Card Captor Quatre - In My Brother's Eyes
-A GW/CCS crossover
Part 3

By Goldster

Somebody's been stealing my food again.

I scowl at the crumbs scattered on the otherwise gleaming kitchen counter.

K'so....that stuffed toy Quatre's been dragging around is SO gonna get it.

Omae o korosu!

Several days, and a few thousand yen later....

"Rashid!" Quatre gasped, falling down to his knees beside the bed. Aqua eyes gazed worriedly at his friend. "What happened?!"

The little winged camel gave him a woebegone look. One floppy ear drooped pathetically in front of wobbly caramel eyes.

"Rashid...?" The blonde ten-year old was beginning to feel the first twinges of panic.

"...Q-Quatre-sama...?" the magical creature whimpered, curling up into a tiny ball of fluff.


"....I think I ate too much," Rashid moaned, shuddering slightly.

Quatre facefaulted.

"The cakes looked so many wonderful flavors...." he continued obliviously, eyes glazing over with remembered greed. "I couldn't resist..." His stomach churned and he winced.


"A-anata...." The boy shook his head in disgust. Honestly! His friend was such a pig. His eyes darted towards a previously unnoticed pile of dishes on the floor. "I think you MAY have overlooked a slice," he said sarcastically. "I suppose you'll be wanting to eat that as well?" he quirked an eyebrow, fully expecting the little camel to say 'yes'.

Rashid suddenly turned green and shook his head frantically.

Quatre blinked. WELL, now. It appeared that even old constructs COULD learn. Ah, pain was such a glorious motivator. Smirking, he toddled off to the bathroom to get some Alka-Seltzer for the indigestion-suffering stuffed animal.

Let no one say that he, Quatre Raberba Winner-Yuy, was not a compassionate soul.

In a dark corner of the room, two cobalt eyes gleamed in triumph.

<Ninmu kanryou, you stupid camel.>


so? *looks around expectantly* what do you guys think? mail me!


End Part 3