GW/MAZE Crossover, Part 0
About the MAZE Characters and Terms
Compiled by Amai Noa
Completed 3 July 2000

Author's note: I put this primer together since I don't really know of many people who have actually seen the MAZE TV series. I hope this makes everything about as clear as mud. *sweat*


Mil (or Mill) Baruna - She's the princess of the Bartonian Empire, which was overthrown in the TV series. She lost both of her parents as a result of the coup d'etat. She also is the source of Villguard (or Duelgar--two different fansubbers did the work and they used different names, go figure...), the royal armor of Bartonia that Maze pilots. Maybe I should also mention Mil's a hermaphrodite (which I got from the back of the shitajiki I bought last year). No mention is really made implicitly about this in the TV series, but that partially explains why Mil cares for Maze (in both forms). ^_~

Maze (Onna/Otoko) - Maze was teleported to this unusual world herself. She saves Mil from some pursuers who were involved in the coup. By day Maze is sensible girl, but by night, Maze becomes a wild lecherous male. Mil was calling Maze Oneesama until Maze transformed, then Oniisama until Maze transformed back, so for that reason, Mil refers to Maze as "Oneeniisama". Maze is a Folm Master (Folm being a form of particle energy and is more or less like chi). How all of this happened, I won't go into it and spoil it because Software Sculptors will be releasing this series. ^_^;

Solude - She's a warrior who (with her partner Aster) hunts and destroys demi-armor. She's referred to as a "demi hunter', and she's a yuri girl. Solude is a folerma user (folerma being a type of folm that allows the user to teleport short distances at lightning-fast speeds).

Aster - He's a large, tall man who possesses a large amount of strength and is a demi hunter with Solude.

Randi (or Landi) - One of the fairies of the forest who helps Maze and her friends. As Maze defeats the tougher demi-armors, she gathers the crystals that are left after they explode *see the Terms section about this*.

King Farmount - Ruler of a neighboring kingdom who is an ally to Bartonia. He goes around wearing a mask, so no one knows his true identity; otherwise, he goes without the mask and royal clothing as Gold, who considers himself a ladies man. King Farmount has a thing for Onna Maze.

Ranchiki - Ranchiki has a thing for King Farmount and Otoko Maze, and she absolutely hates Onna Maze. While Ranchiki's gender is not clearly indicated in the TV series (hence I refer to Ranchiki as female), the manga reveals Ranchiki to be a boy. ^_~

Wol Dono - Prime minister for a kingdom that Mil's aunt and uncle were rulers over. He's found to be imprisoned because of the Queen's overbearing ways, and he's joins Mil and company after the kingdom was destroyed by a Jaina assassin.

Rapier - A knight in the same kingdom Wol Dono came from, Rapier denies her gender because her father wanted a son, so he had her hair cut short as a child, and he raised her like a son. She became a knight by masquerading as a man and joining the military. Mil's uncle (the king) discovers Rapier's secret and puts her over the royal military. It could be said that the king was the only man Rapier truly loved because he encouraged her to embrace her femininity and yet respected her for her bravery as a knight.

The Creator - Folm masters like Otoko and Onna Maze, only very ugly! ^_^ Maze shows up in this world because of the inordinate amount of power The Creator wields, allowing Jaina to do all sorts of things to Maze, Mil and their friends. The Creator constantly changes from its male form to its female form (and vice versa). It was The Creator who sent two brothers, Chic and Gorgeous, after Maze and company.

Chic - The older of the two brothers who aligned themselves with The Creator with the hopes of destroying Maze and gaining more power within Jaina. He has a thing for black roses. o.o;

Gorgeous - The younger, more emotionally inclined of the two brothers sent by The Creator to seek out and destroy Mil and Maze. He has a thing for blue (maybe they're lavender even) roses.

I could go further, but the rest are generally minor characters, plus I'm not sure where King Farmount and Ranchiki will fit into the fic. *sweat*

* * * * *


Folm - as explained earlier, it can be best described as being similar to chi. The series indicates it's particle energy based on the precious stones of sapphire, emerald, diamond, ruby and topaz. Maze and The Creator are considered Folm Masters because they can combine and use several types of Folm while most people can only master or use only one type, each having different properties.

Folerma - Also explained earlier, it's a form a Folm that allows the user to travel short distances at lightning speeds. Solude carries this power.

Demi-armor - It's like bio-mecha (for lack of a better term) that magic users can summon from elements to do battle. The stronger demi- armors Maze destroys are made from precious stones (sapphire, emerald, diamond, ruby and topaz [or citrine]), and they're called something other than "demi-armor"--looks like I need to rewatch MAZE, eh? ^_^;

* * * * *

Hmm... I think that pretty much explains all these weird people the Gundam pilots and company meet along the way in this fic. It's my hope that I've clarified some things that would make the fic easier to read and follow. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at

Ja! ^_^