Those Who Hunt...
A Those Who Hunt Elves / Sailor Moon spamfic
By Jay Kominek

Junpei was getting annoyed. They hadn't been on this world for long when some broad came and told them that they'd have to leave lest they disturb the time stream. She'd been sorta hot looking, except she acted like a complete bitch.

"How much longer is this gonna take lady?"

"Be patient," came the green haired woman's reply. It was the only answer she ever seemed to give, and it was pissing Junpei off.

Trying to be patient, he tapped his foot some and looked around.

Ah! Finally the chick had started doing some magical voodoo mumbo jumbo fu. Waving that big stick of her's around.

"Now maybe we'll get outta here. Hey! Hurry it up over there!"

The woman turned around and shot him a look which would've chilled the blood of anyone smart enough to recognize it.

Surprised that he'd gotten a rise out of the woman for once, Junpei was encouraged, and decided to try some more.

"Come on, lets get this over with. I'm sure you wanna get home and put something on that covers up those legs of yours!"

Again, without saying anything to distract her from her incantation, the woman with the green hair bore into Junpei with her eyes, promising untold pain.

"Hey, how come you're dressed up like some school girl anyways? You into that kinky kiddie stuff?"


As the woman spun around, red eyes nearly glowing, the magical energies which had built up were released, but instead of sending Junpei and his friends back to their own world, it split apart, heading in 9 different directions.

A few hours later, after Junpei recovered from his beating.

"So, what you're saying," Ritsuko asked, "is that this magical spell has gotten broken up into 9 pieces, and to get home, we've got to find them all?"

"Yes, the pieces have been tattooed onto the bodies of 9 pretty warriors."

Lust in his eyes, Junpei spoke up, "Onto their bodies? We've got to strip 'em to get the spells from them?"

The woman in the green hair mumbled.

"What was that?" inquired Airi.

"Yes. I said yes."

Airi, again, "How do we find these 'pretty warriors'?"

"Sadly, I will have to help you find them, to get you out of this world as quickly as possible.

"Who are you, anyways?"

"I, am Sailor Pluto."