The Sixth Gundam Pilot
By Shara

"Sugoi! Sugoi! How marvelous!" Duo heard a cheerful voice exclaim as he came around the side of the hanger on his way to meet the new mobile suit pilot who would be joining the gundam team.

The owner of the voice, a young man with shining black hair and bright silver grey eyes who looked to be around the same age as deathscyth's pilot, was clapping enthusiastically as he looked up at the huge mobile suit that filled most of the hanger. Duo did a double take as he followed the brunette's gaze. He had to admit the Mobile suit was worth a stare.

The gleaming black and silver gundainum penguin gazed inoffensively down at the long brown haired pilot. If it had been a stuffed animal Duo would have thought it cute, but this was a mobile suit. "What the hell is that supposed to be?"

Duo held his breath as the graceful movement of a slender blond, who was standing in front of the mobile suit, captured his attention. It took a moment of staring at the blond's vivid blue eyes and delicate features before he realized that the figure before him wasn't a beautiful young woman, but a youth of seventeen or eighteen years.

"That's my mobile suit, I built it from scratch. It really turned out well didn't it?" The youth smiled proudly at his creation.

"You built it?" Duo couldn't believe his ears. This fragile looking blond designed and built a gundam all by himself? Then again Quatre had done the same so maybe there was more to this fellow than first met the eye.

Duo turned to look at the beaming brunette as he started clapping once more. "Kichou is amazing!"

The blond grinned at his dark haired friend as a charming smile lit up his face. "You are too kind, Akira"

"Ok so you built a gundam, but why is it shaped like a penguin?" The second gundam pilot asked glancing dubiously at the friendly looking mobile suit.

"I made it look like a penguin, because I like penguins." The blond responded with a shrug.

Duo shook his head trying to imagine what a giant penguin could do in battle. "Why don't you climb in and show us what this thing can do?"

The blond's bright sapphires turned sad," I would but I can't right now."

"Why not? Is something wrong with your mobile suit?" Duo folded his arms impatiently, when he had agreed to come out and meet the new pilot he hadn't known it was going to involve and enormous penguin and two not one but two young men. 'Make that three,' he corrected himself as he glimpsed another young man wearing the same school uniform the other two were wearing.

"The suit is just fine. But I am afraid my friend here won't let me get onboard." The blond motioned to the grim faced navy haired youth Duo had just noticed.

"Absolutely not." The blue haired youth spoke with a calm, quiet, yet dangerous voice. "It would be far to unsafe, Kaichou. I will not allow it." The youth's narrowed golden eyes could have melted glass if he had stared in one place for too long. Duo felt sorry for the handsome new pilot as the sharp gaze refocused on the blond.

"But Suoh, all woman kind is imperiled in this war. How could I just stand idly by with all that's at stake?" A white folding fan appeared from one of Kiachou's shirtsleeves. When he snapped it open with a shake of his wrist Duo could see the kanji meaning woman's happiness printed neatly on it's surface.

"Who do you think you are?" Duo laughed as he glanced up at the gundam. The visions of a storybook knight astride his noble penguin danced in his head. "Some kind of white knight charging to the rescue of the fair damsel in distress?"

"I am Imonoyama Nokoru and you are exactly right!" Nokoru nodded pleased at his fellow pilot's deduction. "Now if only Suoh would let me get on board."

"We already went through this, Kaichou. As your body guard I cannot allow you to board this mobile suit." Suoh crossed his arms as he glared at his Kiachou. "Besides, I believe you have paper work waiting for you back in the student council room."

Nokoru stared at the sober looking youth with sorrowful eyes his shoulders sagging with disappointment. "You aren't going to let me get out of it this time, are you?"

"No, I am not going to let you charm your way out of your responsibilities just so you can run off risking life and limb to rescue more ladies. The other pilots will do just fine without you. Now come along." Grabbing Nokoru's hand Suoh began to lead his kiachou away.

Duo looked up as the youth Nokoru had named Akira, approached him. "I'm afraid Kiachou has a talent for procrastination. I'm very sorry, but Kiachou will be unable to pilot the gundam until he has finished all of his paper work."

Totally amazed at the turn of events Duo stood helplessly mute as Akira bowed politely before turning to follow his friends away from the hanger.

The End

The Sixth Gundam Pilot: Imonoyama Nokoru from Clamp School Detectives

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