A Special Training IV



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            It had been three weeks since Usagi had been left on the small, isolated island.

            Usagi, no matter what her friends may have believed, was not stupid. In fact, in her way, she was rather smart. She just lacked discipline.

            So, she had gotten her priorities straight. She tried to find shelter, and ended up staying in a rather high cave, up on a wall of a canyon overlooking the sea. Since no one was there to help her, so she thought, there was no use whining and complaining.

            “I never really thought about it,” she said to herself. “I got so used to being the one that complained.”

            She had not much trouble finding edibles. It was berry season, and other fruits were becoming ripe as well. And, although it was gross at first, she had been able to catch fish.

            Usagi had come across the stream, where many tiny fish would be facing upstream, resting against the rocks in the swift rushing water. She was getting hungry for meat, then, and so her usual gag reflex was not working.

            Staring at the small, and medium fish, she realized she couldn’t get them with a hook. But they were right in front of her…

            Her hand darted in the water, and she missed, scattering the small little buggers.

            Not realizing she was starting to growl, her hand flashed into the water, and so she went, for the next several days.

            Eventually she was successful. In fact, she was so successful that she became sick of fish.

            Then came roots, nuts and berries. Okay, anything about eye level and looked like fruit was easy.

            She figured out the roots by accident. There were several game trails throughout the island, and she was following one, to see what was on the other side of the island. This was her fifth day.

            A large boar was digging at something, and Usagi got curious as to what it was. As silently as she could, she walked up behind it.

            Of course, as it was only her fifth day of training, she wasn’t very silent.

            “AHHH- waaaaaaahhHHHHH!” she screamed, as the boar turned and saw her.

            She ran as fast as she could, and, of course, tripped.

            The boar nearly trampled her, but she managed to dodge at the last minute. Jumping to her feet, she unsheathed her sword awkwardly, and stabbed it through its head.

            “I just killed something…” she said faintly, but sobered. It would have tried to kill her. In fact, it nearly it.

            “Plus, pork it pretty good eating,” she said aloud, and pulled her sword free, wiping it on the porker’s hide, and gagged.

            “I will not puke, I will not puke,” she repeated to herself, over and over, and dragged it back to her camp, also taking note of where she had found it.

            Later, she went back, and tried the roots. They tasted pretty good.



            “She’s doing better than I thought she would,” Piccolo reported. Goku nodded, not letting himself get distracted by what Piccolo was saying. He and Piccolo were sparring, getting ready for the ever approaching Android threat.

            And whatever has Kami’s underwear in a bunch, Piccolo thought, worried.

            “She did nearly get eaten a couple of times when she was asleep,” Gohan pointed out, as he had decided to help with “Usagi duty,” as they had termed it.

            “The first time I scared it off,” Piccolo told him. “The second, I made enough noise for her to wake up, and she fought it off herself. It hasn’t happened since.”

            This distracted Piccolo enough that Goku got a hit in, but it barely fazed him.

            “In a few more months, we can start the real training,” Goku said enthusiastically.



            Usagi stripped methodically, unconscious of her nudity, and looked at her reflection in a still pool.

            It was one of the few baths she had taken, and yes, she stank to high heaven.

            What was the worst was her hair.

            The once glorious fall of sunlit gold was a tangled, dirty, ratty mess, and you couldn’t see the original color. It was getting to be more of a hassle than it was worth.

            “So, I guess I have no choice, now, right?” she sighed, and tried to resign herself.

            Taking out her constant companion, her sword, which she had nicknamed Luna, she hacked away at the muddy locks, and it fell in ragged piles at her feet. It was all she could do to restrain her tears.

            One of the few things she had ever really, really been vain about was her hair. It had had to be long, because it was the only way she could wear the royal hairstyle.

            Still, she managed a chuckle. What would her friends think of her now?

            Wading into the water, she submerged, and seemed to wash away her old life, and was reborn into this stranger new one.



            Six months.

            She couldn’t believe that six months were already over.

            Usagi really didn’t know if she wanted to leave this island that had been her home for so long. She had gotten used to the silence.

            She had always been a person who had to be around people. People were how she defined herself. She had never been alone with her own thoughts for so long…

            It would be around sunrise when Piccolo came for her, and she wondered what would come. She hadn’t really asked who the enemy was, only knew that it could destroy this world. Usagi had guessed how strong these people must actually be, especially if they could fly.

            Usagi had come to know herself in ways that she wouldn’t have guessed earlier. She felt more at peace with herself, and she looked down, unsheathing her sword.

            Luna, as she had named it, seemed to hum sweetly as she came free of her sheath, and Usagi took a few practice swings. The sword itself was very worn now, because she had learned how to sharpen it, and it had taken her a while to figure it out, so there were nicks all over it.

            “I’ll never be a fencer, but at least I can hack decently.”

            The sun was already set, and she walked along the beach, growling at any animal that could hurt her. They had taken the hint several months ago, and had stopped trying to hunt her.

            Her friends would never have recognized her. Her skin had darkened to a nut brown, her hair was hacked off at the base of her neck raggedly, and scratches and abrasions marked her hands and face.

            She hadn’t lost any weight, in fact, she had gained a lot of muscle, and she was about five inches taller. Her clothes were rags. Oddly enough, she was more content than she had ever been.

            A sweet wind blew off the ocean, and Usagi listened to the waves crash, watched the birds find their nests for the night, and knew that she could never let this world fall to whatever would destroy it. It was too beautiful. It was worth fighting for.

            It was worth dying for.



            Piccolo flew out that morning to find her, and was pleased by what had come of this survival training.

            She was sitting on one of the cliffs of the island, her eyes closed, in a general attitude of mediation.

            He didn’t make any sound, but she was facing him before he actually came into view.

            “Hello, Piccolo. How have you been?”

            Not quite what he expected.

            “Fine. I see you survived. First, I will teach you how to fly, so you can come with me. I’m not carrying you any more.”

            “All right.”

            Then he threw her off the cliff.

            No scream, and silver light flashed around her, and she was hovering above the rocks below, her eyes clamped shut, and her teeth clenched. Piccolo got the impression that she was doing her best not to freak out.

            “You can open your eyes now, you aren’t dead.”

            “I- what? I’m, I’m flying?” she gasped, shocked. She looked up at Piccolo, eyes full of wonder.

            At that moment, their met, and Piccolo felt a strange twitch in his heart.

            Shaking it off as indigestion, (although how he could get indigestion is anyone’s guess) he turned back to the delighted Usagi, who was doing figure eights. He couldn’t help put smile.

            Usagi saw the smile, and grinned back.

            Even if he does have fangs, he is a lot nicer than he lets on, she thought, and followed him back to the mainland.


A Special Training V


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            “So, where are we going to be training?” Usagi asked Piccolo, as she flew beside him.

            It was one of her first acts of ki manipulation, so she was flying rather slowly, and Piccolo was letting her set the pace.

            “We are going to the Black Forest. The warriors I am training with are there.”

            “Yeah? Are they cute?” Usagi couldn’t help but ask. It was more to see Piccolo’s reaction than actual interest.

            No one had ever asked him that question before, so he sweat dropped. He sweat dropped rather well, by any standards.

            “Uh, one was my other student, and his father.”

            “Oh, wrong ages then.”

            This was fun! She thought. This guy takes himself way, way too seriously.

            She grinned, catlike, at what she could do to this guy…

            “So, who is the enemy?” she asked, knowing that getting to business would be important. “And by the way, what are you?”

            “I am a Namek,” he explained.

            “Okay- that doesn’t tell me much,” she suggested, not the least intimidated.

            He went on to tell her about his past, and what he was doing on earth. This story took a while, and they arrived at the Sons before they were finished.

            “So, this is where your student lives?” Usagi asked, and took in the modest house. It was cozy, she thought.

            “HEY! It’s Mr. Piccolo!” a voice from inside shouted, and a little boy, younger than Chibi-Usa ran out to glomp Piccolo on the leg.

            “Hey, Piccolo,” said another voice, belonging to an older man. The owner of the voice came outside, a little more restrained than his son about welcomes.

            Then a lady came out. Her hair was in a bun, and she had a warm, mother’s smile.

            “You must be Usagi,” said the boy, and he put out his hand. “I’m Son Gohan, this is my dad, Goku, and my mom, Chi-Chi.”

            “Gracious,” Chi-Chi said immediately after she had been introduced, as Gohan shook her hand up and down. “You look like you could use a bath.” She glared at Piccolo. “You mean you left another child to fend for themselves in the wilderness? Why, you mean, wicked-“

            “Ma’am? I volunteered for it!” Usagi interrupted, putting her hands up. “The food inside smells awesome, and I haven’t had a home cooked meal in forever. Can I eat with you?”

            Chi-Chi went from raging mother to collected hostess in a heartbeat.

            “Why, certainly, dear. I am so happy to have another girl around for a while, even if you are a fighter. The boys can get the table set while I get you a bath and some fresh clothes,” she said last, giving her ragged, smelly clothes a disapproving look.

            Usagi smiled, and nodded gratefully. She had missed hot water so much!

            “Goku?” Chi-Chi said crisply.

            “Yes, dear?” Goku said resignedly.

            “Go get the bathing barrel, Gohan, you start setting the table, and Piccolo, fetch water and fire wood.”

            Piccolo looked rather surprised that he was being ordered as well. He was about to protest, when Chi-Chi glared at him.

            He wondered at that moment what would have happened had she fought Frieza.

            He went to get the water and wood.



            Usagi sighed in bliss as she sank into the steaming water. It soothed the aches of six months in the wilderness; an assortment of scrapes, slight sprains, bruises and general soreness.

            Someone came up from behind her and started washing her hair.

            “You know, you must have had beautiful hair before this happened,” Chi-Chi told her, sounding motherly.

            Usagi didn’t answer, just enjoyed having someone’s hands massaging her scalp.

            “I’ll cut it this evening, to make it even.”

            “Thank you, Chi-Chi-san,” Usagi answered, and grinned.



            The boys were sitting around the table, waiting on the ladies.

            “How long does it take to get a bath, anyway?” whined Goku, who was really, really hungry.

            No one answered him, and Piccolo wondered what was the major difference between males and females: clothing, or how much they ate.

            They heard footsteps, and turned.

            Chi-Chi was grinning madly, happy at her handiwork.

            Usagi was standing in front of her, her hair neatly trimmed around her ears, wearing one of Chi-Chi’s dresses, looking very, very nice.

             The boys just stared.

            “Okay, I’ll go get the food,” Chi-Chi said, pleased with their response.

            “I’ll help,” Usagi told her, but Chi-Chi shook her head.

            “Dear, you are a guest. Gohan, would you mind helping me?”

            “Okay Mom,” Gohan muttered, and followed his mother into the kitchen.

            Usagi giggled; she couldn’t help it. Gohan sounded just like she did when asked to help.

            Turning back to her hosts, she found Goku staring at her. She found herself grinning back. He reminded her of a favorite brother.

            “So, Usagi, where are you from? Are you really here to help us fight the Androids? That’s great! I can sense great power in you. You seem really nice; do you have any family? Are you from the future too? Are you part Saiya-jin? Are you-“

            “Goku,” interrupted Piccolo, sternly, eyes narrowed.

            Usagi’s eyebrows nearly hit her hairline at all the questions from the open-faced man.

            “I’m from Tokyo, Juuban district, and yeah, I am here to help you fight your enemy, but I didn’t know they were Androids. What’s a Saiya-jin?” she asked.

            “Oh, you don’t know what a Saiya-jin is? That’s what Vegeta and I are. We’re the only two left; at least we think so. My son is half-Saiya-jin. There is another from the future-“

            Piccolo stopped this line of thought by a cuff to the head.

            “Really, from the future?” Usagi asked, intrigued. This sounded really familiar.

            Goku was about to go on, when Piccolo gave him a death glare.

            “There are things about the future we are allowed to tell,” Piccolo said, keeping his gaze on the chagrined Goku. He lowered his eyes with a muttered, “I’m sorry.”

            “Oh, I know all about not letting people know about the future,” Usagi said brightly, trying to cheer him back up.

            It did. The large warrior’s eyes lit up like at Christmas.

            “Really? Wow! How?”

            “I guess I need to tell you about where I come from…” Usagi started, and her eyes became lost in memory.

            “I don’t think this is the same world I came from. Oh, well, um,” this received startled looked from Piccolo and Goku.

            “See, a thousand years ago, in my world, there was a magnificent kingdom on the moon…”

            There had lots of banging of pots and pans in the kitchen when she started her story, but after a while there was dead silence.

            By the time she had finished up with her mother’s defeat of Beryl, she turned to see both Chi-Chi and Gohan staring at her in awe, wonder in their eyes.

            “So, was the Moon Princess and her Prince reborn?” Gohan asked, and Chi-Chi said at the same time,” That is so romantic.”

            Usagi nodded, to both statements.

            Chi-Chi then remembered to serve dinner, and Usagi started eating as fast as she usually did.

            Everyone stared, except for Goku, who was trying to beat Usagi at eating.

            “Are you sure you aren’t a saiya-jin?” Piccolo asked, bemused.

            “Yeah. Why?” Usagi asked, her mouth full.

            “Why aren’t you eating?” she asked Piccolo, noting that he didn’t even have a plate.

            “Nameks don’t need to eat like humans. All we need is water.”

            Swallowing, she asked,” Don’t you have a sense of taste?”

            “Yes, but we don’t use it much.”

            “Um, Usagi?” Gohan asked, after cleaning his plate. “What did that story you told have to do with you? I mean, it was a nice tale, but you never said what you have to do with it.”

            Usagi smiled sadly.

            “I am the Moon Princess reborn.”

            Everyone around the table face vaulted.

            “So, why aren’t you with your Prince?” asked Chi-Chi, hearts in her eyes.

            Usagi blushed with shame, but everyone else thought it was because she was thinking of Mamoru.

            “Because they don’t need me right now. I heard Kami ask for help, and decided to come. My future daughter can take care of things there while I’m away.”

Goku and Gohan missed the bitterness in her voice, but Piccolo heard it.

She always seemed like such a happy person, almost like Goku, he mused. Could the Princess maybe not having such a happy ending?

“Future daughter?” Goku gaped.

Usagi again nodded, and proceeded to tell them about how Chibi-Usa came into their lives, and how she had gone to the future to fight the Black Moon Family, and Wiseman.

“So, my future husband won’t have any trouble protecting his daughter,” she said with false brightness.

Piccolo was wondering what they had done to make such a kind person, who had crossed over from another world to help people she didn’t know, so sad.

“Okay, now you guys tell me your story.”

Goku began with how he had met Bulma, a friend who wasn’t there, and their search for the seven dragon balls. This led into the tournament where Piccolo’s father was killed, and him creating the current Piccolo. The story then went into how Chi-Chi had married him, and then how, on a day where they were supposed to be having a reunion, Goku found out about his alien heritage.

This then went into how he had died- (Usagi jumped at that. She had enough experience with friends dying.) and his training, how Piccolo had kidnapped Gohan to train him (with a glare from Chi-Chi) and their battle with the Saiya-jins.

Gohan told about how the fight went before his father arrived, with his friends getting killed, and Piccolo sacrificing himself- (I knew he was a nice guy! Usagi thought, hiding a triumphant smirk.) The battle with Vegeta, his defeat, and leaving for Namek.

The battle with Frieza took the rest of the evening, and Usagi held her breath when Goku described how he went Super Saiya-jin. Her eye were wide with amazement as they told about Frieza’s return, and how a mysterious boy from the future, with the ability to go SSJ appeared, and defeated him, telling them of the future they were trying so hard to avoid.

“So, that was why Kami asked for help?” Usagi asked. The telling of first her story, then theirs, had taken them long into the night. Gohan had already gone to bed, and Chi-Chi was yawning as she served them tea. Piccolo still sat at the table, in his usual glare at everything look, but he also looked tired.

“We think so, and we still have two years to prepare,” Goku started, when Usagi gasped, “TWO YEARS?”

“And even that might not be enough,” Piccolo added, so she got the hint, and settled down.

“Do you still want to help us?” asked, surprisingly, Chi-Chi.

Usagi closed her eyes for a moment, thinking. It would be a very, very long time until she saw her friends again, and that was only if she survived, which was questionable. There was also that something that was scaring Kami, which might not be the Androids.

But that had been what she was asking for, right? People who truly needed her?

There was no real question, was there?

“I’m staying, and I hope I can be of some help,” she said softly, and Goku patted her on the back. In fact, he patted her on the back so hard, she nearly hit the table.

“SO! We start tomorrow morning!” Goku shouted gleefully, a fist pumping in the air like he was announcing a party.

Great Horned Moon, what have I gotten myself into now?



            She couldn’t sleep.

            Maybe it was because of sleeping in a real bed for the first time in months, or that really, really loud concert of crickets, or probably because Goku’s thunderous snores, she decided to go for a walk.

            Usagi had never really been a warrior. If there was ever a person suited to being normal, it was her. She had always wanted to live a normal life, have a normal family, and grow old, normally.

            Yet, a part of her had been the Moon Princess her entire life, hadn’t it?

            The night was quiet, outside of the house, and her bare feet were getting soaked with dew. She really wasn’t all that sure how far she had gotten.

            It was a new and wondrous, but terrifying feeling, having to depend on herself, with no Senshi to ask for help. She would be a member of a team here, and no title was going to impress any Android. She smiled coldly to herself.

            She would have to impress them some other way.



            Piccolo sat under a large, fragrant pine, mediating.

            He had been staying much closer to the Son house recently, to be more easily found.

            His mediations had been odd as of late. Ever since he had taken that overly pretty broach from Usagi, he had been seeing it in his visions.

            It was now after one such vision, and he decided to bring it out to look at it, hoping that might settle his thoughts.

            The baby pink broach opened as he pulled from his sash, and the thought crossed his mind that he needed to give it back to its owner. He decided he would do it in the morning.

            Inside was a perfect crystal, and he stared at it, as it seemed to glow from within, mesmerized.

            It was warm, a part of his mind said. It was as warm as a person’s hands. His black eyes locked into its crystalline depths, and its warmth sank into him, giving him a feeling of peace that he hadn’t had in a long time…



            Usagi felt a familiar tingle along her nerves. She had gotten so used to the feeling of the crystal that she could always tell where it was. It wasn’t all that far away, she decided. Just a short walk from where she was.

            There was Piccolo, sitting beneath a tree, entranced by something in his cupped hands. The light coming from it cast his face into relief, showing the sharp edges and planes of his face. The expression was a strange one, one of calm, almost happiness, and one that Usagi had never seen. She wondered what a genuine smile would look like on him.

            The moment was broken, and Piccolo looked up, and their eyes met. For one precious instant, their eyes met, and there was- something- between them. An understanding? Connection?

            Usagi didn’t know, but it was gone, as soon as it was there.

            From Piccolo’s viewpoint, he had suddenly been confronted with an angel. Usagi had that type of effect on people. She was wearing an old white night gown of Chi-Chi’s, and the moonlight made it glow, her now short hair gleamed.

            Beautiful, his mind supplied.

            Then, it was over, and they were just staring at each other.



            “What are you doing out here this late?” Piccolo asked her, his voice harsh.

            Usagi jumped, but she wasn’t the little girl that would cry at a severe tone anymore.

            “I couldn’t sleep,” she told him. “Goku snored loud enough to shake down the house.”

            Piccolo, whose hearing was good enough to make out the snores from across the forest, snorted.

            “That is a good reason, but you need to get back to sleep. You are going to be having a rough time from now on.”

            “Oh? How do you suggest I get to sleep then? I don’t think his snoring is going to stop any time soon!”

            “I guess you can wait out here,” he said grudgingly, and to his surprise, Usagi sat down next to him, and looked up at the stars.

            “One thing I miss about that island you left me on,” she whispered faintly, “was being alone to look at the stars. They were so peaceful.”

            “The people who live among them aren’t always peaceful,” Piccolo told her. “I came from those stars; I look at them differently.”

            “I’m sorry,” she said softly, and leaned into his shoulder, falling asleep.

            Piccolo didn’t say a word, afraid to disturb her.

A Special Training VI


Disclaimer: Not mine, no money.


            Usagi woke up, feeling stiff, and cold on one side. Her immediate thought was that she had kicked off all her blankets again, and hadn’t moved the rest of the night. Of course, her bed was much softer than what she was lying against, and that she usually didn’t sleep upright…

            Opening her eyes, she found out why that was so. She was still leaning against Piccolo, who had put his cloak around her back, but it had fallen off her shoulder at some point during the night, leaving it open to the night air. The Namek himself had not moved a muscle, and she could hear his soft breathing as he slept.

            It was just before dawn. The sky was that strange steel blue that you could get only at that hour. A few stars remained, and Usagi sighed, as she looked up to the heavens.

            She leaned into Piccolo, and noticed to her surprise that his arm was wrapped around her waist. Strange. The gesture seemed more protective than anything else. It wasn’t the suggestive thing it would have been with Mamoru. Her teeth clenched tightly at the thought. Mamoru had tried to get her to bed after they had first started dating but after she had told him she wanted to wait, he had started ignoring her entirely.  Other than being a boyfriend, he had been nothing to her. He hadn’t done anything with her that could be considered other than date like. She was a trophy, something to be shown off, not an equal, or a partner. Just someone pretty to hang off your arm.

            Well, from what she had learned from her new friends the other night, she wouldn’t have to worry about that here. Goku was married, Gohan too young, and Piccolo asexual. She could be someone different. Not opposite, just different, and redefine herself to be who she wanted.



            Piccolo felt the girl stir against his side, and he was vaguely disappointed that she had woken up.

            For some reason, though, he felt strange. It was weird, like something in his mind and body had awakened, and he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

            Then he noticed the time.

            Now would be a good time to start with the real training. He grinned cruelly. The fun would soon be beginning.

            “Wake up,” he barked, but she was already standing and stretching before he said ‘wake’. She must have heard the difference in his breathing.

            Piccolo looked at the outfit she was wearing, and immediately dismissed it as unsuitable. Gesturing, he changed it into a black gi with white weighted shirt, armbands and very heavy boots. The major difference between this one and her old outfit he had given her was the colors, and the weights. It was much, much, much heavier.

            Usagi fell to the ground with a thump.

            “Hey,” she protested, and struggled to move.

            His smile was catlike.

            “You will do fifty push ups first, then follow me running for as long as I tell you to. Understood?”

            Usagi gulped, and got to her feet, and wobbled, getting her balance with this strange weight. Falling again, she started swearing, and Piccolo sweat dropped.

            “You didn’t think this would be easy, did you?” he told her, and she growled at him. Piccolo blinked.

            She had growled at him.

            Then he grinned hugely. This was going to be fun.



            Usagi groaned for air as she shuffled to a halt behind Piccolo in front of the Son house.

            She was not going to give Piccolo the satisfaction of knowing how much she hurt. She had outrun dinosaurs, really ugly boars, and a temperamental ostrich, and no way was she going to admit how much she hurt.

            “Hey, Usagi, where did you go last night?” asked Goku, when he saw who was at the door.

            Usagi yawned, and staggered in to the breakfast table. “I couldn’t sleep, so I went on a walk. Ran into Piccolo, and fell asleep outside, and then we started training early. Can we eat now?”

            “Sure thing!” Goku answered, his eyes lighting up. Chi-Chi was already putting food on the table.

            Goku’s eyes were soon glued to the food, and Usagi raced over before he could sit, and started helping herself. She knew that look!

            “Hey!” the Saiya-jin yelled, and dived in beside her, and the eating war had begun!

            The expressions on everyone’s face were priceless, and it was pretty much the same for everyone. Complete, slack-jawed amazement.

            “I bet that my father will eat more than she does,” Gohan said to his mentor, under his breath.

            “Hmm. I think Usagi might just tie,” Piccolo whispered back.

            Racing through the food, Gohan barely managed to get himself enough for the morning. Piccolo was profoundly grateful that he didn’t have to eat.



            The physical conditioning was the hardest part of the training Usagi had to go through. Her strength did rapidly increase, along with her stamina. The next part was the actual technique.

            Largely Piccolo showed her the move he wanted, and then would pound her until she got it right.

            “That hurt,” she whimpered, after he had kicked her in the chest hard enough that several ribs cracked. Then she narrowed her eyes in determination, got up, and resumed her stance, giving him a ‘bring it on’ gesture.

            By the Moon, she was not going to be a weakling any more!

            Piccolo’s eye ridges rose, and he struck her again, before she could get her breath back. This time she blocked, barely.

            He struck again, and followed with an uppercut. The punch connected with her head, sending blood into her eyes.

            “Give up yet?” he asked casually, expecting the pampered Princess to throw in the towel.

            Rubbing her face, Usagi considered it. It was the middle of the day, she was trembling with weariness, already bleeding from several other cuts. No one would blame her if she rested.

            Getting back into position again, she said,” Bring it-“ she wheezed. “On.”


            Gohan watched from across the field they were using as a training ground that day.

            “She’s pushing herself too hard,” he said, launching a punch at his father.

            “I don’t know, I remember how hard I trained at times, she doesn’t seem to be having that much trouble.”

            “Dad, if what she is saying is true, then she hasn’t had any real training at all! At least not like this!”

            “Really?” Goku exclaimed, the usual amazed-because-I-am-an-idiot look on his face. “You mean she hasn’t done this before? Wow! She’s doing great then, isn’t she?”

            Gohan sweat dropped. “You aren’t getting my point…”

            “You had one? Where?”

            Gohan gave up, and went back to sparring.



            “Concentrate on your ki,” Piccolo advised, finally telling Usagi that she needed a break. She was acting strangely stubborn. What Piccolo didn’t know was that she was fighting herself more than anyone else.

            The temptation to stop, to become the klutzy, crybaby ditz that she had been was always in the back of her mind. She had been fighting it all day, and Piccolo was in the dark about that. All he could see was someone coming a huge way, in a short time. He was not going to tell her he was impressed.

            Usagi dipping deep inside herself to keep this up, and was already tapping her ki to fly. Piccolo created a ball of light in his hand; it couldn’t hurt anything, but it was the first step in what he was trying to show her.

            Biting her lip in weariness, Usagi did as he told her. She saw the ball in her mind, and focused on her cupped hands. Concentration wrinkled her brow, and sweat dripped off her face, and finally a spark started to form. Laughing in delight at the small, blue white light, she stood up, and grinned hugely.

            Piccolo couldn’t help himself; he smiled back.

            Not bad for a first day.

            Not bad at all.



            Time seemed to be rushing by faster than Usagi would have liked. Her second month of training was going by, and she was busy sparing with Piccolo.

            Her drills were making her stronger, faster, and tougher. Running over mountains did that to people.

            Piccolo judged her to be as strong as Yamcha and Krillin by now.

            Usagi grabbed his fist, and managed to twist him away from her. She bared her teeth, but her feet were swept from beneath her before could finish her high kick fake. Her head slammed into the ground, bouncing once.

            Then Piccolo was pinning her. “Yield?”


            Then she did something she was pretty sure wouldn’t work, but because she was going to loose, decided to try anyway.

            She kneed him.

            The results were completely unexpected.

            Actually, he turned a very interesting shade of red, and with his green skin, it was something to see.

            He lost his breath, and immediately put his hands over his crotch, doubling over.

            “Piccolo?” she asked in shock, her eyes going huge.

            He looked even more amazed than she did.

            “What-“ he wheezed,” happened?”

            “I used a pot shot on you,” she said, getting on her hands and knees, crawling over to him. He was groaning in pain.

            “But, I thought you were asexual!” she exclaimed, confused.

            He looked as confused as she did.

            Thinking quickly, she picked up the very surprised Namek, and flew him over to Kami’s Lookout.



            “Oh, Kami, it seems that we have visitors, I will have to make some tea,” Mr. Popo cried, as he looked over to see Usagi flying, carrying the still aching Piccolo.

            Kami turned to see where Popo was looking, and got the shock of his life. It wasn’t everyday you see you supposedly asexual evil counterpart’s son, that was now your counterpart, being carried by a human girl half his size, while doubled over, making very pathetic noises.

            Usagi landed in a rush, and ran over to him, still carrying Piccolo.

            She explained what had happened quickly, and Kami’s eyes turned to dinner plates, while he sweat dropped.

            “Piccolo, do know why that happened?” Kami asked, and an idea came to him.

            “Do you mind, my dear, if you take him into the Lookout?” he asked the moon princess, and she nodded, still holding him, and trotted over inside the enormous floating building, following Kami.

            “You might want to leave the room,” Kami told her, and she looked at him questioningly.

            “I’m going to examine him, which means taking his clothes off.”

            Usagi face vaulted, and then left the room.



            “Well, I never would have expected that,” Kami said to Popo, as they looked over the protesting Piccolo. The pain had ebbed enough that he could think again, and he did not like what they were trying to do.

            “Good grief, we are trying to help you!” Kami groused, as Piccolo pushed them away. Piccolo just growled.

            “Oh, come on, we want to know what happened, don’t you?”

            Piccolo winced, but started to pull his pants down.

            “Ahh,” Kami said. “I expected something of the sort, but why are they functional?”

            Then the pink henshin broach that Usagi had when she got there dropped out of his sash. Picking it up, Kami examined it.

            “Well, I think we have our answers right here…”



            Usagi wanted to scream with frustration. It had only been about ten minutes, but still..!

            “I believe Kami and Piccolo want to talk to you now,” called a voice from behind her, making her jump.

            Training came into play, and Popo was decked into a wall.

            “OH! I’m sorry! Uh, they want to see me now? Bye!” she said as she remembered what he had told her, and scurried off, with Popo blinking at her, embedded in a wall…

            “What’s wrong? Is he sick? Is he going to die?” she wailed as she ran into the room where Kami and Piccolo both sat, with Kami looking like he was about to laugh, and Piccolo looking highly embarrassed.

            “What, no, my child, but Piccolo has something to tell you.”

            Piccolo didn’t answer, but stared fixedly at a wall.

            “If you don’t I will.”

            Piccolo still refused to speak.

            “All right, have it your way,” Kami muttered, and turned to the ticked off female.

            “First off, you have to know something about Nameks. Myself and Piccolo’s father, who was also called Piccolo, are truly asexual, but not old enough to reproduce correctly. Piccolo’s father was able to produce fighters, but none of them could be completely Namekian. They had hold over traits from the past, ones that he did not actually choose for his offspring. Some of these included wings, tails, etc. When he created Piccolo, before his death, he was unable to recreate himself completely physically or mentally. Thus this Piccolo was created, with a vestigial trait that had not been seen in a Namek for centuries.”

            Piccolo sighed, and put his face in his hands. Here was the embarrassing part.

            “He was actually male. Now, traits like this were usually looked over, but this one was considered an extreme embarrassment to any Namek, even if they were not functional.”

            Kami paused, and pulled out the silver crystal.

            “This is yours?”

            She nodded.

            “It can heal, correct?”

            “Yeah, it can, but it sometimes has a mind of its… Oh, I get what happened now.”

            Piccolo looked mad.

            “I see you get what happened. Piccolo was technically male, and your crystal, as you said, had a mind of its own. For whatever reason, it decided that Piccolo needed healing, and now, he is as male as a human.”

            Piccolo moaned again, and got up, and started hitting his head into a wall.

            “Piccolo-san, don’t do that!” Usagi yelled, and dashed over to stop him, grabbing his arm and pulling him away.

            The concern on her face made him pause. That weird feeling of understanding passed between them both again, and he stopped trying to splatter his brains all over the wall.

            “Now, Piccolo-san, if I can fight evil youma in a miniskirt, you can handle this, right?”

            Piccolo didn’t really know what to think about that, but the image of her fighting demons in a short skirt sent a chuckle through his lips.

            “Now, are you all right?”

            “I guess so,” he said softly, looking at the young warrior in front of him.

            “Now, we finish training for the day, and since this bothers you so much, we pretend that it never happened, right, Kami?” Usagi declared, and Kami smiled, and nodded.

            “Fine, then, lets get back to work, only two more full years until the Androids come!”


To be continued.