One Word Vocabulary
Another Ranma becomes a Sailor Senshi story
By Kevin McHorney

Ranma looked down at what was once his body. "Strange," he said, "I always thought it'd be the tomboy's cooking or somethin that did me in, not a fall off of the Tokyo Tower." He drifted away from his body, following the horse spirit that had appeared after his death. "So what now? Do I go to my eternal reward or somethin?"

The horse looked back at Ranma as it continued walking. "No, your soul cannot rest yet, you are needed for another task." The horse flicked it's tail. "You have, perhaps heard of the Sailor Senshi of Juuban?"

"Oh no, you're not gonna make a girl. No way. I won't do it," Ranma declared. He tried to stop moving, but felt himself being dragged along behind the horse.

The horse smiled. "You act as if you have a choice, young one. You have no more of a choice in your fate then Erekose does." The horse gave a soft chuckle. "On the bright side, you are going to be a redhead again. Here we are."

Ranma felt himself changing, not like when he changed into his cursed, girl form. This was a more radical change. Ranma could feel his strength and dexterity slipping away as his, now her, spirit form solidified into flesh, leaving her in an almost enfeebled state. She felt herself slowly drifting towards the ground. Looking up, Ranma was shocked to see a parasol in her hand. What, she thought to herself, am I going to be some weird form of Ryoga here? She landed on the ground and saw a tall, blond girl. Her hair was done up into two round buns and she was wearing a pink tank top and red shorts. Next to her was a strange looking black cat. Ranma was shocked to find that she felt no terror at the sight of the cat. She found herself almost smiling against her will at that. The blond lady walked over and put a hand on Ranma's shoulder. "Hi little girl."

Ranma tried to say, 'I'm not a girl.' But all that came out was "Chibi."