A Bakuretsu Hunters/Urusei Yatsura spamfic
By Joy Lyn

Disclaimer: I don't own either BH or UY, I'm just playing with the characters.


"We can look for him at the beach!" declared Carrot, drooling at the thought of all the pretty girls that would be wearing swimsuits there.

"Oniisan," Marron sighed mournfully from beside Gateau, having been overexposed to his older brother's girl-chasing habit.

"Darling," Chocolate objected sharply, also well aware of Carrot's habits. "I'm sure your long-lost brother isn't at the beach." She snuggled up to Carrot, who got a very nervous expression on his face, which grew more pronounced when Chocolate's younger sister Tyra edged closer to him. Being bracketed by the Misu sisters, both very jealous of his attention and very DANGEROUS, was NOT his idea of a good time.

Carrot promptly forgot about them when he caught sight of a REALLY cute girl. Being Carrot, he ignored the fact that she was flying.

"Darling!" She shrilled. "How dare you chase after other girls!" Carrot winced. Some poor guy was going to really get….

"ZACK!" Yep. Some poor guy was as hounded as he was. He paused a moment to be grateful Chocolate and Tyra couldn't do that zapping-thing. Of course, he wasn't sure if the wire and whip were that much better….

Tyra got a very thoughtful look on her face. She stepped forward, adjusted her glasses, and pressed a piece of blue glass, about the size and shape of a coin, onto the forehead of the boy still lying on the ground looking charred from his girlfriend's attack. It turned red, and she held it up so the rest of the team could see.

"It seems he is the one," she observed.

"Yeah, I'm the one for you, baby!" the boy declared, glomping onto Tyra.

Carrot's face lit up. "We found our younger brother, Marron!" he crowed happily.

"Ototo…" Marron said mournfully, looking at the boy fondling Tyra.

"Brother?" the flying girl asked, looking confused.

"Let me explain," Tyra interjected, sounding very scholarly and composed, despite the fact that there was still a boy hanging onto her. "I am Tyra Misu, this is my sister Chocolate," she nodded at her red-haired sister, "and next to her is Carrot Clace, Marron Glace, and Gateau Mocha."

"And I am Lum, Oni Princess," declared the girl, "and that is Ataru Moroboshi, my fiance," she added, scowling at Ataru.

"We recently found out that Onion and Apricot Glace had three sons, not two, and that the youngest son had been adopted out for his protection. This amulet," she waved it around a little, "is supposed to turn red when it comes into contact with their brother."

"Woah!" Ataru exclaimed, letting go of Tyra by accident. "You mean I'm really Ataru Glace?"

Gateau snorted and folded his arms. "No," he rumbled, "your original name was Lemon Glace."

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