Tokyo Bablyon 1/2
A Tokyo Babylon / Ranma 1/2 crossover
Part 1 - New girl, er, boy in town
By Cleo Tan

Things to note:

This is a Ranma x TB crossover. Hope it doesn't suck. And, yeah, you need to know some Ranma and Tokyo Babylon to understand what's going on.

The story timeline sort of begins before TB and somewhere in the middle of the Ranma series, when most of the Ranma gang has been introduced. I've only read the manga (38 books in all, phew!) so whatever that has appeared as anime but not manga will not be in. One such disprecancy, I've been told, is that in the anime, there is a ninja serving Kuno's family, whereas in the manga, he simply does not exist. Hope you all enjoy.


Regardless of a character's original gender, they will be referred in the the sex they are currently in. e.g Female Ranma will be referred to as a 'she', not 'he'.

It was a quiet day in Nerima.

Today, decided Kuno Tatewaki, was the day he proposed to the lovely Akane. Today was his eighteen birthday and it was time for him to wed and produce a heir to continue the famous line of Kunos. It was time to make the sweet Akane his lovely, wedded wife and defeat his bitter enemy Ranma Saotome for once and for all. He smoothed out his newest hakama, picked up his faithful bokken and tucked it away. He then picked up a beautiful bouquet of red roses, arranged by Nerima's finest florist (No, none of them are poisoned; Kodachi was only too happy to have Akane safely married off so that she could have a crack at Ranma).

Then he stood up. "I Tatewaki Kuno, Blue Thunder of Furinkan High shall go forth and make the courageous Akane Tendo my wife! I will vanquish that hated sorceror, Saotome, whose vile name is not worthy of mention, and share a heavenly paradise with the fairest and strongest maiden in Nerima! Tremble at mine feet, Nerima!" Thunder crashed and roared, and with the utmost confidence, Tatewaki set forth to make Akane Tendo his wife.

Ukyou placed the freshly cooked okonomayakis into the delivery box, then headed out to deliver them. It was rare she got early morning customers, but since this one promised to pay her extra, she was more than happy to oblige. Today was Saturday after all, so there was no need to worry about being late for school. She walked off whistling cheerfully after making sure she had ample spatulas on her. One never knew when Tsubasa might turn up. Plus Ranma and the rest of the gang were always getting into trouble.

Ryoga wandered happily down the streets of Nerima. Somehow he'd managed to wander to the right place, to find his heart's desire, the adorable Akane Tendo. And this time, he'd pound Ranma into the ground and win her devotion forever. And he had just the thing too. In a small antique shop he'd walked into while looking for a restaurant, the shopkeeper had sold him a wooden statuette.

//The shop had been a small and dark one, with numerous oddities. The shopkeeper himself hadn't looked very impressive either, just a shrunken man who resembled a walking scarecrow with glasses. Ryoga had been ready to simply turn around and leave, until the shopkeeper spoke.

"Looking for something for your girlfriend, young man?"

"GGGGGGIrl FRIEND!!!" Ryoga did an excellent imitation of a tomato. The old man beamed, sensing a weakness.

"Why of course! You're such a handsome young man, and she certainly must be a truly lovely young lady to capture the heart of someone like you."

"Akane..." Ryoga breathed, already lost in his daydreams of them together.

The old man plunged on, sensing a potential customer. "Aah, looking for something special for her? I have just the thing. Trying to find an engagement ring for her perhaps?"

"Akane..." Ryoga mumbled, shoulders slumping, face shadowed with depression.

The shopkeeper hastily backpedaled. "Ahhh, trying to win her love? I have just the thing to impress her. I'm sure if you showed her that she is the object of your affections she would return your love."

"Akane would?!" Ryoga breathed, eyes asparkle, looking like a hopeful puppy.

"I'm sure of that!" stated the shopkeeper with more confidence than he actually felt. "The poor girl is probably pining for a Prince Charming like you to come sweep her away, get married and live happily ever after!"

"Akane!" Ryoga wailed.

The shopkeeper sweatdropped. "Errr...well, I have just the thing to make her fall in love with you! The Statue of Love!"

"Akane..." Ryoga started to bashfully dig a toe into the carpet and fidget.

The shopkeeper didn't waste any time. He hastily snatched up a statue and presented it to Ryoga. "This is the famous Statue of Love! Present it to the girl of your dreams, and she will fall in love with you!" he proclaimed, the backdrop of Japan's rising sun blazing behind him.

"How?!" Ryoga demanded.

"Simply give her the statue, declare your love, and she will instantly fall in love with you. But remember, she has to be looking only at you, otherwise, she'll fall in love with the first person she sees!"

"Akane..." Ryoga sobbed, reaching for his wallet. Unfortunately for the shopkeeper's nerves, it took several tries before Ryoga managed to locate it. The shopkeeper handed the statue over and hastily grabbed the money before Ryoga gave it to the mannequin on the left.

"Have a nice day! Thanks for coming," yelled the shopkeeper. Ryoga placed the statue carefully into his pack and set off for Nerima. For some reason though, he ended up on the peak of Mount Fuji...//

Ryoga didn't really believe it would work, but he was desperate. It was only now that he was having doubts. What if the shopkeeper had lied to him? What if, what if the statue didn't work? "AARGHHHHH!!!" roared Ryoga, trying to shake off the depressing thoughts. "Tendo Akane! I Ryoga Hibiki, swear that I will win your love!"

He took out the statue. He'd been so busy dreaming about Akane and him together that he'd never really looked at it. It was more of a delicate figurine, a young girl with gentle eyes and long hair, clad in a kimono. Funny, he'd never noticed how much she resembled Akane when she used to have long hair. He smiled dreamily. "Akane..." he sighed. He didn't noticed the old woman tossing out a pail of water from the balcony above.

"OH NO! Bwee! Bweebweeeeeeee!" He dropped the statue and it rolled away. He only had trotters after all, not human hands.

"BWEE!" P-chan squealed in horror and gave chase. The old woman looked down, puzzled. She could have sworn that there was a boy just now. But all she could see was a little black pig, frantically chasing something. She shrugged and went back into the house. Time for a nice cup of tea.

At the Nerima Hotel, a slim boy with emerald green eyes thanked the sweet old lady at the reception for her help. According to the Guide of Jusenkyo, the only other person who had fallen into the Nyannichuan was a martial artist living in the Tendo Dojo. Subaru hoped he wouldn't get lost. He had never been in Nerima before, and there seemed to be a lot of odd streets around. Most streets and alleyways in Tokyo hadn't a pile of rubble around it. He hoped that it wouldn't rain. It was so embarrassing to turn into a...


Subaru sighed and started wringing out her jacket. Today was most definitely not her day. It was bad enough to be mistaken as a plant by a short-sighted old lady, but what was worse was that as Subaru looked about her, she realised that she had no idea how to get back to the hotel. Much less how she was going to find the Tendo Dojo. This street had four intersections, the lady had only mentioned two. <Maybe I'll get lucky>, she thought hopefully, and randomly picked a direction. Hopefully, she would be able to find the dojo, or the hotel.

At the Tendo Dojo...

"Uncute Tomboy!"
*Plop* Ranma landed in front of the Nekohanten.
"AIREN! NIHAO! Shampoo very happy you come to see her!" *Glomp*
"AAaargh! Shampoo, gerroff...choke...cough..." Ranma flailed his arms about, trying to breathe.
"RANMA! How dare you molest Shampoo! DIE!!!" yelled a very upset Mousse.
*THONK* "Stupid duck boy no touch Shampoo's airen!"

Ranma sneaked away while Shampoo pounded Mousse into the ground. "I might as well go to Ucchan's and get something to eat until that tomboy cools down," Ranma decided. So he turned round the next corner and promptly bumped into Kuno Tatewaki, who was carrying a bunch of roses for his beloved Akane. Of course, the roses got hopelessly squashed.

"RANMA!!! You will die for this insult! Take that!"

Kuno pulled out his ever-present bokken and unleashed his Blue Lightning Attack. Ranma who was by now in a bad mood, proceeded to reduce the bokken into splinters and flatten Kuno Tatewaki. And just to make sure he didn't get up again any time soon, he walked right over him and continued on to Ucchan's. "Why me?" he grumbled. He'd just turned the corner when a mailbox right in front of him suddenly took off, describing a graceful parabola in the air and aiming for his head. Ranma, who was now in a VERY bad mood, scrapped the mailbox-cum-Tsubasa and continued on his way. Then, he stepped on something that just rolled under his foot.

*Crack* He looked down. A lovely statuette of a girl lay under his foot in two neat pieces. Looking closely, Ranma was startled to notice the uncanny resemblance to Akane. <Waitaminute. Statues of Akane don't go rolling around the streets every day. Conclusion: Somebody dropped it. Somebody who likes Akane dropped it. The only people in Nerima who liked Akane and would be carrying a statue and who would no doubt be VERY unhappy would be either Kuno or...>

"RANMA!!!! DIE!!!!" howled an enraged Ryouga, who'd managed to get some hot water on the way. Ranma sighed. "This is just not my day."

A very lost Subaru wandered down the street. Either she simply had no sense of direction or the streets kept changing. <Wait a minute. Maybe that street wasn't supposed to be there. Besides, it did look a lot more like section of the wall was turned to rubble. And I don't think roads in Nerima have ponds and drying laundry lining the way. But there are a lot of streets that look like that after all, so maybe it's some part of a new decorating scheme. I think.> Sadly, Subaru had never read Nerima's travel brochure. (Which expressly states under paragraph 1.1 that property damage is extensive and frequent)

She stopped, nibbling her lip pensively as she looked around her. Then she heard something that sounded like a moan. <Someone's injured! I gotta help him!> She dashed around the corner and almost stepped on Kuno. "Oh my! You poor thing, you've been so badly beaten! I've got to get you to a doctor!" She hastily pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed at the worst cut, just over Kuno's eyebrow.

Kuno moaned and tried to focus on a very hazy face. Whoever it was was murmuring soothing things, in the most musical voice he'd ever heard. Barring the lovely Akane and the Pig-tailed Goddess of course. Gentle hands were soothing away aches and pains and when his eyesight finally recovered, he looked up into his benefactor's face and promptly fried what little brain cells he had left.

SHE was beautiful. He was in Heaven. In Paradise. The gods had finally smiled on Kuno Tatewaki and finally granted him an angel in mortal guise. With hair of pure jet like the the night sky, pools of luminous emerald that gazed down on him with concern; a sculpted nose and a delicate rosebud mouth. (He could have gone on for hours, but the author was getting goosebumps, so threatened to drop him from the story so that he FINALLY shut up.)

Subaru started to get worried as her patient simply stared at her, his eyes glazing over. "Um, are you alright? Sir?" When he didn't answer, she promptly got more worried. She looked around desperately for a some place that might have a public phone; he might have a concussion. <There! A restaurant!> She heaved Kuno to his feet with some difficulty; he was heavy. She staggered into the restaurant and dumped him into a chair. A very cute Chinese girl approached, obviously curious. "Pardon me, miss. Could I use your telephone? I need to get this man to hospital. He's been badly injured." Subaru explained. The girl looked at her curiously, then assessed Kuno's battered body. "Bokken brain here no need doctor. Shampoo call Kodachi and get her to take away idiot brother."

Subaru blinked. It wasn't her imagination, was it? The girl was obviously a Chinese Amazon from Joketzuo. The accent was unmistakable. She firmly put those thoughts out of her mind as Shampoo asked her a question. "You new here, eh?"

"Why, yes. I'm actually from Tokyo, and would you by any chance recognise a person named Saotome, Ranma? I was told he lived in the Tendo Dojo, but I got lost on the way. Do you know how I could possibly get there, Miss?"

<Shampoo's mind: Pretty girl. Looking for Shampoo's airen. Pretty girl + Looking for Ranma = New fiancee trying to steal Shampoo's lawful husband. = DIE!!!!>


Subaru barely dodged the bon-bori as they whistled down on a collision path towards her head. The innocent chair splintered as Shampoo pulled her bon-bori free and attacked. "Die, husband-stealing witch! Shampoo KILL!!!"

"HEEEELP!!!" Subaru yelped and barely managed to skip aside. "No, you've got it wrong! I'm not trying to steal anyone's husband! If you give me some hot water...EEEEP!!!" *Smash*

"Besides, I'm actually a boy... AAAH!" *Smash*

"Shampoo not blind! Look like girl to Shampoo! Girl think Shampoo stupid! DIE!!!"

"WAAAH!!" *Crash*

Suddenly, black rose petals swirled around the two girls. Maniacal laughter filled the air. "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! So someone dares to lay claim to what rightfully belongs to the Black Rose of St. Hebreke's! Taste my thorns, foolish upstart!" Lethal black roses hurtled towards Subaru. She swiftly raised a gloved hand and gestured in an intricate pattern in the air, forming a shield. The roses smashed into it and were reduced into a puff of harmless smoke. Kodachi paused, taken aback. Then she recovered and laughed."So, you dare challenge me. Well, today is your very last! Prepare to die! Bwahahahaha!"

Just when Subaru thought it couldn't get any worse...

*Glomp* "AAAAAAAH!!!" "Oh, lovely angel of mercy, grant bliss to this poor mortal and marry me!" declared Kuno. He would have gone on of course, but Shampoo and Kodachi, intent on destroying their rival, whapped him one on the head. He finally released Subaru and slid down in a heap.

Subaru, feeling outnumbered, promptly turned tail and ran. Shampoo and Kodachi instantly gave chase. As she turned the corner...*GLOMP* "WAAAAAH!!!" Something had attached itself to her chest like a limpet and was snuggling up to her. "Today's my lucky day!" crowed Happosai, snuggling in close. Subaru considered bursting into tears.

*Wham* "You sick pervert! How many times do you have to be told to leave girls alone!" yelled a furious Ukyou as she peeled her spatula off a flattened Happosai. She'd just finished her deliveries. Subaru, ever polite whatever the circumstances, immediately stopped to thank Ukyou. She hadn't gotten more than one word out though, before Kodachi and Shampoo came charging round the corner, with Kuno limping on right behind them, using his bokken for a crutch. Ukyou decided she'd rather not take on the both of them. Besides, she hadn't done anything to them yet. She grabbed Subaru by the arm and quickly ran off. Shampoo and Kodachi charged after them, trampling Happosai in the process.

"Whatsamatter with them?!" gasped Ukyou. "I'm really sorry," gasped an apologetic Subaru, "They seem to think I'm...EEEEEK!" A rather battered mailbox suddenly charged towards them. Ukyou snarled some very unladylike things about Tsubasa and without missing a beat she swatted him out of the way. (For our Subaru's peace of mind, this author will make no attempt to repeat what she said to Tsuabasa.) Worse yet, Happosai had peeled himself off the street and was now after them. He wanted very much to get to know the new girl in town better.

"Why me?" lamented Subaru, between pants. "What did I do?"


"Why me?!" Ranma groused, deftly evading the bandannas and dodging a swipe from Ryouga's heavy umbrella. "Can't a guy have a day of peace and quiet? First that uncute tomboy, then, Shampoo, then Kuno, then Ryouga. Man, when I get to Ucchan's, I'm gonna camp there." He lashed out with a foot and sent Ryouga plowing into a wall, creating yet another hole. <Oh well, time to go. Maybe I'll ask Ukyou to make her okonomiyaki special for me.> He turned around the corner...

*WHAM* "Oh my, I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" inquired Subaru, hastily stepping off him. "Ranma! Am I glad to see you!" Ukyou cried. Before she could go on any further, Subaru interrupted her. "Are you by any chance Ranma Saotome, who fell into Nyannichuan?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"Oh, thank goodness I found you! I'm Subaru Sumeragi from Tokyo and I've been searching for you!"

<Ukyou's mind: Beautiful stranger from Tokyo + Looking for Ranma = New fiancee + Rival for Ranma's affection + Ranma has been flirting with girls behind her back...>

"Ranma, you unfaithful cad, how dare you triple cross me! Eat Spatula!" *Wham*

"Oooooh..." Ranma now resembled Ukyou's okonomiyaki special.

Alarmed, Subaru immediately knelt beside him and applied a cold compress to the lump on his head. "Are you okay, Saotome-san?"

Ukyou promptly went up in flames. "How dare you try to steal my fiancee! Take that!" she yelled and flungs several spatula shurikens at Subaru. "What?! HELP!!!" The spatula bit into the road, and Ranma landed a short distance away, carrying Subaru in his arms. "Jeez, Ucchan, you can't go around attacking civilians." Now Ukyou got really mad. "Nani?! So she really is another of your fiancees! You playboy!" Before she could launch another attack, Shampoo, Kodachi, Kuno, Happosai and Tsubasa arrived. Just then, another section of the wall fell down. "Ranma! How dare you be unfaithful to Akane! I'm gonna teach you a lesson!" Ryouga roared. And as one, the whole bunch pounced on Ranma and Subaru.

Ranma, still carrying Subaru, spent several frantic minutes dodging a pair of bonboris, umbrella, bandannas, bokken, poisonous roses, razor edged ribbon, giant spatula, spatula shurikens, Happosai's bombs and Tsubasa-the-very-battered-mailbox. Then all paused for a moment as a familiar voice rang out in a gasp;"Ranma?! that really you?" Nodoka whispered, stunned. Ranma froze. He didn't dare turn around. <Oh no, oh no. I'm dead> he mentally wailed. "Umm, Saotome-san? Are you okay? You look really awful..." Subaru whispered timidly. Her voice startled him out of his reverie, and he realised that no one was attacking him just yet. He promptly jumped up onto the nearest rooftop and made his escape, carrying Subaru off with him.

The rest snapped out of it too, and yelled threats and imprecations after the fleeing pair.

"Come back here, you coward!" (Ryouga)
"Return with my bride, foul knave!" (Kuno)
"You pervert! I'm gonna pound ya into pulp, triple-crosser!" (Ukyou)
"Airen! You dare hug other girl in front of Shampoo! Shampoo will do violent things to you and girl!" (Shampoo)
"Hah! Don't think you can escape me, my future husband. I will slay that upstart and wed you! AHAHAHAH!!!" (Kodachi)
"Come back here, you thief! That cute girl belongs to me!" (Happosai)

Nodoka would have liked to question them whether the boy was Ranma, but they had all gone after him. Well, if that was her son, she needn't worry so much, she decided, hefting the katana. He obviously had good taste, from the glimpse she had managed to catch of the girl and was obviously manly if was going around seducing such innocent girls. She smiled, feeling somewhat comforted and continued on her way to the Tendo Dojo. After all, if Ranma was around, Genma definitely was close by. She had a lot of questions to ask him. Especially why he hadn't brought Ranma back to see her. Without even thinking, she tightened her grip on the katana. He most definitely had a lot to answer for.

End of part 1

Author's notes:

Yay! The new and revised part 1!

Please feel free to comment and criticise, and point out any mistakes I may have made. E-mail me privately please...Plus, any more suggestions on how to further torture Ranma and Subaru? <Evil Laughter> They are just so kawaiiiiii....

Special thanks especially to Jenni Ding, Meliza B. Vera, Lee, Derry and Teifi Kim for your comments and for proof-reading this baby for me. Your help and contributions were invaluable.


Jenni asked me about Shampoo's unusual speech style. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I've read too many Ranma fanfics that tend to portray Shampoo as a brainless Chinese Amazon; her poor Jap is one such indication of the "more brawn than brains" stereotype. I adopted the speech pattern because I found it rather cute, and somehow it fits in this weird fic. Apologies to Shampoo fans; and for those taking up bon-boris out there, I claim artistic license.

Meliza pointed out that the names for the Ranma 1/2 cast are usually the other way round; ie. Akane Tendo instead of Tendo, Akane. I have bowed to superior wisdom and obediently switched them round. (Besides, Akane Tendo sounds better this way. ^-^ ) So if anyone wants to get technical, please don't look at me; I know nuts about this sort of stuff. Go argue it out with someone else. Also, I will ensure Subaru never eats Akane's cooking. I love him too much to do that to him. ^-^