The Dragon and the Phoenix
Part 2, epilogue
By Figure 4

Sailor Pluto stood in the void that was the end of time and silently mourned for the loss of those who had died that day, just as she rejoiced for the victory they had won. A hard, painful victory, but victory none the less. She had watched the entire battle from here, praying for the defeat of the demons, but knowing that she could not interfere, yet.

Reiís grandfather had spoken true though; Happosai and Saturn would return one day. Pluto could not say when, but she knew it would come to pass. She also knew that if Ranma and Serena were not there to meet them on their return, all this would be for nothing. They were the only ones who could win this war for the side of good.

All of her attempts to locate the pair had failed though. She knew they were out there somewhere, she could feel them. They were very far away though, and the distance was not only spatial, but temporal as well. Pluto was unsure what this meant, but it did not bode well in her opinion.

Turning to the portal of time, Pluto said, "Show me the future."

The mists within the portal swirled, coming together to form a familiar image. They showed the tall, gleaming spires of Crystal Tokyo, and standing before the gates to the marvelous city were Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Chibi-Usa. Suddenly the colors ran together blurring into shapeless forms. When they reformed they showed something different.

Crystal Tokyo was still there, but it wasÖ different. That was the only way Pluto could describe it. There were small changes to the overall design. Towers where there hadnít been any before, a missing section of the palace, ornamentation that hadnít been there before. And that wasnít all. Standing in front of the gates was not the familiar Moon family she was used to seeing. Instead there was a girl she had never seen before.

The girl was wearing the same dress worn by Queen Serenity, but that was where the resemblance ended. Instead of the familiar blond locks, she had long blue-black hair that hung loose and flowed past her waist. Her face looked almost, but not quite like Akaneís. Actually, as Pluto looked at her longer, she seemed to resemble Darien a bit as well. The image faded, replaced by the mists of time once again.

"What does it mean?" mumbled Pluto. She stared into the mists for a long time, but no answers came to her.