A Ranma 1/2 / Mystery spamfic
By Fox The Wanderer

Disclaimer : I don't own them or anything dude.

Ranma was just staring at a place in the Tendo's. He was wearing a really weird looking pair of glassees. He just kept staring at the same spot.

Akane : What are you looking at Ranma.

Ranma takes off the glasses and hands them, to Akane who puts them on and looks at the same spot.

Akane : That's ... But ... Impossible ...

Kasumi ask what Akane's looking at and she gives her the glasses. Kasumi puts the glasses on.

Kasumi : OH MY! THAT'S ...

Soon everyone shows up and takes a look through the glasses.

Looking through the glasses you can see a gaijain man with black hair and in a suit. The man is looking at the wall. He starts to speak :

Man : Just a normal day here at the Tendo dojo witht the Tendo and Saotome families. They are all on that comfortable road of normal life (for them anyway). But they are about to take an unexpected detour , through the Twilight Zone.

Nabiki : You have got to be kidding me.

Ranma : *Looking through glasses.* *Removing the magic glasses.* Oh man , I really don't need this.