A Special Training

By Larania

Disclaimer: It does not belong to me, and I apologize for not being able to remember the actual names of the owners. No money made, no foul.

A/N: This will take place during the S series, which I am the most familiar with. Warning, folks, from here, it gets weird. As for DBZ, during the three years that it takes for the Trunks Saga to become the Androids and Cell Sagas.

            Kami shivered with dread.

            Even before the young man from the future, Trunks, had come, he had been sensing something awful. He had no real idea what it was, because it was so nebulous. It hadn’t grown to its full potential yet. The Z fighters that survived the Androids would not be enough to face this. They needed help.

            But where to find it?


            Usagi giggled, watching the antics of her future daughter. Chibi-Usa was chasing Luna, who had told her to do some homework.

            The day had been long. There had been several youma attacks, and Usagi was worn out.

            She missed Mamoru! He had been so busy recently.

            Her thoughts dipped into melancholy, thinking about how he was always rescuing her, never really the other way around. Even when she saved him from Beryl, he had still died! All her Senshi had died!

            Looking at Chibi-Usa, she suddenly saw Mamoru come up and hug the little girl.

            He had come to see their daughter, but not her; the thought struck her. Rather than make her angry or sad, she just felt resigned.

            I’m the means to an end, she thought, painfully. He may have liked me, but we probably wouldn’t have gotten married. It’s because of his daughter that he sticks around.

            I wish they needed me.

            That was the part that got to her the worst. Sure, she could cheer them up, but they had Mina for that. That was about all she was needed for. No fighting skill, no brains, wisdom, or anything. She was dead weight. The only thing she ever seemed to contribute was the crystal, and then Chibi-Usa could do that.

            A convenient means to an end.

            They didn’t need her now that they had Chibi-Usa. Everyone seemed to like her better, even Mamoru.

            “I wish that I could do something for people that really, truly needed me. I wish that I had something worth needing…” Usagi mumbled, and wanted to cry, but then Rei would just call her a baby.

            Maybe they were right.



            Kami-sama walked cautiously into the Room of Spirit and Time. Even though he was this room’s master, he sometimes wondered…

            Another time, perhaps.

            Here, he called all the magics available to him, and simply made a plea.

            “I need help, myself, and the world in my care. I can’t let it die, and the defenders may not live long enough to save it either. This great evil is coming, and we need help!

            So, the call went out, asking, pleading to those that could hear it…

            To bad Kami didn’t put more a restriction on who was asked…


            Usagi sighed, and looked at the warm, soft bed with pick comforter that was decorated with bunnies. Chibi-Usa was already in it, and sound asleep.

            Please, whispered a voice, silently, but urgently, inside her mind.

            “What?” Usagi yelped, then slapped her hands over her mouth. She didn’t want to wake up Chibi-Usa.

            Please, the voice continued, and images of a world destroyed flowed along with it. Please, my world is in danger, and I don’t know if its defenders can survive…

            Hold on a minute! Usagi tried to think back at it. What happened?

            A great evil is upon us, one worse than what we are preparing for, and that one could destroy us all… I must defend my world; we need help!

            Wondering about her own judgment, Usagi said, I don’t know how much I can, but I will help you.

            Thank you, answered the voice, sounding more like a tired old man, when she thought about it, than a mighty defender. Maybe she could actually do some good…

A Special Training II

A/N: I have gotten several reviews saying that they want this to be a Trunks/Usagi romance. Uh, I can’t spoil the surprise, now, can I? Let’s see if you can guess…

            Usagi watched with trepidation as the silver imperium crystal lit, granting her wish to go to the one who asked for her help…

            It seemed to open up like a flower, the crystal petals falling away from each other gracefully, and as Usagi looking into it, she felt like she was being pulled into …

            “AHHHH!” she screamed, looking over the edge of… The edge of…

            It was a really long way down, part of her noted, while she shook from fear.

            “Excuse me, may I help you?” said a pleasantly accented voice from behind her. Still jumpy, Usagi sprang about three feet into the air, and spun.

            The person behind her was all black, with no nose, and wearing an interesting outfit.

            “Uh- Yeah, see, well, um- I-“ she stuttered, trying to get her words out.

            “Did you ask for help?” she finally managed to get out, in a rush.

            The black, strange looking little man, with a tooth sticking out, shook his head.

            “Mr. Popo does not remember asking for help from a pretty young girl. I will go ask Kami if he can answer your question.”

            At that, the little man walked away, and Usagi hurried away from the edge of the long, long, long drop.


            Kami sat on his throne, eyes closed, deep in thought.

            His throne was surrounded by peaceful shadows, contrasting to the brilliant, constant sunlight of the Lookout.

            I was answered. Yet, the voice sounded young. Will this person be able to actually help us?
He hadn’t really thought his plea would be answered.

            “Kami-sama!” said an urgent voice, that of Mr. Popo, his gardener.

            “Yes, Mr. Popo?” Kami-sama asked, not paying much attention.

            “There is a pretty young girl apparently lost on the Lookout, asking if we need some help.”

            Kami had been thinking about something else, until the latter part of what Mr. Popo said hit him.

           “A girl, you said? Where is she?”

           “Yes, Kami.”

           “Take me to her!”


           Usagi had taken to looking at the lovely flowers of the Lookout, appreciating how beautiful it was, as long as you didn’t look over the side.

           She heard two sets of footsteps, and turned to see the black man, back with a green man, who wore a long, white robe with a kanji on his chest that said ‘Kami”.

            “Uh, I guess you are Kami,” she said uncertainly, seeing how strange the green looking man was.

                 Well, no one said that person asking for help was human, right?

                He looked so old! She wondered if he would blow away with a gust of wind.

            “Someone was asking for help, and I heard them,” Usagi began, fidgeting at the old man’s gaze. He could look through you like Queen Serenity could!

            “Yes, well, when I asked for help, I was hoping for someone, well, a bit uh- older,” Kami told her, and Usagi felt her eyes well up.

            “YOU’RE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO THINKS I CAN’T DO ANYTHING! WAHHH!” she screamed, and sobbed.

            Kami sweat dropped.

            “Well, yes, Miss, I appreciate that you came all this way, but I don’t think this is something a little girl should be doing…”


            “What the hell?” Piccolo said, turning at the last minute, and Gohan’s punch breezed by his face.

            “Grr,” Gohan responded, annoyed.

            “Do you sense that?” he asked, turning to the power source he suddenly felt.

            It was beyond strange, he thought. This power was bizarre, it felt like-

            It reminded him of Gohan’s; but only because of the innocence and purity that came from it. It was like touching light itself.

            He opened eyes that he hadn’t realized were closed, to see that Gohan was looking at him strangely, but his head was tilted to the side, like he was trying to hear something.

            “I kinda feel it. It isn’t like yours or mine, though. It seems-“

            “Like listening to a pure tone, or seeing sunlight through ice,” Piccolo whispered softly, not knowing where the poetic turn of phrase came from.

            Gohan only nodded. To him, it made perfect sense in describing this new power.

            “Can you tell where it’s coming from?” asked Gohan, trying to figure out where this huge power was.

            “I think-“ Piccolo started, and took off.

            Gohan shouted for his mentor to wait up.


            Usagi was still ranting, and both she and Kami were getting so caught up in the yelling that they didn’t notice the aura that was surrounding her, or that they now had other visitors.

            “Hello,” said Mr. Popo. “I’m afraid Kami is a little busy right now, but if you leave your name and number, I’m sure he will get back to-“

            “Popo, what’s with the answering machine imitation?” asked Piccolo, who kept his eyes on the ticked off girl with weird hair.

            “I was hoping that it would help keep some of the workload off of Kami. The girl was the response to a cry for help that Kami made.”

            “A cry for help?”

            “Kami, why would you ask for help from a little girl?” Piccolo asked the green guardian of the Earth.

            “I am NOT JUST a GIRL! I-“ Usagi cut off, scowling. “I wanted to help,” she said more quietly.

            Piccolo stared at her. Was it his imagination, or what that huge power coming from her?

            And when did humans wear their hair so strangely?

            “Kami, did you know a huge power is coming from this girl?” he asked Kami.

            Kami did a double take, looking at the girl again. A crescent moon had appeared on her forehead, and it was glowing. Her aura shown silver. Power wise, she had a great deal of potential. Lots and lots of potential.

            “You’re right,” Kami told Piccolo, surprised.

            “WILL YOU ALL STOP TALKING ABOUT ME?” She shouted at the two green figures.

            They turned to glare back at her, and Usagi shrank back.

            “Heheh- I mean, I really don’t like it when people talk like I’m not there… Uh, my name is Usagi,” she introduced herself, and put out her hand.

            Piccolo and Kami stared at her in surprise for a moment.

            “I am the Kami-sama of this planet, child,” Kami told her, and reached over to shake her hand.

            “This rude Namek,” Kami added,” is Piccolo.”

            Piccolo was giving Usagi one of his usual cold glares, arms crossed, trying to look unimpressed with her powers.

            It worked, because Usagi backed up off the Lookout.

            “AHHHHHH!” she shrieked.

            It was then that Gohan decided to show up. Of course, he approached from the other side of the Sanctuary.

            “Kami?” he asked,” what was that screaming I heard?”

A Special Training III

Disclaimer: It belongs to someone else, not me, and I have not made any money yet, and doubt that I ever will. If you want to pay me, I wouldn’t be writing fan fiction.

A/N: Yes, this story will have Usagi start out as a ditz. She is one, folks. That doesn’t mean she will stay one. That is what a good part of this story will be about. I’m no good at writing a straight romance. Yes, there will be a romance, and I believe it was Athena who figured it out. Athena, you know who you are, virtual kudos, and good guess work.

            Usagi let out a blood-curdling scream as she fell from the Sanctuary. At first, Kami and Piccolo were stunned immobile, because someone with that much potential should have been flying with great ease.

            This being not the case, Piccolo reacted, and dived off the edge, grabbing her wrist and swinging her up into his arms.

            A mistake; Usagi screamed into his ear at that moment. He almost dropped her.

            “Will you shut up?” he growled, his deep, menacing voice vibrating his chest.

            Biting her lip, she complied.


            Usagi was shaking by the time she was placed gently on her feet. Still, she stiffened her spine, reminding herself that she was here to help.

            I will not cry, I will not cry, Rei says that I am a crybaby, and I am not!

            “I heard someone say they needed help; that his world was in danger. I am one of the warriors of my world-“ here, Gohan let out a chuckle. Her power level had gone down again, and she was about as powerful as Bulma.

            Usagi glared at him, and again stopped herself, trying to make herself think.

            You always act before you think, Odango Atama.

            Well, this time would be different.

            “You are a warrior?” Piccolo said skeptically.

            Usagi raised her chin proudly, and nodded.

            “Fight me,” he said, and went into a casual stance.

            Usagi gulped, and reached for her henshin broach.

            Noticing what she was doing, and thinking she was starting to attack, struck her hand before she got a chance to use the broach.

            Yelping in pain, and seeing the broach with the crystal inside it skitter away; Usagi wondered what she would do now. Then a blow came at her for her head, and she was forced to fight without her magic.

            Her arms came up, and she blocked. A kick to the side, she blocked with her shin, and then she dived for her broach again.

            “Moon Cosmic Power, MAKE-UP!”

            Then Sailor Moon was crouched before them, with her scepter held defensively.

            “That- was your power?” Piccolo gawked at her, and snickered. The snickers became chuckles, which turned into full-fledged guffaws.

            “I-“ Usagi said hopelessly, and almost started to cry. Only, instead, she got angry. Here she was, trying to HELP these people, and they- they were laughing at her.

            Piccolo kept on laughing, but Gohan saw what the others didn’t. This young girl, when her temper rose, started to glow silver, and her tiara disappeared, leaving a crescent of gold on her forehead. It started to flicker, as well.

            Temper making her do things she normally wouldn’t, Sailor Moon went over to the laughing Namek, and punched him in the gut, and followed that with an uppercut to the chin.

            This knocked him back several feet, and gave him a bloody nose.

            All the laughter died away, and they stared at the girl in front of them. Sailor Moon’s temper rapidly cooled, and she was dumbfounded by what she had done.

            So was everyone else. Sure, Gohan had hit Piccolo before, but he had never managed to do something quite like that.

            “You are right, Piccolo,” Kami admitted, grudgingly. “She is powerful, she just lacks training. Would you train her?”

            Usagi hadn’t agreed to any of this but-

            I did volunteer to help them. If I did that, then I have to do whatever they ask of me.

            This didn’t stop her from swallowing nervously. What have I gotten myself into?

            “Who said I was going to train anybody, old man,” Piccolo snarled, still rubbing his face. “No one asked me.”

            “You are the obvious choice,” said Kami, humor coloring his voice.

            Piccolo sneered, but he new he would give in. If this slip of a girl could be trained, she would be very valuable when the Androids showed up. Also, if Kami was asking for help… Something big was coming. Especially if Piccolo couldn’t sense it.

            Grabbing the girl before she had time to protest, he flew off the Lookout, and onto an island back on Earth.



            “I told you not to yell!” Piccolo shouted, as Usagi screamed at their departure.

            “Well, you surprised me!”

            Piccolo hmph’d, and dropped her to the ground. Then he grabbed her broach.

            “You have power without this little toy. I can tell it has great power, but you have more, and you are too dependent on it. For six months, you will live here. That is the first part of your training. Seeing if you can survive.”

            Sailor Moon became Usagi after he had snatched the broach away, and he pointed at her. Her clothing became heavy, black and brown training gi, with armbands, very heavy boots, and sword.

            “You’re leaving me here for six months?” she asked, and winced.

            “If you can survive, you will be worthy of training,” he told her. He left out that he would be watching her very closely. He wouldn’t just let her die, but he needed to see how tough she was.

            Remember, remember you volunteered!

            Gulping, and feeling like she was about to faint, Usagi nodded.

            She watched as Piccolo flew off, and she wondered if she would be able to move.