A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Parts 7-9
By Larania

Disclaimer: Is doesn’t belong to me!!! I am not making any money from this.

After the ‘revelation’ about Piccolo, nothing had really changed. They trained, they sparred, ran, jumped, fought, and yes, did I mention that they trained?

The only difference was that Usagi had a new secret weapon, one that she never used, because she respected her sensei too much to use it.

Usagi got used to the regimen. In fact, she started to thrive on it.

No one was more surprised than she was.

She was good enough that they could group spar now, with Usagi and Piccolo on one team, and Goku and Gohan on another.

Usually, in the course of this, Usagi would fight Gohan, and Piccolo, Goku. A year was left, two years since Usagi had gotten to this strange world.


Usagi swatted the energy blast aside, and retaliated with her own. “Special Beam Cannon!”

This she followed with a low kick to his shins, and jumping over Gohan’s head to land behind him, but he caught her in the midsection with a back kick. Grunting loudly, but unhurt, Usagi glanced over to see how her teammate was doing. Piccolo was sweating hard, growling deep in his throat, as Goku seemed to fight with a seemingly endless supply of strength.

That guy is incredible, she thought, seeing the way Goku moved. Yet she admired Piccolo more. The cunning, grace and strategy that went into his style were amazing.

From her perspective, even as she kept half her attention on Gohan, she saw that Goku was going to go for the same blow that had disabled Piccolo over a year ago. Groin shots were usually guarded against in human fighters, but it was a weakness that Piccolo had yet to cover.

Goku doesn’t know! I promised no one would find out!

The way they had been fighting had been all out. No one had been pulling their blows that day, and if they hadn’t been in as good of shape they had been, they would have been comatose or dead.

Goku faked high, and was about to-

“SAILOR TELEPORT!” she yelled, and Usagi was suddenly above Goku, and landed a hard kick to his head. Somehow she spring boarded over off his shoulders, and slammed her ridge hand into his kidneys.


She had landed on her knee, and turned it into a sweep. Piccolo looked at her in disbelief, before being attacked by Gohan-

The partners had been switched, and Usagi had a whole other world of pain to deal with.

“Why did you interfere with my fight today?” Piccolo demanded of Usagi after they had finished for the evening.

Usagi was taken aback. She had done so to help him. Of course, he couldn’t have seen what she did. He thought she was impinging on his honor-

“She saw me about to hit you in the crotch.”

Turning, they both saw Goku walking over towards them.

It had gotten to be a ritual with them; they would get a bath at night, because of how hard they worked out during the day. Since the Sons had no plumbing, they would take turns getting wood and water for each other. That night it was Goku and Gohan’s turn. Then they would go to a spring to scrub off before soaking.

Usagi would get to go first, because she was a girl.

Goku dumped the wood into a pile by his house.

“She covered you, isn’t that what a partner is supposed to do?” Goku asked the angered Namek.

Piccolo listened to what Goku said, and turned to Usagi. He looked very chagrined.

She had helped him keep his secret, one that he thought was extremely embarrassing. She had promised to do so, and he had gotten mad at her for it, without giving her a chance to explain. Grimacing, he realized he would have to do something he rarely ever did.

He apologized.

“I am sorry, Usa. Arigato.”

Usagi found herself grinning, knowing he would never question her fighting with him again. She liked that.

Punching him in the shoulder, she answered him,” What are partners for?”

“I need to thank you again,” said a voice from behind her, later that night. Usagi didn’t jump this time, because she had sensed the presence of the fighter behind her.

“Why? You did already.”

He came out onto the ledge that she had been sitting on. It was late at night, and Usagi couldn’t sleep again. Despite the bone melting relaxation that came from a hard workout, sleep had eluded her. Maybe it was because her mind would not stop buzzing.

That first night when she had fallen asleep against his shoulder was over a year ago, and she wondered about how much she had changed, physically and mentally. Her muscles were sharply defined, and she had kept her hair cut as short as Haruka’s. Hands rough and calloused, faint scars on her arms and face. The only thing that would have identified her as the moon princess was her eyes. Those glowing, brilliant blue eyes now had the strength and surety that had once been known in her mother’s kingdom.

Yet, they belonged completely to Usagi.

“You protected my secret. At risk to yourself.”

Fluidly he sat beside her, and joined her in stargazing.

“You know,” she started suddenly. “I was a real wimp before I came here. I was a puppet, both for the good guys and the bad. A pawn to be fought over. I don’t doubt that my friends cared about me, but they never allowed me to grow, to change. Yet, when my future daughter showed up, who was everything they wanted me to be, they liked her more. Even the man that they always said I was soul mated to, he liked her better. I just don’t understand it…”

Piccolo just listened. He figured this was something she needed to get off her chest.

“I never wanted to be a fighter, but here I am, training with you Z warriors to be one. Yet, I don’t hate it the way I did being a Sailor Senshi, and the Moon Princess. Why?”

Piccolo guessed that the question was rhetorical, but decided to answer anyway.

“I understand that. I was thought to be evil all my life, and my only purpose was to defeat Goku. It wasn’t until the Saiya-jins came that I thought to change, that I didn’t have to stay the same person my whole life. I think the reason you came here, was because we did need you, and it was of your own will. You didn’t have someone telling you to do it.”

Usagi nodded, slowly, to herself. It sounded right, almost.

“I don’t give a damn if you were the moon princess, or an over stuffed rabbit, so long as you can fight.”

Usagi turned to him in disbelief. The expression on his face was totally serious, though, and she burst out laughing.

“I don’t care if you are an enormous green alien, or Prince Endymion, so long as you are my friend and keep my back covered in a fight.”

Piccolo couldn’t help but smile around her. “You are who you are now. That’s all that matters.”

Snuggling into his side again, she went to sleep. Piccolo gently gathered her up into his arms. It was a cold night, and she needed to go to bed.

“Usa-chan?” he heard himself say as he tried to lay her down into the bed. She had a firm grip on the front of his top, and wouldn’t let go. To loosen that grip he would have to wake her up, he realized, or take his shirt off. Since he was wearing his cape over his shirt, and he couldn’t get his arms to work, for some reason, he gave a put upon sigh, and sat on the futon in the living room they had given her. Laying her on the pad beside him, he still had his arms around her, and Usagi seemed to cuddle closer to him…

“Uh,” whispered a voice in his ear. “Piccolo, would you mind letting me go now?” a familiar voice asked him.

For some reason Piccolo had been having a strange dream involving pink bunnies going to school, and fighting over carrots, this voice didn’t register immediately.

He grunted something about not liking orange, and rolled over.

Of course, the precious thing that he had been holding had to go with him. He couldn’t leave it over there.

He now lay on his back, with that nice warm precious thing on top of him.


He sat up, and Usagi was knocked off his lap.


“Usa-chan?” he said, still groggy. He wouldn’t admit to being tired, but he was working harder than she had been, and was really worn out.

“Uh, Piccolo, why are you holding on to me?”

Piccolo blinked stupidly for a moment.

“You didn’t let go of me when I tried to put you on your futon last night, so I decided to sleep in here,” he answered her. Usagi nodded, about to laugh.

“Okay, you don’t tell anyone, and neither will I.”

They both vowed silence on the matter.

“YOU TWO ARE GOING TO GO GET YOUR LICENCES!” bellowed Chi-Chi, looking at Goku and Piccolo.

Usagi had just finished her scrub, and it looked like Goku and Gohan were about to start theirs, but Chi-Chi had started a tirade about a car. Goku was his usual bewildered self, nodding helplessly, and Piccolo just looked dumbfounded that she had included him.

“Why do I have to-“

“You have been living with us for so long now that you need to take some responsibility!” she yelled, and even Piccolo knew when a fight was hopeless.

Usagi did her best to keep a straight face. She didn’t want to have Chi-Chi’s wrath turned towards her.

“Tomorrow morning, you two are going to learn how to drive!”

Gohan and Usagi hunkered down, out of the way, while Chi-Chi got Piccolo and Goku dressed to go to the Capsule Corp driving school.

“I do not want her to notice us,” she and Gohan agreed, behind the couch.

“Yeah,” Gohan answered, and took a quick peak over the top.

“Good, they’re gone.”

“Whew,” they said together.

“Hey, Usagi, are you old enough to drive?”

“I don’t know, I think I lost track of the past two years… I guess I’m about sixteen now…”

They tried to creep out of the house, so that they could train some but apparently Chi-Chi had very good ears.

Without warning they were grabbed by the back of the neck and dragged back inside.



Chi-Chi gazed at them impassively. “You, young man, are going to study. Usagi, you are going to take me to see Bulma today. I haven’t spoken to her in a long time, and I need to see how she is doing. Is that clear?”

Both nodded, gulping hard.

“We’ll leave for Bulma’s in about an hour,” said Chi-Chi, with a mother’s total authority over her house.

“I guess I’ll see you later, huh?” Gohan told his friend.

The two had gotten along famously, probably because of their mutual admiration for Piccolo. In fact, Gohan had taught her his song, ‘Piccolo-san Dai Suki.’ (I love Mr. Piccolo.) On days were they felt like bothering the adults, they would follow Piccolo around, singing together. For some reason, Piccolo was not amused.

“Yeah,” Usagi answered him, and gave him a hug. He was so sweet. There were several times that she wished she could trade Chibi-Usa in for him. He hugged her back, and went into his room with a sigh.

“Come on, Usa, time to go!”

Usagi sighed, and walked out of the house, with Chi-Chi. Scooping her up, she asked her where they were going.

“You’ve been here this whole time, and never been to Capsule Corp?”

Usagi shook her head, and added,” You’ve told me that’s where Bulma and Vegeta are, right?”


Pointing, they took to the air, and it was only a few minutes before they got there.

“Wow,” Usagi whispered, seeing the enormous building. It was yellow, and round.

“Man, I think I should have gotten out more and seen what your world looks like!”

Chi-Chi pointed at where they should land. Usagi saw that it was close to a large round thing, a different one than the building that looked like a circular house. A huge power source radiated from inside.

“Bulma should be inside.”

Usagi followed Chi-Chi, never taking her eyes off of the bubble looking thing.

“Chi-CHI!” said a voice from inside the house. Looking up, both women saw a blue haired woman and a blond one, the blue haired one heavily pregnant.

“BULMA?” Chi-Chi exclaimed, surprised by what she saw.

So, Chi-Chi didn’t know that she was expecting? Thought Usagi.

“Oh, man, Chi-Chi, I wanted the baby to be a surprise!” said the blue haired lady and she stared at Usagi.

“Who’s she?”

“Her? This is Usagi. She came to help Goku and the others fight the androids. She’s been training with them now for about two years,” said Chi-CHI, by way of introduction.

“Pleased to meet you,” she told Bulma, who took her hand.

“I was going shopping for baby stuff today, you want to come?” Bulma asked, and Usagi grinned. It had been two years since she had been shopping, and she wondered what it would be like, now that she had changed so much.

“You bet!” she whooped, bouncing on her toes.

“Now, we need to have you change clothes, dear,” said the blond, who was introduced as Bulma’s mother.

“What’s wrong with my…” Usagi asked, and then looked down at what she was wearing. Black training clothes, with a white undershirt, wristbands, and boots. All of it was battered, had old sweat stains, and had multiple rips. Comfortable, but not exactly fashionable.

“I think you should fit some of my old things,” Bulma told her. Usagi sighed. This was going to be more trouble than she thought.

Later, with both Bulma and Chi-Chi grinning because they had gotten to dress Usa like a giant doll, brought her out.

She was wearing a wrap around mini skirt, red, with a blue tube top. They had put dangling earrings in, lightly curled her short hair, and she was wearing sandals. It was completely inappropriate to fight in. Then, Bulma’s mother had come in to put on her make up!

“Sweet Serenity,” Usagi mumbled, looking at herself in the mirror. She looked like…

Well, she did look good. Unlike the pale wraith she had been, she was sleek and muscular now, with a good tan.

She didn’t recognize herself.

“Uh, let’s get going, shall we?” she asked, and the other women nodded. Taking a hover car, they headed for the nearest mall.

I couldn’t have flown here faster, Usagi thought.

They got out, and started wandering around in the mall.

They ooo’ed and ahh’ed over cute baby things, and finally Chi-Chi had to ask, “Is Yamcha happy to be a father?”

Then Bulma stopped, dead still.

Heaving a deep sigh, she answered. “It’s not Yamcha’s baby.”

Chi-Chi’s eyes nearly bugged out.

“We broke up a long time ago. I don’t really know how, or why, but I fell in love with Vegeta. This is his child.”

Chi-Chi fainted.

Usagi, who didn’t really know these people, just shrugged.

“I hope you are happy,” she said to Bulma. Bulma smiled.

“Most of the Z warriors don’t like Vegeta much, but he does have his points…”

Chi-Chi started coming around after Usagi had picked her up, and they headed for the food court so they could sit and talk.

The romance between Vegeta and Bulma was a rather strange story to listen to.

Usagi found herself giggling most of the time while she heard it, and Chi-Chi kept putting her hand over her mouth in shock.

“Then, well, he has trouble admitting how he feels,” Bulma said pensively. “I wish-“

She sighed, deeply. Then her eyes widened hugely, and she gasped, putting her hand on her belly.

“Bulma? What is it?” asked Chi-Chi, worried.

“I think-“ she started to look panicked. “My water just broke!”

Chi-Chi nodded, and Usagi stared. Chi-Chi, knowing what Bulma was going through, rushed them outside, telling Usagi to carry Bulma, which she did. She popped open the capsule car.

“I’ll take Bulma to the hospital, you go get Vegeta!” Chi-Chi ordered.


“Yes, you. You can fly, remember? Bulma will want the father there. If you can, ask Mrs. Briefs to call Yamcha. He was still her friend.”

Usagi sprinted over to the side of the mall, and jumped to the roof, easily. From there, with a sonic boom, she raced to Capsule Corp.

Okay, okay, how do I find this Vegeta person?

Well, she guessed that huge power must be him. They said he was an alien, right?

Right, so, go into that weird round thingy, and get him to go to his wife!

There it was-

Landing beside it, she tried opening the door. It was locked.

Looking around for a way to open it, she found an intercom.

“Hey, Vegeta-san, Bulma needs you!” she shouted, trying to get the man’s attention. She waited several minutes, and no one answered.

“Hey, I told you, that Bulma needs you right now-“

“Leave me alone, woman, I’m training!”

“What?” Usagi exclaimed. This was the guy that Bulma said she loved? He wasn’t interested in hearing what she had to say?

“You better come out of there,” she threatened, her voice dripping menace. “Bulma is in no shape to do this for herself, and I flew all this way-“

“I am training, and if you know what’s good for you-“

“Oh, come on, one day! This is more important than a dozen androids!” she barked back, but no one answered this time.

“Kuso!” Usagi hissed, when she realized that he had cut off the intercom. “Bastard.”

Her temper rising, not knowing that the crescent moon had appeared on her forehead, Usagi punched the door in.

“Yo, Vegeta!”

Walking inside the room, Usagi didn’t notice the gravity, or the heat. Her temper was hotter, anyhow.

“Buddy, I am trying to get your attention, and by the moon, you will listen!”

A short man, he was shorter than her now, with a shock of black, spiky hair, wrapped with bandages in various places, turned to her.

“Who do you think you are? I am the Prince of the Saiya-jins! I will not be told what to do!”

“I,” Usagi declared,” am the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, and by Kami, you will come with me!”

“You and what army, little girl?” Vegeta sneered.

Usagi powered up, and got into a ready stance.

“I don’t need one.”

A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Part 8
By Larania

Disclaimer: No money is made off of the copyrighted characters used in this story; I only own the plot, which is a product of my sick mind.

Usagi kicked off the ridiculous sandals from her feet. They wouldn’t do her any good fighting, anyway.

Vegeta was sneering at her still, and Usagi knew, that despite her brave words to the contrary, she would have a rough time getting him to the hospital to be with Bulma.

Why was he being such a bastard?

Apparently she wasn’t attacking fast enough, because Vegeta suddenly tackled her, sending her through the wall of the round building. Landing on her back, Usagi got her feet underneath her, and snapped them up, throwing him into the air. Flipping to her feet, silver light surrounded her, her crescent moon glowing brightly.

Damn, of all the times to remember Piccolo still has my henshin broach!

The Saiya-jin Prince floated in front of her, his arms crossed haughtily, his smirk still in place.

“Hmm. For a little girl, your power level is actually pretty high. That is interesting. But, you will have to do much better than that –“

Usagi was, sadly, used to the speeches that villains tended to make, and decided she wasn’t going to listen to this one.


This blasted Vegeta back into the CC building itself, and a good four feet into the ground.

“You are going to have-“ he wheezed, trying to get his breath,” better than that, little girl.”

Clenching her teeth, Usagi forced herself to smile, noticing that he was favoring the ribs on his right side.


This was a new attack she had been working on. It was a variation of one that had used moonlight, and was reflected off her tiara. She had decided it would make a great ki attack.

The effect was ghostly light hitting the Prince, and him screaming in agony.

“Pretty good for a little girl, huh? Now, are we going to get to the hospital to see your kid getting born, or what?”

Coughing, Vegeta looked confused.

“My kid? What are you talking about?”

“DUH! Bulma went into labor, when we went shopping, and she went to the hospital to have it! ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?”

Vegeta blinked at her, completely confused.

“Do you love Bulma?” she asked him.

The man blinked again. “I… guess…”

“I am going into the house to tell Bulma’s mom, and you had better give me a better answer than that when I come back, jerk!”

Stomping into the building, Usagi zeroed in on the ki of Bulma’s parents. They were in the kitchen. Bursting in, she babbled out the good news, and grabbed the suitcases that Bulma had already packed.

She found the still dazed and confused Vegeta staring at nothing, his eyes glazed.


“She’s having the baby?”

“Yes, Vegeta, she’s having the baby.”

For the first time in his life, Vegeta passed out cold.

“Ah, man, why me?’ Usagi griped, and slung him over her shoulder.


She focused on Chi-Chi, and she arrived with the Prince and Bulma’s things in the waiting room of the hospital, to several stares of amazement.

Chi-Chi jumped backwards, putting her hand to her chest in surprise.

“How did you- Never mind,” she said, and looked over at the passed out Vegeta. He was still smoking in some places.

“You had to knock him out to get him here?” Chi-Chi asked, disapproval thick in her voice.

Usagi shook her head. “He passed out when I told him that Bulma was in labor.”

Chi-Chi burst out laughing.

There was a soft grunt from Vegeta as he started to come to.

“I wish you had time to change,” Chi-Chi said, wrinkling her nose at what Vegeta was wearing, which was spandex shorts, gloves and boots.

Usa thought, and grinned. “No problem. Disguise Power! Make Vegeta look… decent!”

He did. He was wearing khakis, a pink shirt that said ‘badman’, and brown shoes.

“Problem solved!”

Vegeta finally woke up, and immediately started pacing. He didn’t even notice the clothing he was now wearing to complain about it.

“So, you aren’t mad at me?” Usaig asked him, from her seat on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs, elbows on her knees, and her chin propped on her hands.

“What? Oh, brat, you,” he mumbled, not even paying attention to what she had said.

“I hope Bulma is okay,” Chi-Chi mumbled, looking worried. “When I had Gohan- It was a hard delivery.”

At this Vegeta looked up, his expression carefully blank.

Usagi narrowed her concentration, reaching out to the spark of life force that was Bulma’s…

Her eyes had shut, but now they snapped open.

“Vegeta, I think you had better go to her, now,” she whispered, looking like she was about to cry.

He glared at her, and opened his mouth-

“She doesn’t have much longer…”

The Saiya-jin closed his mouth and rushed to the delivery room, bypassing the doctor on her way to tell them…

Vegeta had suddenly appeared in the recovery room, and looked over at the sweaty, and exhausted Bulma. In her arms was a little blue wrapped bundle, but something was wrong. The smell of death over all over everything, and Bulma was crying.

“Woman?” he asked haltingly, and she raised her eyes, her face red and shining from tears.

“He didn’t make it, Vegeta. The cord was wrapped around his neck…”

Something Vegeta didn’t know he could feel broke, and his heart froze inside him.

No, she has to be joking, lying… This can’t be! I didn’t train, come through so much…


Then Bulma gave a tremulous smile. “Its all right, though,” she said softly, barely audible. “I’ll be going with him, soon… I’m hemorrhaging, and I don’t have all that long left.”

Vegeta felt like everything in his world was coming apart, worse than when his planet was destroyed. He had nothing he cared about there-

I care about her? The child?

Oh, Kami, yes, I do. Without them to fight for…

Vegeta had only cried for himself, before. Now, he turned away, and silent tears started down his face for his mate and son.

I don’t care about this damn planet! I don’t care about becoming damned SUPER SAIYA-JIN now! Revenge on Kakarroto be hanged! I want Bulma, and my son!

Despair, and refusal to acknowledge what was going on ripped through his being, he turned to her, and gathered both into his arms.

I don’t care about my own life!

A howl of agony burst from him, and he didn’t even notice through his tears as he achieved what he had wanted for so long.

I want my mate and child, dammit!

He didn’t see as the energy he was generating healed them, and the tiny wail of a newborn filled the room.

Usagi and Chi-Chi burst into the room, feeling the huge tide of energy that came from it.

Amazed, they saw Vegeta holding a sleeping Bulma and their newborn.

The doctors followed, and rapidly checked their vitals. All were absolutely fine.

And that, my friends, is the real story of how Vegeta became a SSJ.

A Special Training
A SM/DBZ crossover
Part 9
By Larania

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z do not belong to me, and I make no money from this.

When Usagi and Chi-Chi got back that evening, they were exhausted.

Considering what had happened that day, they had every right to be.

“I hope that the boys did well on their driving tests,” Chi-Chi mumbled. “Today has been full of surprises enough.”

Usa laughed tiredly, her cheeks smudged from both crying and fighting.

They were drinking tea to settle their nerves, when Gohan joined them. Usa saw him first, and tried to waive him off, keeping him from his mother’s wrath…

“And where have you been young man?” Chi-Chi said harshly.

“Uh, I went out to play?”

Chi-Chi then sighed, and for once, relented. She was too worn out to yell.

“Go and get what you did finish today and let me check it. Then I’ll start supper.”

Usagi grimaced. “I’ll get it going, Chi-Chi-san, while you do that.”

She walked into the kitchen. Chi-Chi kept her kitchen well stocked, because you never knew when her hungry boys would be up. It was also a matter of chef’s pride. Looking around at the room she had gotten to know fairly well, she found the miso…

As she started heating up water, the young woman heard a scream, and a loud thud. There had been no threatening auras, but who knew?

Charging out into the living room, she saw the battered and burned duo of Piccolo and Goku, standing over the passed out Chi-Chi.

Usagi couldn’t help it. She fell over, laughing hysterically.

Time again seemed to pass in a blur, only those occasional nights of stargazing, with Piccolo, sometimes without, seemed to be much more frequent.

Usagi would sometime wonder what would happen when she returned to her world. Could she be Sailor Moon, and the Moon Princess again? Could she just sit, while her friends took care of her?

Did she even want to go back?

As soon as she thought that, her throat seemed to close up, and her eyes welled with tears. The sun was down; she could be totally honest with herself here.

A silent presence was at her back. It was always comforting to have Piccolo there. Sometimes he would join her and talk, others, he would just watch for a little while, and then leave.

As gracefully as a falling leaf, he sat beside her, making even less noise.

A clawed finger brushed her face, catching a tear that had escaped.

“You are crying. Why?”

Taking a deep breath, she answered hoarsely,” I was thinking of what might happen tomorrow, and- after.”

The night was before the coming of the Androids. In truth, she didn’t think that she would live through this. The story that young man from the future had told was too bleak. Her own power had increased, but from what they had been told-

She decided not to think about that.

“What is so frightening about after? Either we live, or we die. We are warriors, we don’t fear dying.”

Usagi found herself laughing softly.

“I think I am afraid of living.”

She didn’t have to look over to see his eyebrow ridge quirk.

“I have a duty to my home, but I’m not sure I want to-“ she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

Piccolo didn’t know why he hadn’t thought of it before. She hadn’t spoken of her world often, other than vague references. The thought of not having Usa-chan in his life was… disturbing.


She’s the best student I ever had.

That can’t explain it, another part of his mind argued back.

She will guard me like a wolf, and I-

His mind shied away from that last thought, not even formed in his head yet.

He didn’t want her to go; that was obvious. The strange part was that he hadn’t even realized until that moment. Piccolo had just assumed that she would always be there-

Like the moon, waxing and waning through life, changing, but always present.

Yet, he had destroyed the moon, hadn’t he?

Usa craned her neck to see Piccolo’s face. He was deep in thought, his own eyes trained on the moon. His face was so harsh, so unyielding, yet there was a kindness there. He had always treated her like a competent human, if not warrior. Not like a ditz, or a crybaby. He had held her when she slept, and she had felt no fear for herself, or her virtue-

Unlike Mamoru.

Piccolo reminded her of a heroic statue, with his face cast into relief by the faint light. Noble, chiseled, and handsome…

Where the hell did that thought come from?

The thought of leaving him made her feel like someone had ripped her in half, and she hadn’t actually left yet!

The heat coming off his body was surprising, considering his alien appearance. She was grateful for it in the cool of the night. Burying her face in his chest, she hugged him, and she could feel his start of surprise.

He hummed deep in his throat, as his arms came to wrap themselves around her, and she breathed in deep, getting his warm scent. Not human, but musky, and definitely male…

Down, girl!

He rocked gently, as she sat in his lap. The connection that they felt seemed stronger now than ever. Friends, partners, soul mates; she doubted even Gohan had managed to get him to talk as much as he had to her.

How can I leave him?

The question would continue to haunt her, the rest of the night.

“Don’t forget your lunches!” cried Chi-Chi, the next morning. Usagi, Gohan and Goku turned to face her. They were about to leave for the island south of South City.

“We really won’t have time for lunch, Chi-Chi,” said Goku, even though he looked like he regretted saying it.

“Its okay, Chi-Chi-san,” Usagi soothed her. She knew that Chi-Chi was trying to help in the best way she knew how. “With the enormous breakfast you made, we shouldn’t have to eat of a year.”

Goku seriously looked like he was about to cry at that part.

“Okay, lets get out of here before Chi-Chi convinces everyone to stay for her cooking,” rumbled Piccolo.

Usagi snickered as they took to the air.

They arrived in time to see Bulma, holding little Trunks.

Piccolo knew who the child was, but when Goku let it slip that he knew the kid’s name, he could see the suspicion on Usagi’s face.

“Have we met?” asked Yamcha, getting a good look at the pretty blond with the group.

She was dressed in what had become her habitual black gi with white accents. She had kept her hair short, and was without any kind of ornamentation. Yet, to Yamcha, and any other male present, including Krillin, she was a knockout. The exercise made her move with confidence and power, and she now had a woman’s curves, instead of being a wraith.

“No,” she said, giving them her dazzling smile. Piccolo did not know why he suddenly wanted to slug Yamcha…

“I’m Usagi Tsukino. I’m here to help you fight the Androids.”

Yamcha put out his hand, and she grasped it, squeezing gently. At least, she thought it was gently.

“Oh, my Kami-sama!” Yamcha screamed, clutching his bruised hand.

This elicited a giggle from everyone else.

“Anyone seen Vegeta?” asked Gohan, who had started playing with the baby.

Bulma shook her head. Usagi’s eyes hardened.

“And here I thought he had changed…” she mumbled, and then looked at Piccolo. “Speaking of change, do you still have my broach?”

Piccolo looked startled by her request, at least as startled as he ever looked.

“Yes,” he answered, and took it from his sash. Looking at it, Usagi smiled.

“Let’s see if any of my new powers carry over…”


The usual transformation sequence began, and when she was done, there were several nosebleeds.

“What?” she asked, confused.

Piccolo was holding his nose rather tightly, and asked,” Did you know that you go nude when you do that?”

She looked at him in shock. “I do?

Yamcha started laughing. He was promptly hit by Piccolo, followed by Sailor Moon.

She noticed some changes to her costume. One, her hair was still short, and she was lacking her tiara. Instead, the crescent moon shone proudly. Pearls studded her short bangs. Otherwise, it was unchanged.

“Oh, good grief. I forgot how short this blasted thing was…”

“I am glad Master Roshi isn’t here,” muttered Krillan, also holding his nose. “He’d have died of blood loss my now.”

“Hey, I can still fight in this!”

It was then that Yajerobi showed up with his senzu beans. Goku wanted to know if he was there to fight, but he wimped out. Usagi huffed angrily.

Then his ship exploded.

“The Androids! They must be here!” yelled Yamcha, fear coloring his voice.

Usagi nodded, sensing something wrong down below. “I can’t sense any ki, but I do sense… negativity.”

It was weird, she thought. Something that had the same flat wrongness of the Negaverse, being here. Although it wouldn’t do them much good, she answered herself rhetorically. I can’t pinpoint where they are.

She joined the others looking for the Androids in the city below.

Sailor Moon didn’t like the looks her skirt was getting. She had forgotten how boys could be. You spend three years in the wilderness, and this is what happens!

Screams greeted her sensitive ears, and the sense of a high life force fading rapidly.

She saw smoke rising, and headed there without thought.

“Great Serenity!”

Fire from an exploded gas tank, and dead bodies everywhere. Yamcha with a hole in his chest.

“WHAT KIND OF MONSTERS ARE YOU?” she screamed without thought, her eyes turning to the creature that had Yamcha impaled on its hand.

It looked like an old man, but Sailor Moon had dealt with harmless looking creatures before.

The old man, and the clown look alike seemed surprised to see her.

“I have no files on his one, 20,” stated the clown, his voice sounding hollow, false.

“Nor do I. It does not matter, however.”

“I know who you are,” she said angrily, and turned to the fallen body of her friend, and willed her wand into existence- it didn’t work.

“Crap,” she whispered, and hoped this would work. She didn’t notice as the others arrived.

“Moon healing, escalation!”

The silver light of the crystal shone over Yamcha, stabilizing him, keeping him from dying…

“What are you beasts?” she yelled. “You stole his life energy! Are you youma?”

She didn’t see Goku, but she could feel the reassuring presence of Piccolo beside her.

“Krillin, get Yamcha out of here,” ordered an enraged Goku.

“But-“ Krillan protested, then nodded. Grabbing his fallen comrade, he took to the skies.

“I don’t know what kind of bastard created you,” Usagi whispered at the two monstrosities in front of her. “But in the name of all those you have hurt, and those you will never hurt, because we will stop you, you will be punished!”

There was no pose to accompany this, just the pure hatred that radiated from the once pristine warrior.

Then she charged them, but Goku grabbed her and held her back.

“Usa,” he whispered. “Don’t lose your head like that! We can wish them-“

He stopped because she had turned, and taken to the air.


The androids and the Z Senshi watched in wonder as those that had been killed were bathed in the light of the silver crystal- and healed.

“We will take this fight somewhere else,” said Goku, his tone deadly quiet. He nodded to Sailor Moon, giving her a grin at what she had managed. She smiled tiredly back. The Androids now watched her warily.

And Piccolo…

His face was full of pride.

They flew among the many small islets in the area, and Sailor Moon wondered precisely where they were going. Next to her was Tienn, and on the other was Piccolo.

Piccolo gave an annoyed grunt.

“What is it?” Tien asked him, and Piccolo turned towards him.

“Eyes front.”

All three of them widened, and he blushed. The presence of a pretty girl in a fight was not something he was used to.

Sailor Moon heard all of this exchange, and despite of the situation, she giggled.

Then her attention went to Goku.

Something about him just isn’t right…but I can’t put my finger on it.

“I have had enough of this,” said ‘20’. “I will choose a place to fight myself.”

He landed abruptly, and Usa was confused. She could see the same thoughts going through Piccolo’s head as they landed. Why here?

Instinctively the divided the area, Piccolo checking one side, Usagi the other.

They turned to the Androids. Goku demanded they tell him why they were doing this.

“You are doing this out of some sort of sick grudge?” Goku grimaced, sickened.

“Although, your files, they never had me in them, or the fact that Goku can become a Super Saiya-jin in them, did they?” Sailor Moon smirked, and bowed to Goku, gesturing for him to come forward. He did, and exploded with gold.

Then, he beat the crap out of Android 19.

Yamcha, Gohan and Krillin arrived to tell them about the energy drain that the Androids had.

They all seemed so confident that Goku could handle this freak- but something was really, really going wrong. Turning to Piccolo, Sailor Moon could tell that he felt it too.

Then Goku slowed down, and started clutching at his chest.

“Oh, kuso,” Usa hissed, and it clicked in her mind. The others started going on about the energy drain, but it was-

“It’s the heart virus, you guys,” she shouted at them, and Piccolo nodded in agreement. Usa was swearing hard, and rushed over to help-

“That, young lady, is foolish,” said 20, appearing in front of her, -

Then landing a beam to her shoulder.

“USA-CHAN!” shouted Piccolo, anguished.

She sprawled to the ground, as Vegeta struck 19, with a heel to the face.