Tuxedo Ranma Alt 2: Premarital Bliss?

By DF Roeder

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NOTE: This scene is not really connected with the two scenes previously posted under "Tuxedo Ranma". I'm just working within the general idea of Ranma as Tuxedo Kamen, not a specific continuity. Also, Nodoka knows whom everyone is, owing to back-story that isn't told in this one scene.

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Tsukino Usagi, sometimes the bishoujo senshi Sailor Moon, the future Queen Serenity, and soon to be Saotome Usagi, harumphed and grunted as she smoothed the lace on her expensive silk wedding dress. It wasn't really the wrinkles or folds in the lace that annoyed her; it was the dome of her stomach, bulging out from seven months of pregnancy. No, that really wasn't it, either. She looked around the room. Yup. It was the four other women in wedding gowns and in various stages of pregnancy that was the problem.

"He was SUPPOSED to be JUST MINE! Mine, MINE, *MINE*!!!" Usagi wailed.

Hino Rei sniffed. "Oh, do be quiet, Meatball Head. Crybaby."


"Look," Aino Minako cut in, "could we help it that he annoyed and irritated all of us into falling in love with him? The rest," she waved at the various abdomens around the room, "just followed, er, naturally." She cast a disparaging look at Kino Makoto. "Although how anyone can go from a knock-down, drag-out fight to making love on the doujou floor is beyond me."

Makoto just smirked at Minako from across the room and kept her silence.

"WAAAHH!!!" Usagi continued. "It was supposed to be Queen Serenity and King Endymion, NOT Endymion and wife and wife and wife and wife and wife AND WIFE!!" Usagi was glowing, and then it winked out. "OOF!" She clutched her stomach. "It kicked!"

"That's one too many, Usagi-chan," Mizuno Ami noted. She was the least along in her pregnancy and was only now beginning to show.

"Oops!" Usagi put a hand to her mouth. "Sorry, Ami-chan."

"Gah. Don't make up an extra wife, Usagi!" Hino Rei whapped her on the arm. "I think there's enough of us already."

"Ow! Biiii!" Usagi red-eyed Rei, who just rolled her own eyes.

Makoto waddled over to join the others. She was the farthest along at almost nine months, and the other girls were secretly annoyed that she'd bedded Ranma first, even if it was on the hardwood floor of a doujou. Of course, they were all surprised at how virile Ranma had proven to be and how fertile they had, as well.

"Oh, my achin' back," Makoto muttered. "I think the baby's using my spine as a sparring dummy. OOF!"

Rei sighed aloud. "What I want to know is what the living arrangements are going to be?" She glared at Usagi. "But SOOOME-body never wants to discuss it!"

"It was SUPPOSED to just be me and--"

"Yeah, yeah. We've heard it a million times," Rei said.

"The Hikawa shrine has the most room, Rei," Ami pointed out. "It seems a small matter to simply enlarge one room to accommodate everyone or to add on. I didn't think you wanted to be that far from the sacred fire."

"Well, that's true. I-- HEY! ALL OF US?! IN THE SAME BEDROOM?!?!"

Ami blinked at her. "Is that a problem?"

"Uh, Ami--" Usagi began, but was cut off by Minako.

"Oooo, sounds kinky," the sometimes Sailor Venus said. "I'm game. Mako-chan?"

"Hmmm," Makoto rubbed her chin, "considering present, ah, circumstances, we could probably use the mutual support. Yeah, sounds good to me. Besides, I always wanted to get Ami-chan between the sheets." She winked at the others to indicate the joke.

"MAKOTO!!" Ami blushed a deep red.

"Well, she didn't deny the possibility," Minako quipped.

"Anybody who would do the horizontal mambo in a library reading room while she is SUPPOSED to be tutoring our fiance is okay in my book." Makoto grinned in mock-lechery at Ami.

Ami sniffed. "The geometry lesson was tediously boring."

"But did he DID get the angle right, ne?" Minako said, leering into Ami's face.

"Oooo!" Still blushing, Ami got up and moved across the room, passing Makoto, who pinched her rear as she went by. "AAAH! Mako-chan!"

Makoto made a big show of winking at Ami. "I know. Later, right?"

"Oooo!" She hurried over and sat down, crossing her legs.

After the laughter died down, Minako looked at Rei. "Well?"

"Okay, okay. What Mako-chan said about support would be nice. And it would be a good way to see that Ranma does his bit, too, and not run off to 'train' or some nonsense."

She received four nods in agreement.

"He can be our love slave!" Minako warbled, receiving another round of laughter.

"Male or female Ranma?" Makoto asked.

"Either will do." Minako winked at her.

"Yeah, after all, this is all HIS fault!" Usagi shouted, having missed everything after 'run off and train'. She cringed as everyone else glared at her.

"He didn't drag us into the sack, Usagi," Makoto said. "Hell, as skittish as he is, he didn't really seduce us either. WE did that to HIM! And the Silver Imperial magic made SURE we'd have lines to follow us." She rested her hand on her stomach.

Usagi began to weep. "It wasn't supposed to BE this way!"

The other women huddled around the distraught moon princess, hugging her and cooing to her.

"Look at it this way, if you like," Ami offered. "We're not just marrying Ranma; we're marrying each other, as well. We'll be closer than we ever were in the before time."

Looking up with moist eyes, Usagi said, "Really, Ami-chan?"

"Really," Rei finished for her.

Crying anew, but happily, Usagi said, "Oh, you guys!" She tried to hug them all at once. Everyone looked up when the door opened. Luna scooted in, followed by Nodoka, Ranma's mother.

"Hello, ladies," Luna said. "Are we ready?"

"Hi, Luna. Hello, Mother Saotome," they all chorused.

"Oh, my sweet girls," Nodoka effused, clasping her hands under her chin. "I'm so happy I'll be able to call all of you my daughters!"

Everyone smiled; Ranma's mom was a sweetie, if a little dotty at times. Beginning with Makoto, Nodoka visited with each girl in the room, asking how they were feeling and suggesting things they could do to ease their condition. Ami leaned down and picked Luna up.

"We have a job for you," she said.

"Oh?" Luna's ears pricked.

"Go find Michiru or Haruka and have them talk to Hino-ojiisan. We want to, errr, amend the vows a little."

"Good idea, Ami." Rei patted her on the shoulder.

After a whispered explanation, Luna bigsweated. "... Are all of you sure about this? The ceremony will take, er, five times longer." She received nods all around. "Very well." Shaking her head, the cat advisor jumped down and slipped out the open door, muttering about diverted timelines and morally corrupted planetary princesses.

"Oh! You all just look so darling!" Nodoka was beside herself. "Ranma is so lucky to have all of you!"

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"

Six heads turned to a rippling in one corner of the room. Sailor Pluto stepped out of the ripple, wearing a maternity wedding dress and leaning heavily against the Time Staff.

"If ANY of you say ANY-thing, you'll find yourself sitting in a Pleistocene swamp, fending off nasties with a toothbrush. OOF! What is it with martial-artist babies kicking their poor mothers?"

"Oh, brother..."
"I don't BELIEVE this!"

Ami stood and walked over to Meiou Setsuna, otherwise known as Sailor Pluto and Guardian of the Time Gate. "Welcome to the Crystal Millennial Wives Club, Setsuna... chan."

A huge grin split Setsuna's normally expressionless face. "Good one. Thanks... Ami-chan."

"Wai!" <My son is so manly!> Nodoka was instantly at Setsuna's side, helping her and fussing over her.

"Girls, we'd better speed things up," Setsuna warned. "My water's going to break in two hours, seventeen minutes, and forty-three-- -one seconds. I'd rather NOT be standing at the altar when it does."

Makoto wilted and the others gloated as they realized that the Senshi of Jupiter had not, in fact, been the first to bed their husband-to-be.

Ami took Setsuna's other side. "I think someone should go get Ranma and tell him that we are starting, with or without him, and why."

"Good idea," Nodoka said. "I'll go."

Setsuna motioned Ami towards Usagi, who was slumped over and had her face in her hands. As best as she could, Setsuna got to her knees before Usagi. "Princess, I beg your forgiveness."

Usagi dropped her hands and blinked at Setsuna. "For what?"

The Senshi of Time hesitated for a moment, and then said, "Ranma was not supposed to be Endymion." All the girls crowded around, expressing their amazement. Setsuna waved them to silence. "Another had been chosen, but the Negaverse interfered, somehow diverting a soul at random, hoping for a rebirth that would not be viable and the soul either lost or delayed. It is to Ranma's credit that he proved them so pointedly wrong."

"Oh... Well, what does that mean?" Usagi wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

"It means that a lot of 'fixing' had to be done to the timeline in order to insure the future. This variant," she indicated the other girls, "odd as it may seem, had the highest possibility to do as well as the original. My future self and I chose to allow this line to survive. So, I beg your forgiveness, but I had no choice." She laid her forehead on Usagi's knees.

The moon princess began to glow, and Neo-Queen Serenity appeared in her place. "Rise, Senshi of Pluto, for there is nothing to forgive. As you well know, Chiba Mamoru is happily married and has two children. He remembers nothing of the Silver Millennium, nor will he ever, and that is as it should be."

Setsuna looked up and smiled at her queen. "Thank you, Serenity-sama."

"My younger counterpart has a few lessons to learn in sharing," a few chuckles echoed in the room, "but I am most pleased with the results of your hard work. The future has been assured. Oh, and by the way, Setsuna, we're all setting up house at Rei's."

Serenity faded away to be replaced by a contrite Usagi. "Um, guys? I'm, er, sorry I've been such a brat over this. It's just been hard, remembering how it was before." She was the recipient of a warm group hug.

The door opened and Ranma stuck his head in. "Hey! We're ready out here. Anyone seen my Mom?" He blinked at Setsuna as she struggled to her feet. "Uh..."

"Hello, Ranma-chan. It appears I am going to be your sixth wife and have your first-born child."

Ranma, Prince of Earth and martial artist supreme, having survived and triumphed over the worst the universe could throw at him, fainted at Setsuna's revelations, lying half in and half out of the door, a little wisp of steam rising from the back of his head. The brides-to-be either laughed, blinked, or, in Setsuna's case, smirked.


The Nodoka backstory that is missing pertains to a bit of a scene I've started where Ranma is trying to explain Chibi-Usa to Nodoka, who overheard Chibi-Usa call Ranma "Daddy", and he blurts out everything about himself and the Sailor Senshi. ^_^