usagi followed Piccolo’s ki back to the island, and found him there with several of the others.

            “What’s going on? Is Goku all right?”

            Yamcha was the one who answered her.

            “He’s still out of it, and we have been trying to think of a way to strike at Cell all at once, to keep him from getting the other Androids. Vegeta and Trunks have disappeared, both of them saying something about going beyond Super Saiya-jin. Personally, I think they’re crazy.”

            “I don’t know, it seems that we all are ascending in some way,” she muttered, and looked down. Her broach had changed, and instead of being a red heart, was just perfectly round, red, with a silver crescent on it.

            “We’re going to look for Cell now,” said Tien, who was pointing at a plane. “We’ll use that so we can get close to him without flying with our own power.

            Nodding, she got in and strapped down. They took off.

            “Woah!” Usagi yelled later, as Goku appeared in front of them.

            “Goku, you’re all right!” bellowed the overjoyed Krillin, and he tackled the larger man with a hug.

            Laughing, he said,” I need to get Gohan, so we can train. I know a place where we can get a whole years training in one day!”

            Piccolo’s eyes snapped open. “The Room of Spirit and Time?”

            Goku nodded, and asked,” Kamiccolo?”

            “No, just call me Piccolo.”

            “No luck, huh?”

            “None,” said the disgusted Yamcha. They had been looking for hours, but no luck, and they were running out of fuel.

            “Should we go back to Master Roshi’s? I mean, we could always watch the news…” suggested Usagi, tired.

            They agreed to go back, and Usagi sat in front of the television, watching the news for any updates, while the others went to bed.

            They sprawled around the living room, resting in any open space.

            For hours, it seemed like nothing was going on. Usagi decided that it would someone else’s turn to watch, then decided just to leave it on. They were all in the living room anyway. They would hear something.

            Piccolo was still meditating, and Usagi wondered if she could use him as a pillow. The look that he had on his face right then was ‘do not touch,’ so she decided against it.

            Leaning against a wall, she heard someone outside, and Piccolo get up to see who it was. Lurching to her feet, she saw-

            “The Androids!”

            Piccolo flew off with them-

            “Like hell!” she yelled, and followed.

            By the time Usagi got there, Piccolo and Juunanagou were already in gear.

            “What is this little brat doing here? Oh, yes, I remember her now… She was the one that Juunanagou said was pretty,” purred Juuhachigou, who was getting bored watching her brother have all the fun.

            “I’m a friend of Piccolo’s,” Usagi stated, and was puzzled by the lack of response from Juurokogou. He had his hands cupped around a bird, shielding it.

            Startled by what she saw, Usagi was kicked before she even knew it.

            Wiping blood from her face, she grinned ferally at the blond android.

            “Big mistake,” she whispered. “MOON ECLIPSED, MAKE-UP!

            Juuhachigou actually dropped her jaw as the sun seemed to flee, hiding from the blond girl in front of her. Red haze seemed to cloud her vision, and resolved into the visage of a red-eyed beauty with long, wild braided black and silver hair in red armor, with a red gem on her forehead.

            “Where do you get your clothes?”

            Eclipse didn’t answer, she just started beating the living hell out of her.

            Neither Piccolo nor Eclipse saw Cell arrive, but when he absorbed Juunanagou, they cringed. They had felt his power rise immensely.

            They both threw themselves between him and Juuhachigou.

            Cell was taken aback by how the two flesh and blood warriors fought. They mirrored each other beautifully, and Juuhachigou was about to get away. She was being helped by the human, Krillin.

            “Damn you!” shouted Cell, as he was blocked by Eclipse, while Piccolo took the offensive.

            “Juuhachi!” he yelled, using Juunanagou’s voice. “Help me! This is what Gero-sama wanted!”

            Juuhachigou turned, hearing her brother’s voice.

            This gave Cell the moment he needed, and he absorbed her.

            “MwhahaHAHAHAH!” laughed Cell, as he became Perfect.

            He beat Piccolo into the dirt, and Eclipse started to overload, seeing what had happen to Piccolo. Her body pulsed with energy, but she couldn’t control it!

            Insanity raced through her mind, and she started to loose her transformation.

            Laughing maniacally, she fell over, tears running down her face from the pain.

            When Usagi woke up again, she found out what the rest of the world now knew: that Cell was challenging the strongest of the world’s fighters to a tournament, to the death, to determine the fate of the world.

            “I’m going to fight,” she said flatly.

            “Yes, but only after you have gone into the Room of Spirit and Time,” said Goku, as they met him up on the Lookout.

            The place seemed strange without Kami there. She knew that he was a part of Piccolo now, but still, the presence of the old man lingered, like a fading scent.

            “When will I get the chance to go in?” she asked, and Goku said,” after me and Gohan. You will be going in with Piccolo.”

            She sighed, then gave an ironic half-smile. “There are worse things than being stuck with Piccolo for a year.”

            Juurokogou had been broken by Cell after she had passed out, and Bulma was taking the time before the Games to repair him. If he was telling the truth, he was as strong as Cell.

            Usagi hoped so. The love of life she had seen in him had been…beautiful. One such as that deserved to live.

            When Goku and Gohan came out of the room, she ran to greet them with the others.

            She barely recognized them, their powers had gotten so high!

            Then it was her turn to go in. Turning to Piccolo, she growled.

            “Let’s get to it!”

A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Part 12
By Larania

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon do not belong to me, and I make no money from this.

            The Room of Spirit and Time was a huge void of dead white.

            The air seemed to sear Usagi’s lungs as she entered, and there wasn’t enough of it. Her lungs struggled to fill.

            The only thing that hadn’t really bothered her yet was the gravity. She had been constantly wearing weighted clothing, heavier than what she was wearing now.

            It went on forever; all that aching emptiness.

            “Usa-chan? Are you all right?” Piccolo asked, seeing that she had frozen. She nodded absently, still seeing that emptiness.

            “It is disturbing; that is why no one has ever spent more than two days in here at a time. We need to make the most of that.”

            Then Piccolo attacked her from behind, and defending herself, Usagi found she had other things to worry about than the blank white.

            Block, block, open hand strike to the chest-


            Kick. Punch. Uppercut. Spear hand strike.

            “MOON TWILIGHT FLASH!”

            Round house kick, sweep, jump.

            Fist lashing out, hitting the fist about to hit you.

            Power up.

            Piccolo’s energy glowed around him like lightening, cracking the thin air, making it burn.


            Dive at each other.

            Duck, block, hit.

            Become stronger.

            Piccolo called a halt. Neither knew how long they had been active, until Sailor Moon looked over at the giant hourglass that hung to one side of the entrance. The one on the other side had sand going up it, and this one was where it filled.

            “Two months. We’ve been sparing, without stopping, for two months straight,” she said in flat amazement.

            Piccolo nodded, and gave a slight smile. “This place has a strange effect on people.”

            They stood in silence for a few moments, before Piccolo went to find some water, and Usagi dismissed her transformation, and sat down with a thump.

            Piccolo emerged from the little building, carrying two water bottled, one of which he tossed to Usagi. She thankfully caught it.

            “Why were you only using your Sailor Form? Eclipse is much more powerful.”

            Usagi looked up from gulping her water. “Because I have no idea what she will do. She is much more powerful. So powerful that I’m not sure I can handle her. The thing is, she can fight much better than even my Eternal form. I sense that. I thought about practicing in that, but the costume is even more ridiculous than my usual Sailor Moon one. Granted, with a short skirt, at least I’m not tripping over it, but what about keeping my legs protected? Eternal Sailor Moon has wings! Wings, when I can fly just fine without them! Those will constantly be in my way.”

            “That is why you need to train as Eclipse, so you can control her,” Piccolo pointed out, and Usagi grimaced.

            “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

            Piccolo looked at her sharply. “Why?’

            “I don’t want to hurt you, even in training!”

            “You’ve been holding back against me?” he said in anger.

            Usagi nodded, sheepishly.

            “How will I get stronger if I don’t face a strong opponent?” he barked, glaring.

            Usagi scowled back.

            “Its your funeral. MOON ECLIPSE, MAKE-UP!

            Discarding his water bottle, Piccolo grinned at the fiercely beautiful woman in front of him. A challenge at last.

            “Good match,” Eclipse whispered, at she finished lopping off one of his hands.

            Piccolo screamed in pain, sweat dripping off his face.

            He had wanted a good fight, and he had gotten it, in spades. He himself was as powerful as a Super Saiya-jin, but Eclipse was something else. She was completely ferocious, and never pulled her blows. She wasn’t sparring; she was doing her best to kill him.

            He barely managed to twist out of the way of a groin shot, taking the blow to his thigh. To late, he realized this was what she had been aiming for, and his leg gave out from the nerves going dead.

            “AHHHH!” he yelled in agony, waiting for the sword to take his head-

            “Nooooo!” howled Eclipse, as Usagi abruptly appeared.

            “Piccolo,” she moaned, and went over to him, were he was trying to fix his hand. His concentration was still skewed from all that had happened.

            “Moon healing,” she whispered, on her knees, taking the crystal and placing it over his body. “Escalation.”

            The holy silver white light shone from it, bathing the green man, and his cries of pain ceased.

            Without thinking about it, Usagi wrapped her arms around him, and pulled his head to her shoulder. “Don’t ever, ever make me to that again!” she hissed.

            Piccolo didn’t realize that he was resting against her for several minutes, but his mind picked up her soft, pleasant smell, the heat of her body, and the comforting sound of her heartbeat. When he did, he didn’t really want to move.

            What is it that I am wanting? I don’t understand it this feeling.

            Usagi was staring at his mouth. It had been a long time since she had ever thought about kissing someone, but-


            He was an alien! She could almost hear Rei and the others yelling at her.

            Then she paused for a second. So am I, technically, she thought.

            Piccolo held his breath, and they leaned towards each other.

            The kiss was light and tentative, like a fairy’s wings against each other’s lips.

            Then both pulled back, like they had been stung.

            They both went back to training, like it had never happened.

            “I don’t care if it kills me,” Usagi whispered softly, to herself. They had maybe a day, it the room, before they had to leave.

            “I will control the Eclipse!”

            “Did you say something, Usa-chan?”

            Piccolo was looking concerned. This expression of confusion, and almost fear, at how she was acting was obvious.

            “I need to get all of Eclipse’s powers under my control. I just can’t figure out how.”

            Piccolo closed his eyes, deep in thought.

            He’s so beautiful when he’s like that, she noticed, and blushed.

            Then Piccolo started to power up. He started scattering shots around the room. Usagi was startled at what he was doing-

            Then he started to direct them, at himself.

            “What? Piccolo- NO!” she yelled, as blast after blast hit him. Without thought, she dived between them and him, taking blow after blow, until she powered up, screaming her transformation.

            For Piccolo, she controlled the power, for the person she loved, she took the pain-

            “You did it,” he whispered to her, taking her into a hard hug.

            “I did, didn’t I?” said Eclipse, looking up at him.

            They almost kissed again. Almost.

            It was time for them to leave the room.

            Eclipse walked out of the room, her armor and clothing looking like shambles, as she changed back into Usagi. Piccolo followed as well, his own gi looking far the worse for wear.

            “Mr. Piccolo!” exclaimed Gohan, seeing his mentor, and glomping his waist.

            “Tomorrow is the Cell Games,” Goku said softly, and they looked at each other, solemn. Usagi hugged Goku hard.

            “Thank you, my friend,” she said softly. He looked surprised.

            “For what?”

            “For just being my friend.”

            She gave Gohan the same treatment.

            “In case we don’t live through tomorrow,” she said lightly, and they nodded.

            Flying off, she decided she had several other goodbyes to make.

            Chi-Chi had been easy, she just dropped in and thanked her. Bulma was harder to find. She was in her lab working on Juurokogou at the time. They smiled briefly at each other as they said their goodbyes, and then she was gone again, after cooing to baby Trunks for a moment.

            Usa!” said a voice from behind her, and she turned to see Mirai Trunks floating there, in his Saiya-jin type armor. His hair had grown in the time he had been in the Room of Spirit and Time, and it fell over his shoulders.

            He is so handsome, she thought abruptly, wanting nothing more than to touch that hair, kiss those lips, but when she closed her eyes, she saw Piccolo there instead.

            They looked at each other in awkward silence for a moment, and descended to the ground.

            Night was falling as they spoke, and the brilliant display of colors that night was breathtaking.

            He spoke hesitantly.

            “If, if we make it through this, do you have any plans?”

            Usagi stopped for a moment. And sighed. She had tried her hardest to put off thinking about what would happen next.

            “Go home, I suppose.”

            “Do you, uh, have a boyfriend? I mean, if we survive this, I would like to well, get to know you better…” his blush should have set the grass on fire.

            Usagi smiled gently. “My home, I think, is another world, Trunks. I-“ she shook her head. “I would like to be your friend. You are a good man, but not whom I want. I’m sorry,” she whispered finally, seeing his face fall. She kissed him lightly on the cheek.

            “If we survive this, I’ll get you a girlfriend, but it can’t be me.”

            Trunks sighed, and walked away, his head down.

            “Why didn’t you?” asked a voice from behind her, in the bushes. Usagi thought she should have been surprised that he was there, but she wasn’t. She hadn’t sensed him, but it seemed very natural that he be there.

            “Didn’t I what?”

            “Why didn’t you like him, like that?” Piccolo asked again, and walked out so she could see him.

            “Oh, as a boyfriend? Because he isn’t who I want.”

            “Why not? He’s a Prince, he’s human…” Piccolo trailed off, realizing what he had just given away.

            “I don’t want him, because he’s not you,” she said, crossing over to him, and putting her arms around his neck. Lifting herself to his face, she placed her lips on his, and pressed gently, running her tongue along his bottom lip.

            His mouth opened with a soft moan, and her tongue darted in, tasting his tongue, exploring his sweetness.

            Piccolo’s arms closed around her, holding her warm weight to him, and held her tightly. His tongue fought back, reclaiming its territory, and forging on to new ones. In her mouth, he wrestled with her tongue, mouths moving against one another.

            Her hands found his turban and pushed it off, lightly running over his bald head, and starting to play with his antennae. He sighed deeply against her mouth, and ran his hands up and down her back.

            Pulling away suddenly, Usagi grabbed his shoulder pads and cape and pulled it over his head, tossing it away like it were paper. Piccolo made a soft sound in his throat at this, eyes wide.

            “What are we doing?” he asked, even as he pulled her back into his arms.

            “I’m taking advantage of your inexperience,” Usa whispered into his ear, licking it.

            “Huh?” he asked, but didn’t want an answer. He was enjoying her touches, and reciprocating them too much to care.

            He did notice, though, when she placed her hand over the bulge that he hadn’t known was in his pants until that moment. Gasping, he felt his hips thrust into her rubbing hand, and he broke their kiss, moaning into this strange, wonderful new feeling.

            “Usagi, what are you doing to me?” he whispered, eyes half lidded with pleasure.

            “This might be our last night alive,” she said into his ear, need for him making her shake. “I want to spend it with the man I fell in love with. I don’t care about tomorrow, we do have tonight.”

            He still didn’t get what they were doing, but stopping seemed even worse.

            She led him to the ground, tugging at his shirt. It loosened, and was pulled off quickly. Piccolo didn’t know what the deal with the clothes was, but decided to speed things up by pulling at her gi top as well.

            It was gone, and then he yanked at her weighted under shirt, and was frustrated when he saw that she was wearing a sports bra underneath. His mind was taken off that with another kiss, and Usagi was aggressively licking and kissing his neck.

            Piccolo was breathing hard, and Usagi was now straddling his waist, rubbing against that thing which had felt so good earlier. His hands were going all over her now, and from the noises she was making, he thought she must have been enjoying it.

            A sudden jump on his part showed Usa a sensitive spot below his ear, and she enthusiastically nuzzled it, and Piccolo pushed his hands under her sports bra, revealing in the silky skin there.

            Groaning as he encircled her nipples, Usa nearly screamed as he pulled away, finally getting the bra off of her. Then he planted his hot mouth on her chest, and started kissing his way down.

            The seductress was rapidly finding herself the seduced, as Piccolo’s clever hands removed her pants and underwear at the same, and she blushed as he took in her nudity.

            She was one of the most beautiful things Piccolo thought he had ever seen. Strong muscles under silky skin, he ached to touch it, and he did. His hands started trying to touch every inch, and were his hands weren’t, he used his mouth and tongue. Arching herself into his touch, Usagi managed to get his leggings off, and gaped for a moment.

            He was ready, that much was certain. Precum was running down the sides of his member, and she felt herself get even more wet looking at him. Her skin burned and was cold by turns, her stomach doing the twist. Sweat dripped down her forehead already. Rising up on her knees, she lifted herself up over his lap, as he barely loosened his grip on her, and she let herself down on him, feeling him fill her.

            “Usa?” he asked, feeling her warmth surround him, his eyes rolling back in ecstasy. Then he heard her whimper of pain.

            “Usa!” he exclaimed, restraining the need to bury himself further into her. Tears rolled down her face.

            “What happened? Did I hurt you in some way?”

            “No,” she sobbed through gritted teeth. “I haven’t done this before. With all my training, I was sure I had broken my hymen…”

            “Your what?” he asked, but she didn’t answer, as she pushed back down onto him, and rose again, still gasping in pain.

            “Usa, if you are hurt, we can stop,” he told her, even though ever instinct he had said that he must continue, or he would explode. The pleasure that he had felt when he had started was beginning to mount even higher, and he knew the best was to come. He just wanted Usagi to join him.

            “I’m okay,” she said, and he reached over to kiss away her tears, touching and soothing as much as he could. Gradually, her whimpers turned to sighs as the pain went away, into cries that echoed his own increasing joy.

            He felt her nails bite into his back, and could feel the warm wetness that was left in their wake, as she screamed, the crescendo of her body reached, and he roared his own completion, feeling himself spill into her body.

            “Oh, Kami,” Usagi exclaimed, aftershocks still running through her. She kissed the huge man on the mouth, and exhaustion started to settle in.

            “What was that?” Piccolo asked, never getting his answer earlier, holding her tightly to his chest, and talking into her hair.

            “We made love, silly,” she giggled, and kissed his nose. Piccolo still looked confused.

            “Mated,” she clarified.

            Understanding dawned, and he looked embarrassed, them chuckled himself.

            “I guess being male isn’t that bad.”

            Yawning, and snuggling against his chest, Usagi grinned sleepily. “Neither is being female to your male.” Then she was asleep.

            Still holding her, he withdrew gently, and lay on his side. There they stayed, throughout he rest of the night.