Card Captor Quatre - In My Brother's Eyes
-A GW/CCS crossover
Part 2

By Goldster

Warnings: Yaoi, OOC-ness maybe?
Pairings: 1+2, 4+2 so far
Disclaimers: Don't own 'em. Don't claim to. Don't sue. 'Nuff said.

I smirk as I leave the house, making sure to make my exit as loud as possible. It's so cute the way that little kaijuu panics when he thinks I'm about to leave him behind.

Sadistic? Me?


I hear the door slam and the frantic sounds of hurried skating coming after me. I shake my head a little. Quatre, Quatre, Quatre. Predictable as ever. I quicken my pedalling just a bit. No sense in letting my otouto have it easy.

Torture? Cruel and unjust treatment of kawaii little brothers?


You're beginning to sound like Wufei.

Just think of it as exercise. Kami-sama knows he needs more of it. He's simply too fragile.


He would have to take after our mother. Ah well, I'll just have to toughen him up then.

I grin.

Ninmu ryoukai.

I speed off.

From behind me a plaintive wail rings out.


"Duo-san!" my brother gasps out, bending over a bit to catch his breath. "Ohayou!"

I shake my head at Quatre, aghast at his appalling lack of endurance. Boy, did I have my work cut out for me.

My best friend Duo just smiles at him, teasingly ruffling his short, golden hair. "Ohayou, Quatre-chan. Running a little late today, are we?"

He blushes slightly, scratching the back of his head. "H-hai."

I roll my eyes.

Honestly, my otouto has got to get over this crush he has. It's beginning to become really embarrassing.

<Not to mention vastly irritating> a snide voice whispers.

"Hn." Where the hell had that come from? "Let's go Duo, or we're gonna be late," I growl, determinedly ignoring the pesky little thought.

Duo shoots me an amused look. "Hai, hai."

That said, we continued on our way to school.

"What's wrong with you today, Heero?" Duo asks, tilting his head questioningly to one side. His ridiculously long braid falls over one shoulder. "You're acting even more antisocial than usual."

I shrug irritably, not bothering to answer him.

"Hello? Earth to Heero. Are you even listening to me?" he calls out, exasperated by my lack of response.

"Hn. Nothing's wrong baka," I said, scowling down at my bento.

He lets out a frustrated sigh, pushing his bangs absently out of his face. "Mou! Don't lie to me! Just spit it out, will you??"

I glare at him, not saying a word.

"...fine! Be that way!" he sulks, turning his attention to his own bento. The sharp clacking of chopsticks hitting hard plastic is an unsubtle indication of his annoyance with me.

Hn. I pull my gaze away. What was I supposed to say? That I was ticked off because he was being nice to my brother? Because he gave my brother that silly piece of candy and smiled at him? He did that sort of thing everyday.

So why and WHEN did it start bugging me?

School's out, and I'm finally back at the house. I unlock the front door and step in, my eyebrows rising as I fail to see a certain pair of rollerblades by the front door. So Quatre's not home yet. Strange. I go into the kitchen and check the whiteboard. Hn. He doesn't have club today. So where could the little kaijuu be?

I'm not worried. I'm not.

I'm just...concerned about dinner. Yes, that's right. Dinner. He was supposed to cook tonight. Quatre no baka, now I have to do it myself.

And no, I am not sneaking glances at the clock or the phone!

*grumblegrowl* Ignorant reader.

He's hiding something from me.


He actually thought I wouldn't notice. I roll my eyes. You'll have seen that I do that a lot. Quatre has that effect on me.

Otouto no baka. *tsks disapprovingly*

He really should know better. I haven't lived with him for the last ten years without learning how his mind works, you know. It's so painfully obvious that he's up to something.




Okay, so I'll admit the way his aura suddenly started glowing like crazy maybe had a little something to do with my noticing.

But I would have figured it out myself, you know.

I would have.


Now I wonder exactly what the little kaijuu is up to....


End Part 2