A Gundam Wing / Little Mermaid spamfic
By GunKnight

True to the nature of the Heero/Releena relationship, Releena had gotten her way with Heero. So, on her eighteenth birthday, she and her husband-to-be (to-be as soon as he admitted they were perfect together) set out on a short hop around the islands surrounding the Sanq Kingdom in a catamaran.

"This is great!" exclaimed Releena. "The sea, the salty air, the sun, the sky, everything's just perfect!"

"We should've brought a bigger boat, with a crew."

Perfect, that is, except for the fact that Mr. Former Terrorist and Gundam Pilot would not relax and appreciate the atmosphere.

"Heero! You're missing the whole point of coming out here!"

"The point was?"

She sauntered over to him, plopped down beside and circled her arms around his shoulders.

"The point was for you, and me, to come out here, alone, miles away from any interruptions and..."

She trailed off as Heero began to stare intently.


She backed off slowly, a mixture of dread and hope anticipating his next words. "Yes?"

"There's something I have to tell you..."


"It's really important..."

She almost couldn't contain herself. There were butterflies in her stomach, she was getting dizzy, she could already hear the wedding bells as she...

"There's a giant seagull eating our picnic lunch."

The butterflies died a horrible death by disappointment as she supressed the urge to shoot him (with the gun he had brought along, of course.)

True to his words, there was a giant seagull, buried upto the tail feathers and rooting around in the wicker picnic basket she had packed.

"Shoo! Shoo! No handouts to you, you, you romance killer!"

Unperturbed, the gull came out of basket, incredibly enough, holding a container in one wing!

"Whoo-hoo!" it said. "Crab meat! Oh boy, better not let Sebastian see that, he'll hit the reef!"

Releena and Heero were, quite understandably, speechless.

"I already have hit the reef, thank you very much" bespoke a small irate crab as it pulled itself onto the catamaran. "You have no idea what the humans are throwing into the sea nowdays!" He shook a pincer at Releena, who was still trying to find the device driver for her mouth. "Why your great great great great grandfather, Neptune rest his soul, would turn in his grave if he knew what you were allowing done... ah well, we'll fix all that later. Let's cut this short."

He held out a small wand shaped like a ballpoint pen with a pewter fish mounted on one end.

"Please take this and say the first words that come to mind."

"What, Like, Mermaid Transformation Power Make Up?"

Things got weird after that.