Spamfic Challenge
By Cruton

Series: Lum: Those Annoying Aliens

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079


This was inspired by the GW challenge. However, it seemed right to use the 0079 series, for some reason that I'm sure will be revealed eventually.

The battle raged outside of the Pegasis. The Zeon cross was in full effect. Fighters hummed through air, tossed plasma shots like nobody's business. On the ground, tanks and mobile launchers tossed up missiles at the battleship's underside. The guncannon and the guntank were holding off some of them, but the failed suit prototypes were no match for the entire Zeon force. The Federals needed the gundam.

The same gundam whose pilot was huddled in his quarters, refusing to go out into battle.

"You have to go out!" Frau Bow couldn't believe this guy. "If you don't the crew and refugees could all die!"

The pilot, however, remained his stubborn self. "But Frau-sama, I don't want to leave you!" For the umptenth time in so many hours, Frau had to unlodge the scrawny boy from her upper torso. It was times like these she wished that the Federal Space Forces had baggier uniforms.

Finally freeing herself from the iron clad grip, Frau tried plan B. "If you don't do, I'll go myself. There's an instruction manual in the cockpit, right?" As she began to leave the room, the pilot glomped on to her again.

"Then I'll go with you, Frau-sama. In that small cockpit, all by ourselves..." The boy giggled lecherously.

Noah Bright walked into the pilot's room. He had expected to have to ruff the boy up some, yell at him. Shock him back into his senses. However, as the door slide open, the commander saw the Private Bow was in the process of doing just that. And then some.

"You horrible pervert!" She slamed his head into the floor again. It was starting to dent. "Don't you ever, ever imply something like that again!" This gave Noah an idea.

"You know, I'm sure Frau would be very grateful towards the person who saved us. Very grateful."

This was met with a dual "What?!" This was followed by the pilot violating the laws of physics by running faster than the speed of light.

Ten minutes later, the gundam was ripping into the Zeon forces, with Ataru yelling for another cartrage for the beam cannon.


Ataru Mirobishi from Lum: Those Annoying Aliens

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