Our Five Powers
A Gundam Wing / mystery spamfic
By Joy Lyn

Disclaimer: I disclaim any responsibility for this ficlet.


"You shall never beat me, pathetic children! OHOHOHOHOHO! I will destroy the colonies while you watch! OHOHOHOHOHO!" Lucifie laughs, and presses the big red button marked "DESTROY COLONIES". Big red numbers appear, counting down from 5 minutes...

"Never!" shouts Quatre, holding up his clenched hand; light glints off his ring. "Earth!"

"Fire!" shouts Wufei, copying Quatre's gesture.

"Wind!" shouts Heero.

"Water!" Duo cries out.

"........" shouts Trowa.

Light flashes from all five rings, as a deep male voice declares, "Your five powers unite to form...." The five boys join in to say, "CAPTAIN GUNDAM!"



I probably got the phrasing wrong, and I wasn't sure what the fifth element was (spirit?), I tried to avoid watching Captain Planet as much as possible.

Much as I hate to say it, Captain Planet *does* have something in common with GW. There are five children, drawn from many different nationalities. Of course, "Captain Gundam" would be much more fun to watch, if only 'cause the boys are cuter....^_~

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