Lost Gods!
A Ranma 1/2/ Ah! My Goddess / Other Crossover
Prologue - A Gods Angels
By Hawk

Disclaimer: Wouldn’t you like to know. No Anime names shall be used only Nordic Deities and ones that I’ve made up.

Authors Notes: If you don’t know your Norse Gods and Goddesses look at the end of the Prologue for explanations. You’ll probably be able to tell which anime characters I’m using, but you might not. I have no clue if you will or won’t. Besides, this is a work of fantasy and none of it should be taken seriously.

“Someone talking”
_Emphasizing something_
>A sound affect<
. . . 3 second pause
. . . . . . 6 second pause

A Looooonnnngggg Time Ago:

His boots echoed on the seemingly endless pearl hallway he was walking down. With ever step he took, a resounding >clunk< followed. He was walking down a bright hallway, one which an ordinary person would stop to marvel at with it’s beautiful and perfectly done carvings and designs.

But he wasn’t an ordinary person. He was far from ordinary. Extremely handsome and well built, the man was dress in black armor, a black cape flowing behind him, and black fingerless gloves on each hand. His face held three long, red rectangular markings which pulsed with ever step he took.

Soon enough he reached a finely cut wooden desk, elaborate designs covering it completely, a dazzling blue haired woman sitting behind it. She looked up at his entrance. “Mokushi! What are you doing here?” the woman asked in surprise.

“I’m here to see Odin-sama!” Mokushi barked before stomping off angrily to two huge doors, both covered in detailed designs.

“He’s busy right now! You can’t go in there!” the woman shouted sitting up from her seat to follow Mokushi.

“He _will_ see me now!” Mokushi raged immediately before slamming the two doors open and disappearing into an extremely bright light behind it.

Three men stood in a room filled with plants and animals, the size of which unknown, and the beauty too great for any mortal to possibly comprehend. In front of the three sat a throne and a man whose head was held high as if for the whole world to see.

“We begged the old hag name Thaukt, but she replied, ‘Thaukt will wail, with dry tears, Baldur’s bale-fire. Let Hela keep her own’,” the first man said in a sad and tired voice.

“I see,” a man with a long white bread replied plainly. Two ravens sat on the shoulders of his thrown as well as two wolves which sat on either side of said chair. A long spear sat in his lap and the crown upon his head showed a bird opening its wings.

“We have reason to believe that Thaukt is, in fact, the treacherous fiend Loki in disguise, Odin-sama. Doesn’t that mean anything. Loki did in fact weep for Baldur, so if Loki is in fact Thaukt, wouldn’t it not matter, for all things living would have wept for him,” the second man pleaded, eyes brimmed with tears.

“It is not of my decision. Hela is the one that will decide Baldur’s fate,” Odin-sama explained, one of his white eyebrows raised, his eyes also brimmed with slight wetness.

The third man opened his mouth to replied, but got no further as a figure stomped furiously into the room, his heavy boots disrupting the quiet serenity of the room.

“Odin-sama! I-” Mokushi started before cutting himself off at the sight of the three Gods in his company. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the three C’s. Crap, Crappier, and, of course, Crappiest,” he said in a monotone voice, a nod to each God with each insult.

The third God crossed his arms and looked ready to speak, but the second beat him to it. “Well, if it isn’t the Almighty Asshole himself.” the other two nodded in agreement.

Mokushi flipped them the bird.

The third God, otherwise known as Crappiest, gave him a raspberry.

“Oh that’s mature!” Mokushi exclaimed sarcastically.

Crappiest just shrugged his shoulders in response to the two other Gods curious looks.


Left eyes twitching, multiple sweat drops hanging from the back of their heads, the four present Gods turned to face the speaker.

“Aheh! Odin-sama, when did you get here?” the spiky haired God asked scratching the back of his head nervously, his companions mirroring his facial expression perfectly.

Odin-sama raised an eyebrow at him curiously.

Shaking his head, Mokushi pushed his way through the three Gods and marched up to Odin-sama’s thrown. Odin- sama’s dogs growled at him, but he ignored them by addressing the ‘Almighty’, “Odin-sama, I demand to know why I don’t have an angel!”

“Oh, for the love of Ga-! Ahhhh!” the third God finished loudly while stretching his arms. As all eyes shifted to him, he replied sharply, “What, a God can’t yawn around here when he wants too?”

The others, including Odin-sama, rolled their eyes.

“Odin-sama, this is ridiculous! We don’t time to discuss whether or not Apocalypse deserves an angel!” the first God exclaimed in shock.

“Yeah! We have to decide what to do with Thaukt! We can’t let Hela keep Baldur!” the second God shouted looking backing and forth between Odin-sama and Mokushi.

“Baldur is dead, Courage! The world has wept and he has not returned from Hela which likely means he won’t!” Mokushi shot back.

“You cared nothing for Baldur! All that matter to you was his death!” the first God raged, fists balled and turning white.

“Yes, it’s true that his death will bring the world one step closer to Ragnarok, but I wept! I wept for Baldur! Does that not prove that I cared for him!? Even in the slightest!?”

“No. You. You’re an asshole Apocalypse. You were created to help start Ragnarok, not prevent it,” the third God replied in a dead voice, arms crossed over his chest and eyes averted to the side.

Odin-sama had heard enough. “Compassion,” the red haired God looked at him, “Courage,” the spiky haired God looked up to him, “Confidence,” the third, midnight black haired God turned his gaze to Odin-sama. Each name had been said in a dead serious voice, one that stopped all forth coming arguments from the three Gods.

“Sorry, Odin-sama,” the three said in unison.

“Now, Apocalypse, can’t this-” Odin-sama started calmly.

“No it can’t! I _deserve_ an Angel! I’m a First Class, First Category, Unlimited and I still haven’t received my Angel!” Mokushi argued. He was one of the top Gods, third in rank to Odin-sama himself and he still didn’t have his own Angel. It was absurd!

The three Gods remained silent this time, but continued giving Mokushi distasteful looks.

Odin-sama regarded Mokushi by speaking slowly and knowingly, “One Angel? Is that all you want?”

“Well . . . I was thinking more along the lines of four,” Mokushi answered awkwardly.

“What!? Odin-sama, this is absurd!” Compassion shouted, eyes wide in shock.

“My brother’s right! Being allowed one Angel is fine, but to be given three more is. . . is just . . . just, I don’t know! Just not right!” Courage exclaimed adding to Compassion’s complaint.

The room went quite, all eyes turning to Confidence. He continued to stand, arms crossed, eyes and mouth closed as if he’d fallen asleep while standing up.

“Well Confidence. I know you wish to speak your piece,” Odin-sama said calmly, paying attention to only Confidence.

“Odin-sama, you as much as anyone should know that I’ll stick by whatever my brothers say. I, too, believe what Apocalypse says is . . . unfair I believe was the word my brother was looking for.” Confidence looked up at Odin-sama before continuing in a voice just a calm as the ‘Almighty’s’, “It’s already a law that a God or Goddess can only have one Angel, but to have four is unfair to the others. My brothers and I do not even have are own and he’s asking for four. It’s a mockery to what we Gods believe and follow. Apocalypse is doing nothing but wasting our time,” he finished smoothly while eyeing Mokushi warily.

“Odin-sama please! If anything I deserve this! How long have I served under you!? Have I ever disobeyed your orders!? Have I ever broken your rules!? Did I not _weep_ for Baldur!?” Mokushi raged before calming, “All I ask is three more Angels. That and nothing more.”

“Well?” Odin-sama regarded the three brothers.

“Shouldn’t we get the other Gods and Goddesses in on this decision?” Courage asked, Compassion nodding in agreement.

Confidence began laughing loudly and freely not caring about his surroundings. Soon enough he was grasping his knees to keep balance as tear of amusement fell from his eyes.

Mokushi growled while Courage, Compassion and Odin-sama sweat dropped nervously.

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Confidence replied with an amused smile, “Brothers, Odin-sama, _Apocalypse_. Unless you’ve forgotten the rules of being a _God_, let me refer you all to rule number 128. And I quote, ‘Any God or Goddess is allowed one and only one Angel.’ So, unless that rule has changed over the past 100 years, there’s no possible way for Apocalypse to obtain four Angels for himself,” he finished by giving Mokushi a smug look.

Courage snapped his fingers before exclaiming, “That’s right! There’s no way he could have that many! It just not possible!” He gave Mokushi a sympathetic yet sarcastic look.

“What Confidence says is true and that rule has not yet been changed,” Odin-sama explained patiently.

Mokushi face began to fall as he realized he was losing the battle, but it lit up like a light a moment later. “But,” he exclaimed abruptly and loudly, “rules have been added! And I’m pretty _confident_ it’ll work,” he finished looking Confidence in the eye and giving him a very pompous looked.

Confidence didn’t blink.

Throughout the following events only one other soul would know what happened that day. Valery, the valkyrie that had followed Mokushi, would witness it all and remember everything from where she hid in Odin-sama’s thrown room.

1000 years later:

Three Gods sat outside of Odin-sama’s thrown room each in their own way. At the desk next to the thrown rooms main doors Valery sat filing her nails nervously. Every now and then she’d glance at the three to make sure they were still there, especially Confidence. This would be the first time in a thousand years the three would address Odin-sama. She was worried about Odin-sama’s reaction.

Compassion was sitting Indian style on the ground, eyes closed, and hands in his lap while Confidence was in the same position only balancing himself on his head. Courage was in a hand stand, eyes closed as well and holding his position with practiced ease. They were most likely meditating, she assumed. None were using the three finely made chairs that had been left out for them, seemingly content with their current seating arrangements.

The three brothers had changed since the Angel incident. Some say for the better, some say for the worse. Compassion and Courage had changed for the better, but in Confidence’s case it was worse.

Valery shuddered slightly as she recalled what had happened. She had her eyes closed through most of it, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t hear them. Hear the screaming. Hear the pain. Nobody knew why the three Gods changed so much but she did and as other Gods and Goddesses questioned their strange behavior she’d wanted to scream out at them, telling them the truth. Telling them what they wanted to hear. Telling them that Confidence couldn’t help being who he was.

After the incident the three had taken up fighting. The three would spar with each other everyday, and everyday they’d become better then they were the day before. Each grew a love for their art and each day it grew stronger. Their lives revolved around the art and only the art. The three had become the talk of Asgard and Niffleheim because of their sudden change.

Many believed that Odin-sama had called the three to ask why they were acting differently, but that wasn’t the reason. Odin-sama already knew the reason for their change he just hadn’t witnessed its affects personally. Others thought Odin-sama was going force them back to the way they used to be. Many hoped for the latter, especially for Confidence.

Gulping audibly to herself, Valery stole a glance at Confidence. *Good, his eyes are closed.* she thought in relief.

Many Goddesses and Valkyries thought the three brothers handsome especially since the three had taken up a different art turning up their muscular structures. Compassion and Courage were easily likeable having not changed much from before, but Confidence was near impossible. Confidence had been voted the most handsome of the three, though is had been a close vote in the end, his new attitude left much to the desire and his eyes didn’t help either.

His eyes were a dead grey. Grey like a tombstone. His eyes had withered from the once vibrant color they once were. They’d been so beautiful before and now sat lifeless. As lifeless as Apocalypse’s eyes once were. That’s why she was glad his eyes were closed because every time she looked into those dull, grey orbs she remembered the pain he went through. The screaming.

Confidence’s eyes opened looking straight back into hers, freezing her in place as the two grey orbs pierced her own purple. Valery felt fear and pity well up inside her at the sight of the once confident eyes now obsolete of such emotion. A glare and an annoyed snort later and Valery was once again filing her nails nervously, not daring to look away from her hands afraid that Confidence might still be glaring at her.

Soon enough she heard footstep echoing in her direction. Glancing up quickly she began filing her nails at earnest as what she’d feared was happening. Confidence was heading right for her. *Oh please Odin-sama! Open the door!* she silently prayed within the recesses of her mind.

She _really_ didn’t need or want Confidence to be mad at her. A lone bead of sweat made its way down her beautiful face as Confidence’s footfalls grew closer and closer and . . . past her? She released her breath not knowing she’d been holding it in the first place. Then she realized where he really was going.

Valery spun around ain her chair to see Confidence striding toward Odin-sama’s thrown room doors. She swallowed lightly before meekly calling out to him, “Confidence?”

He stopped walking, but didn’t turned to face her when he growled his response, “What?”

“Wh-wh-where are yo-you going?” she managed to stutter out hoping he didn’t turn around to face her. To looked her in the eyes.

“Where the _hell_ does it look like I’m going?” he responded mockingly.

Valery winced slightly at the use of the ‘H’ word, but managed to hold her composure. Or what little she had of it. “But-but-but-but-but-” she stammered, now sweating profusely.

“But-but-but-but-but what!?” Confidence shouted having copied Valery’s nervous stutter in a babies voice. “I’m tired of waiting! If Odin-sama wants to see us then we shouldn’t have to wait!” he finished with a low growl before he started toward the doors once again.

Compassion and Courage shared a glance before shrugging their shoulders. Well Compassion did. Courage tried but ended up on his face. Rising to their feet, the two Gods followed their irritated brother through the doors unannounced.

With that said and done, Valery went back to filing her nails. Of course, that was before she realized she didn’t have anymore nails left to file. Dropping her file, she stuck as many fingers as she could into her mouth and started to chew.

Odin-sama was feeding his two wolves, Geri and Freki, when Confidence stalked into the room. The two wolves growled at his unexpected entrance and sudden audacity. A glare later, the two promptly shut up and hid behind Odin-sama’s thrown.

“Alright Odin-sama! We’re here! What hell do you want!?” Confidence snapped once Odin-sama had directed his attention from his wolves.

Odin-sama blinked and raised an eyebrow curiously before Compassion and Courage entered the room. “Good, now that you’re all here, we can begin,” he said calmly, though eyeing Confidence warily. “And you should never speak the ‘H’ word in my presence.”

Confidence shrugged and replied snidely, “Whatever.”

“Sorry for our brothers disrespect, Odin-sama. He can’t really help it and I think you know as to why,” Compassion explained somewhat sadly. Courage nodded in agreement, though his eyes were averted from Odin-sama.

Confidence yawned dramatically while saying, “Boring! Can we get this over already?”

“I had heard it was bad, but this wasn’t exactly what I was expecting,” Odin-sama explained to Compassion and Courage while eyeing Confidence who in turn eyed him back.

“Yeah and what were you expectin’, you ol’ fart?” Confidence asked Odin-sama with a sardonic smirk.

To say Odin-sama was shock was an understatement. He looked ready to fall out his thrown, but maintained his balance by griping the arm rests. “Old . . .fart?” he questioned after a moment of silence.

Confidence rolled his eyes. “You are wasting my time!” he sang before adding coldly, “Either say your piece or let me leave. I have better things to do than sit around watching and waiting for an ol’ fart to blow his internal organs out his ass.”

“Excuse me?!” Odin-sama exclaimed, eyes wide.

“Oh! Was that your liver?” Confidence asked mockingly.

Compassion and Courage couldn’t help but chuckle at their brothers insult, even if it was at Odin-sama.

“Right,” Odin-sama drawled out before smiling somewhat cruelly, “Here, catch!” he exclaimed to Confidence.

Confidence let out a low grunt as something was shoved into his arms. “What the . . .” he faltered as he stared at the gurgling mass of flesh in his hands. “What the hell is this!?” he snapped irritably as he held up said object in the air with one hand.

“It’s a baby.”

Still holding the baby with one hand, Confidence growled, “I know that. What the hell is the point of giving me this?” He shook the baby slightly for emphasis before thrusting it at Compassion saying, “Here, you take,” he looked the baby over before finishing, “her.”

“She, is the new Angel of Peace, and your new charge,” Odin-sama explained calmly, though he was smirking a little too much for Confidence’s sake.

“Ah . . . Odin-sama? Is there a reason why you’re putting her under our care?” Courage asked while eyeing Peace curiously.

“Yes,” Odin-sama answered with a mysterious smile.

“Ah . . .” Compassion and Courage copied each others expressions.

Confidence snorted and muttered, “This is retarded.”

Odin-sama raised his eyebrows with an ‘Ok, this has got to stop’ look and sighed annoyed. His two ravens, Hugin and Munim, squawked their agreement. “Compassion. Courage. If I could speak to you alone.”

“Fine! I know when I’m not wanted!” Confidence shouted then turned and stomped away.

“Confidence!” Odin-sama shouted before he could leave the room.

He turned around and glared menacingly. “What?” he practically snarled.

“Take Peace with you.” As if by magic, well it actually was by magic, Peace disappeared from Compassion’s arms and into Confidence’s.

Glaring at Odin-sama one last time, Confidence left muttering angrily and glaring at Peace.

“He’s worse than I thought. Not even Apocalypse was that bad in my presence,” Odin-sama said mournfully.

“Yeah. He’s a really asshole,” Courage muttered, “Er . . . I mean, he’s a really pain in the ass! Butt! Tush! Yeah, that’s it!”

“And that’s the point of putting Peace under our care, isn’t it. To try and help him regain some sort of control over his attitude,” Compassion explained knowingly.

“Correct. I want you two to make sure he spends as much time as he can with her. Hopefully it will help,” Odin- sama ordered soothingly.

“Yes, sir,” the two said in unison.

“Alright, you two may go.”

The two hurried out of the room hoping that baby Peace was still in one piece. What they found was not what they were expecting. Valery was laughing. Confidence was nowhere to be seen and Peace was sitting on Valery’s desk, a small puddle underneath her and on the floor.

Compassion and Courage exchanged looks . . . and burst into laughter.

3 years later:

“Hey Confidence?”

Confidence opened his eyes, disrupting his meditation, to see Compassion holding his most hated rival. “What do you want?” he asked his eyes narrowing slightly.

“Could you watch Peace for a moment?” Compassion asked holding the proffered baby at arms length.

Confidence eyed the baby for over a minute before answering, “Just put her on the ground, will ya.” With that said he closed his eyes and began meditating again.

Compassion sighed before placing the three-year-old Peace on the ground. It’d been three years and he still hadn’t changed. Instead of changing and becoming nicer in Peace’s presence, he’d become crueler. Everyone blamed it on Peace’s interesting greeting outside of Odin-sama’s thrown room.

The three, or rather two, Compassion and Courage, had created a schedule so each brother could, or in Confidence’s case would, watch over Peace. Sunday’s and Monday’s Compassion would take care of her. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s Courage would take her and Thursday’s and Friday’s Confidence would watch, if you could call what he did watching, over her. Saturday’s the three would watch over her together. At first they had Confidence taking care of Peace on Saturday’s but a couple of threats later and it was changed. Today was a Saturday.

The three had chosen a vacant park to meet every Saturday and two would spar and the other watch Peace. Uninhabited because Confidence was in it. He sat in a lotus position on top of a grassy knoll, a gigantic, and I do mean gigantic, tree could be seen in the background.

Confidence breathed deeply and calmly ignoring the sounds around him. He put the sound of his brothers sparring out of his head. He needed to concentrate and listening to those two didn’t help. He was so close to reaching his center. The part in himself that was calm. The eye of the hurricane if you will. He sighed as his shoulders began to slump.

It was at that point that something, or rather someone crawled onto his lap breaking his concentration. His shoulders tensed, eyes snapped open and his calm was lost. With his left eye twitching, Confidence slowly glanced down at the wide-eyed bouncing baby in his lap. Reaching down, Confidence grasped the grass at his sides tightly so he wouldn’t end up strangling the said child.

Peace began patting Confidence’s abs with both hands while smiling happily and gurgling, “Cafwince! Cafwince!”

“Listen and listen good, Piss,” Confidence seethed into the babies face, “I hate you. I’ve always hated. I always _will_ hate you. You are nothing more than a miniscule thorn in my side. You got that? Huh? You got that?”

Peace had stopped patting Confidence’s chest and was looking him straight in the eye as if she’d listening intently. She blinked once before she began patting his abs again happily “Cafwince! Cafwince!”

“If I could kill you, I would,” Confidence fumed glaring at the happy child.

“Confidence!” Courage shouted as he and Compassion closed in on their brother.

Peace stopped patting Confidence’s chest, blinked loudly and began patting him again this time happily chanting, “Confiwence! Confiwence!”

“Well, what do you know! You’re her first word, brother,” Courage exclaimed just as happily as Peace.

“Doesn’t that make you feel good, Confidence?” Compassion as smiling at Peace’s antics.

“Confidwence! Confidwence!”

Confidence stood up causing Peace to fall off his lap, stopping her so-called victory chant. “Yeah, I wet myself in excitement!” Confidence remarked sarcastically gesturing to his pants.

“I thought she got over that,” Courage said curiously as he eyed Confidence’s soaked pants.

“Apparently the little _squirt_ didn’t!” Confidence snapped before stalking away from the three.

1 year later:

>Ding Dong<

Compassion looked up from the book he was reading in the direction of the sound. He wasn’t expecting any company. It was a Friday so he didn’t have to watch over Peace either. Placing the book on a nearby table, Compassion made his way over to his front door.

“May I help- Forseti! What are you-Peace! Why do you have Peace?” Compassion asked as he noticed the God of Justice holding Peace in his arms.

“I thought maybe you could answer that question,” Forseti replied sounding slightly worried and slightly irritated.

“What do you mean?” Compassion asked curiously.

“Earlier today, somebody push _this_,” he explained shoving Peace into Compassion arms, “through my dog door.”

“Dog! Dog!” Peace exclaimed cheerfully waving her arms about.

“What!?” Compassion shouted startled by Forseti’s answer.

“Not only that, but before that, the same _somebody_ tried shoving her through Thor’s mail slot!”

“Confidence!” Compassion groaned slapping himself in the face not realizing he’d just dropped Peace on her head or seeing the sticker attached to her butt that read, ‘To: Thor, From: Anonymous’.

A couple months later, a Saturday afternoon:

“Wah!!!” Peace cried, tears falling rapidly from her eyes.

“Shut up, Piss!”

“Wah!!!!” Once again the two were sitting atop the grassy knoll.

“If you don’t shut up I’m gonna break every single one of your toys in half!”

“. . .”

“That’s better.”

3 years later:

“Hey Confidence! You in here?” Courage shouted as he and Compassion entered their brothers home.

“In here!” Confidence responded from deeper inside the house.

“Seriously! Seriously! Seriously! Confidence! Seriously!” came Peace’s voice in rapid succession.

Compassion and Courage shared a glance, sweat- dropping in unison. Finding the room the two were in, they sweatdropped again while face-faulting.

A seven-year-old Peace was running around in circles, seemingly full of energy while Confidence was performing a kata in the middle of her circle. “Seriously! Confidence! Seriously! Seriously! Seriously! Confidence!”

“Uh. . .? Confidence? What’s . . . wrong with . . . uh. . . Peace?” Courage asked in shock as he watched his charge run around the room at an amazing speed.

“Well, she was just sitting there watching me, being quiet and all so I gave her a taste of caffeinated coffee,” Confidence replied not breaking the stride of his kata.

“Seriously! You guys! Seriously!”

“Uh. . . how much is a ‘taste’?” Compassion asked as Peace sped past him for what had to be the 18th time.

“About four gallons I think.”

“Seriously! You guys! Seriously!”

7 years later:

Confidence whistled silently to himself as he made his way down one of the many streets in Asgard. He hadn’t felt as good as he did that day for a long time. The whole day was going his way.

“Confidence!” a feminine voice shouted which immediately ruined his mood.

“What do you want, _Piss_?” Confidence ask turning to face a now 14 year old Peace.

Glomping onto his side, Peace pouted cutely. “Why do you still call me that? That was years ago.”

“And yet, it’s still imprinted in my mind as if it were yesterday _Squirt_,” Confidence explained exasperated.

Peace began crying and hugged herself tighter to Confidence.

“What do you want!?” Confidence shouted tiredly.

“I’m bleeding,” Peace whined through her tears.

“Huh?!” Confidence exclaimed anger momentarily forgotten. He looked her over. “You don’t look like you’re bleeding.”

Peace was suddenly blushing cherry red suddenly feeling self conscious of herself because of her problem. “Uh. . . it’s not really . . . uh. . . visible,” she finished in a whisper.

Confidence’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Not . . . visible?”

Peace turned even redder than before. “Uh . . . it’s . . . it’s . . . it’s below,” she mumbled not daring to look into Confidence’s eyes.

Confidence’s left eye began twitching uncontrollably. “Why are you telling me this?

“Because I thought you might know why I’m bleeding . . . there,” she murmured.

The whole left side of Confidence’s face began twitching along with his eye.

1 year later:


“What, _Piss_!” Confidence sighed.

Peace, now 15 years old, frowned slightly but asked her question anyway, “Can you tell me about sex?”

Confidence took a deep breath. “Who told you about sex?”

“Urdur, but she didn’t tell me what sex is.”

“Figure Urdur would do something like this,” Confidence sighed again. “Lets put it this way. It’s a mans obligation to stick his boneration in a woman’s separation to help increase the population.”

“Ah . . . . . . ok.”

2 years later:

“Confidence! You have to help me!” Peace shouted as she flung herself onto his chest, gripping him tightly as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“What the . . .” Confidence exclaimed, shocked by Peace’s sudden death grip. “Get offa me for a sec, will ya Squirt,” he said as he pried Peace off of himself and held her at arms length. Looking her over, he sighed for what had to be the millionth time in her presence.

The fact that she was crying and that her eyes were puffy wasn’t what made him sigh. It was what she looked like. She was dressed exactly like he was, the same exact type of clothes, style fabric, size too even though she was probably a foot shorter than him. Her hair was done the same way as well. Not only that, but she constantly copied what he did, tried to act like he did, tried to do the same thing he’d do in a certain situation. She’d even taken up the art, but quickly stopped only to learn the art for it’s beauty instead of the so called violent side. They were an odd pair to see together, looking so much alike yet acting completely different. Peace always being carefree and kind while Confidence was cold hearted and . . . well a jerk.

Whenever someone asked why Peace looked up to Confidence, she tell them that she liked the way he acted. So Confidence would then change the way he acted, or tried really, but it wouldn’t work. Peace would always laugh at his attempts which would just piss him off and have him start acting the way he always did.

Cofidence had to admit, Peace had grown up into an amazingly beautiful woman. Of course, all woman born from divinity grew to be beautiful but Peace seemed different. Her face was stunning and pleasing to look at. Her chest was also an impressive sight, her breast much larger and shapely than anyone had thought they'd be. Peace's body, the curves of her sides, were perfect as her training in the arts had helped give her a body so fine, it turned many a heads in both Asgard and Niffleheim. And sometimes, she'd wear these tight shorts which showed off her ass, that was so sexy, even he had trouble understanding it.

Of course, the problem with angels was that they didn't know what love was or how it was expressed. They knew other emotions but love was the one Odin-sama had with held from them, not wanting angels to fall in love. It just wouldn't work out the way He'd want it to.

“Now, what’s the matter?” Confidence asked as patiently as he could.

“Nothing’s the matter, old man,” a male voice spoke from behind him.

Confidence’s eyes narrowed as he turned to the speaker and unknowingly drew Peace closer to himself. “Anarchy. What’re you doing here?”

“Nothing. We were just playing around, that's all,” Anarchy said brushing a lock of dark black hair out of his eyes.

“No we weren’t! You were attacking me!” Peace shouted grabbing Confidence again and hugging him tight.

“I truly doubt that Peace would every ‘play around’ with you, Anarchy,” Confidence sneered drawing an arm across Peace’s shoulders.

Peace gasped in surprise. He’d called her Peace! Not Piss, or Squirt like he always did, but Peace! She suddenly felt very giddy and began to smile through her tears. And he was holding her, not with both hands mind you, but at least he was! Every time she’d hugged him, he’d just stand and accept it, never returning it like his brothers did.

“My son, I’m sure, was only playing around with Peace, Confidence,” Mokushi explained smoothly as he walked up and stop next to Anarchy.

Confidence glared at him. “Go away Apocalypse. And take your _son_ with you,” he spat.

“And why should I?” Mokushi asked, a confident smirk riding his lips.

“Because you owe me one,” Confidence countered.

Mokushi’s smile faltered. “You’re right. I do.”

Anarchy snorted. “I don’t think you owe this old man anything!”

“Be silent, Museifu. You know nothing of this matter,” Mokushi retorted.

“Yes, father,” Anarchy muttered.

“This is your favor. The fact that we don’t kill you and Peace right now. After this, I owe you nothing,” Apocalypse explained in a deathly calm voice.

“Whatever! Just get lost! And leave Peace alone!” Confidence brought his free hand to his back and pulled one of his broad swords out of it’s sheath before pointing the tip at the two Gods.

“Fine! Fine!” Mokushi shouted, hands raised above his head defensively. “We’re going! Come Museifu,” he ordered harshly before spinning around and walking away.

Confidence turned around turning Peace with him and began walking away himself. Peace was still pressed against his chest which resulted in Confidence basically dragging her along with him. Peace didn’t really mind though as she was still a little too giddy from Confidence’s actions.

“Confidence!” Museifu shouted to his back causing him to stop but as usual he did not turn. “You better watch your back! Cause you never know when it’s gonna be stabbed.”

Confidence nodded once before he started walking, again ignoring Peace as she was still clinging to his chest.

Nearly 2000 years later:

Compassion gazed upon the burning pile of wood sadly, tears easily making their down his face. He sighed one last time before joining Courage and Peace, who now looked to be the age of 19. Their eyes were just a red as his.

Even though he’d been a real pain in the ass over the past 3000 years, tons upon tons of Gods and Goddesses showed up for his funeral. The only God that wasn’t there was Odin-sama himself, but most assumed he had a good reason not to be. Others didn’t care that he didn’t show up. Pointedly, Compassion, Courage and Peace.

All attempts to talk to Odin-sama about Confidence’s murder had been refused. No Gods or Goddesses were being allowed to enter his thrown room. Not even his wife! What really peeved the three was that they knew who the murderer was, but without Odin-sama’s permission, he couldn’t be punished!

Compassion sighed again as he watched with Peace and his brother as their other brothers body burn. Most of the other deities that had shown up had left by then, but they were waiting for the whole thing to go up. It was the least they could do for their brother.

End Prologue!

Next Time: Chapter 1 - Reunions

Four Angels reunite. A girl’s life is destroyed. And a man is forced into a position that he wants nothing to do with. Chaos ensues.

Authors Note: As you noticed I used no anime characters in this fic and don’t go saying Urdur is one, because she isn’t. The one thing that I’m saying right now is that this fic will, of course, be a Ranma 1/2 crossover with AMS and others which are TBA. Some of you are also probably wondering about Odin- sama’s personality. Well, personally, I got tired of reading fics where the ‘Almighty’ always talked “LIKE THIS” and acted all high and mighty and thought it might be cool to have a God of all Gods a normal person could converse with without wetting his pants or something.

C&C appreciated at Hawk49er@msn.com as well as flames. If you wanna know what the hell’s going on, then email me asking me to continue this.

Norse Mythology for those of you who know nothing:
Odin-sama - Father of all Gods and Lord of the Sky.
Thor - Lord of thunder and lightning.
Baldur - God of beauty and radiance. It’s said that only after Baldur’s death can Ragnarok (Apocalypse) occur. Hela made a deal that if every being on Asgard (Heaven), Midgard (Earth) and Niffleheim (Hell) were to weep for Baldur she’d let him live.
Forseti - The God of Justice
Hela - Ruler of the realm of the dead and daughter to Loki
Loki - Power of evil, a trickster and he’s not a God or Demon but of the Giant race. He tricked Hodur, into killing Baldur, Hodur’s own brother. Pretended to be Thaukt and not weep for Baldur allowing Hela to keep him.
Valkyrie - Beautiful deities that live in Asgard. They bring dead warriors spirits to Valhalla.
Mokushi and Museifu - Apocalypse and Anarchy. They are of my creation and are not Nordic Deities.
In Norse Mythology, Gods and Goddesses were cremated with all their belongings after death (Baldur was burn with all his possessions along with his wife, who couldn't stand to live without him).

Mokushi - Apocalypse
Museifu - Anarchy
Rosuto Kamigami - Lost Gods

My longest Prologue to date: 23 pages. All my other prologues are one or two pages long. *Sigh*