Card Captor Quatre - In My Brother's Eyes
-A GW/CCS crossover

By Goldster

He stood upon a rocky cliff, face raised to bathe in the soothing light from the full moon above. A strong wind whipped up around him, tossing his unruly hair about, the fierce gust raking strangely gentle fingers through the soft brown strands. He opened his eyes, a small smile curving his lips as he espied the source of the sudden breeze.

Wide violet eyes smiled back at him from a face hidden in shadow. Arms held wide in invitation, the slender figure patiently hovered in front of him, wings flapping steadily in time to the beating of his heart.

He stretched out a hand, their fingers entwining together, and let himself be drawn into the other's arms. His eyes fluttered closed, and he sighed, resting his head against the other's chest. Large leathery wings encircled his body, wrapping themselves around him in a protective embrace.

"Ne, Heero...." his dark angel whispered into his windswept hair.

"Nani?" he mumbled, snuggling closer to the other's warmth.



* * * * *


The young boy jerked upright, wrenched abruptly from his dreaming by the insistent ringing of his alarm clock. Bleary eyes glared daggers at the cheerfully oblivious object, before a strong hand clamped down on it and hurled it across the room. With one last defiant beep, it landed in the hamper, making a quite satisfactorily loud thud as it did so.

"Hn. Stupid clock."

Growling like the grumpy, frustrated boy that he was, the blue-eyed youth threw back the covers and stomped off to the bathroom.

Damn, and the dream was just getting to the good part too.

* * * * *

My name is Heero Yuy.


I'm 16 years old, and a sophomore at Seijou High School.



I suppose you're wondering about those thumping and banging noises from upstairs. *aggrieved sigh* That's just my baka otouto, Quatre, getting himself dressed for school.

What's that?

A rampaging hippo?

Hn. *thoughtful look*

Yeah, I guess he DOES kinda remind me of one, if you ignore the size issue, that is.


What size issue?


Baka, I'm talking about his height, of course. He's only about so high, *gestures vaguely* just barely reaching my chest.





You don't believe me?

*indifferent shrug*

Hn. Suit yourself. I'll leave it to you to see just HOW much noise a chibi, particularly THAT chibi, can make. *mutters sourly* And he wonders WHY I keep calling him 'kaijuu'.

Quatre no baka.

End Part 1